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OCBC Bank Complaints & Reviews

OCBC BankDeduction of loan repayment amount without prior warning, nor computation of amount nor period applied indicated

I bought a Premier Life Generation 3 product from them on their advice, and took a loan to pay for it in May 2020. While going through my banking statements at the end of 2020, I notice there was no quarterly repayment of loan and asked if there was an error. I was told there the loan department has forgotten to charge me for the interest, and there was an ongoing internal investigation.

A week later, I noticed a huge lump sum being deducted from my statement, indicated as loan repayment. No indication of what rate has been applied, to what tenor, and no prior warning that the funds will be deducted on what date. Pure lack of basic courtesy, and simply frightening, especially when you are managing your cashflows closely. As of now, I don't even know if I am overpaying for my loan!

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    OCBC BankCredit card

    I had an suspicious transaction made in last Sep. I received the message which asked me to verify this transaction, if it wasn't made by myself, I need to contact the bank to dispute it. So I called the hotline, and the guy asked me to monitor the bill - whether the merchant gave back the money, if not I need to contact them to dispute. So after few days I directly went to the service counter instead of calling (of course not call them again, always wait for more than 10 mins to get someone to connect...), then the service counter said they will follow up and will send me a new card for replacement and I can get the money back after 3 months.

    I wait around 3 months, still didn't see the money back, then I went to the service counter again, after a long check, investigate, they told me I didnt sign a dispute form... their guy will investigate, after few rounds of phone calls, visitings, everytime the same - they will investigate and followup... Finally one lady called me, told me directly that was my fault, I need to request clearly to their staff, must be my communication problem...

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      OCBCBank eat my money after I canceled my credit card account

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      I had an credit card previously and the credit card was cancelled in year 2020 and the card number is [protected] which supposed to expire in year 2022. Now, I received the call from singapore airline regarding the refund amount s$492.3 which already returned to 5488 account, however, I didn't receive any clarification from bank which suppose to call me and return my money.

      I called OCBC hotline, nobody reply and I called other numbers and they all said they has no idea on this.
      Now, I want the OCBC bank to return my money ASAP. if not, I will go and sue the bank no matter how much effort that I have to pay for it.

      best regards

      Bank eat my money after I canceled my credit card account

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        OCBC BankCredit card activation

        My wife wanted to activate her Robinson replacement card, OCBC Titanium Rewards, on 16 Jan around 3 pm and was successful with OCBC IT message" ..due to technical difficulties, we are unable to process your request. Please try again later". "Later" she continued to try . Till the next day 3 pm, she tried more than 10 times to activate but the same message keeps appearing .

        It is very obvious: OCBC IT message is misleading. The word" later" has given customers a wrong impression to short duration ; worse still, IT service to rectify the service lapse is not forthcoming.

        Hope the Bank could quickly rectify the IT lapse to resume card activation promptly. A clear SOP is needed for the IT folks.

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          OCBC BankFees and Terrible Customer Service

          I was a Customer of OCBC Business Banking for several years. It is an 'old-school' bank with a very dated internet banking interface, poor customer service and high charges.

          When I closed my account, they created some new charges and didn't let me know about them. Complaints to Line Managers and even the Global Head were completely ignored. Seriously, in the age of the Challenger Banks, there is no need to use a bank such as OCBC anymore, as the Challenger Banks beat them in every single category, most importantly the cost of banking.

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            OCBC AL-Amin, Kuala LumpurPersonal loan - excess payment not refunded


            I made a complaint on the issue of excess paid for my Personal Loan and can't get back the excess amount from OCBC AL-Amin, KL
            (Ref: COD/[protected]/RD). Your Officer called but fail to see and ensure to settle the problem raised up till now. Very disappointed...

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              OCBC BankCredit card

              I have always made payment for my credit card before the due date. However I have been charged late fee and interest charge not once but more than 3 times.
              This shows the inefficiency and negligency of ocbc.
              I tried to call their hotline but has never been able to get through to them.
              I will not be banking with ocbc anymore. And I will not recommend ocbc to anyone!

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                Dec 25, 2019

                OCBC Bank — re: fraud/scam transaction

                Dear OCBC Compliance officer, C/c: To whom it may concern. I happened to randomly checked my bank account...

                Nov 08, 2019

                OCBC Bank — email being scam and fund transfer to scammer

                Dear all, I duno what should I do now because I made a big problem to my company. I received supplier's email...

                OCBC BankCredit card

                The Manager
                Credit Card Division
                OCBC Bank Ltd.

                Subject: Request to Waive Financial&Late Fees Fee

                Reference: OCBC

                Dear to whom may concern,

                This email is in reference to the late payment fee and interest charged to my credit card. OCBC Bank Credit Card No. [protected]. The dated of the charge is 07/08/2019. I have not received the credit card statement for the period from 01/05/2019 to 07/08/2019. Due to the non-receipt of the statement, I had no way of making the payment. Thus, I request that you kindly waive the late payment fee and interest charge, for without the statement, it was impossible for me to make the payment.

                May: interest rate S$61.23
                June: Late charge S$100.00
                Interest rate S$63.49
                July: interest charge S$60.64
                August: Interest Charge S$62.14
                Total: S$347.5

                I have already paid $2814.77 through iBanking dated 07/08/2009 drawn by UOB Bank, payable in Singapore.

                I kindly request you to waive the Financial&Late Fees Fee as a goodwill gesture to a loyal customer of yours. Many of the other credit cards I am using will helps waiver those fee once we requested.

                I look forward to your confirmation that my waive financial&late fees has been waived.

                Thank you.

                QIU TIAN

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                  OCBC Bankletter of no objection to consent to transfer application from redemption department at [protected]@ocbc.com

                  Dear Miss Tan,

                  I spoke to another officer ( a Miss Ong or Ng? - I can't remember) last week who explained the situation to me but your branches are telling the borrowers something else. Therefore I wrote to you yesterday requesting you to call me urgently. I expected a call from the same officer because we find ourselves wasting our time explaining the same things to every person who calls. But we do expect the officer who calls us to have read your own logs of communication with us SO THAT they understand the current query.

                  A few minutes ago Cik S called me and it appeared to me like she had not read my email of 19.6.2019 or had not understood our urgent query. We do not have the time to waste to keep explaining the same things to every officer who calls us.

                  If the bank is forcing us to only communicate with you via email instead of being able to call you ( as there no telephone numbers that we can access) then we do expect the bank officers to be on their toes and alert as to the problems borrowers or the solicitors are facing.

                  When I asked Cik S to please give me the name of the officer who spoke to me last week which I assume was in your log of communication I found her response a little rude and she was not willing to give me the name of the officer who spoke to me last Thursday (13.6.2019) and when I asked to speak to her supervisor or Miss tan or the officer who spoke to me last week she said she will get whoever it is to call me immediately and that was 15 minutes ago.


                  Please be informed that we will bring the matter up with top management if we do not get a phone call from an officer on this matter before the end of the day. We have already informed you that consent application is pending your letter of no objection. If the Purchaser's loan is withdrawn due to your delay and unnecessary requirement as aforesaid the Purchaser will be holding your bank accountable.




                  I wrote this email a few minutes ago. My question to OCBC is why aren't the bank officers accessible to the public or at least to Solicitors. We may have an urgent legal query that can sometimes be dealt with by a quick phone call instead of a laborious process of writing an email and waiting for your officers to call us. In this age of quick communication and getting quick answers I am of the view that your current method of communication via email only is counter-productive. As you can see from my email above, the officer who called did not seem to know what was going on. Please enlighten me as to why your officers need to be protected from public and solicitor phone calls. And please enlighten me as to how long this process is going to take.

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                    OCBC Bankrude and impolite staff of loan department

                    My name is Miss Yoh and last week, I have placed booking for a property in the Klang Valley and thus, started looking for loans at various banks. OCBC Malaysia was one of the banks that I am eager to deal with and the person who approached me was Mr. LOH Jun Chang [Personal Financial Manager, Mortgage Sales] (mobile no: [protected]). He texted me via Whatsapp and emailed me the forms on Thursday (13 June). On Friday (14 June) at about 2:20pm, LOH Whatsapp me if I have sent him the needed documents. I immediately, replied no and that I will email those documentations to him on the following week. This morning (Monday, 17 June) at about 10:33am, LOH again texted me for the documents! Please let me know if LOH is out of his mind or what?! He expected me to provide him with all the documents in less than a week (which included weekends)?! Or is this how OCBC staffs are trained to push its potential client for businesses? Moreover, LOH is so rude and impolite when he texted me! I could provide proofs if the bank wished! This is a complete HARASSMENT to me! I am so pissed off by LOH's pushed and have decided to drop OCBC for my loan consideration! If LOH continues to pursue this way, he would definitely, chase more potential clients of OCBC away! He needs to be trained! My email is [protected]@gmail.com
                    Looking forward to OCBC's reply!

                    rude and impolite staff of loan department

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                      OCBC Bankopen a saving account been rejected

                      To whom it may concern,

                      Last 2 weeks, I went to OCBC at Batu Maung, Penang to open a saving account under my name Fuah Boon See. The staff had told me that they needed some time for checking before to approve my application.
                      Today, I had been told by your staff from OCBC Batu Maung Branch that they rejected my application and without giving me any reason. I am so curious about my application was rejected without any explanation. In the meantime, I am a holder of current account in OCBC Bank under name of Glitter Medallion Travel Sdn. Bhd. for many years. I hope OCBC is able to clarify and give a the reason of rejection. My email is glitter.[protected]@gmail.com or my contact no. [protected]

                      Thank you.

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                        May 30, 2019

                        OCBC Bank — service

                        Hi, today I went to your causeway point branch to get the new notes change for hari raya purpose but wa...

                        May 27, 2019

                        OCBC Singapore — trade finance services

                        Inward lc and lc transfer through ocbc singapore takes at least 3 working days each to be processed. Avoid...

                        Apr 17, 2019

                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        OCBC Bank — personal loan release letter & refund for excess payment not received

                        Name: Mohd Fazdhly Bin Kamarudin I/C no: [protected] Email: [protected]@yahoo.com Contact no...

                        OCBC Bankpremier account personal

                        I have been to OCBC branch at Taipan USJ Subang Jaya, Selangor on 28 Mar 2019. A lady name RUTH was my personal account assistant. The date she registered me for Premier Account. I asked for her phone number but she refused and said will whatsapp me later. I'm so disappointed, til to date she have not whatsapp me or whatsoever. If a small matter like this she can't do it, I doubt she is worth trusted person.

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                          OCBC Bankocbc management of my unauthorized transactions

                          First and foremost I'm utterly pissed and disappointed at the manner OCBC handled my stolen credit cards issues.
                          I reported via phone & in person and even lodged an official report with OCBC providing supporting police reports & other documents pertaining to my stolen handbag with my credit cards whilst I was overseas in Apr 2018.
                          Purchases were made using my stolen cards amounting to about $1200
                          Till now Oct 2018 the matter had yet to be fully resolved as I'm still disputing the amount stolen with OCBC.
                          The funny thing is OCBC is charging me late payment charges & interests for the amount being disputed since Aug to Oct 2018 which has escalated to about $700 on top of the $1200 which they claimed I owed that was stolen from me.
                          You not only demanded me to pay back immediately even though the matter is still pending investigation but OCBC had even suspended my credit cards till further notice.
                          They even informed me that the cards will remain suspended even if I have repay them and I will have to reapply again if I want to use my credit cards with OCBC and it will be subjected to their review again.
                          What utter rubbish!! Did I ask for my cards to be stolen?? OCBC took more than 5 mths to investigate despite me filing the reports and had spoken to countless CSO and credit officers on a weekly basis clarifying the matter.
                          Why should I pay for the late charges & interest incurred on the amount stolen that was being investigated by OCBC and till now had yet to be resolved??
                          And this had indirectly caused my cards to be suspended and revoked??
                          Why do you have to go to such lengths to displeased and inconvenienced your customers??
                          Not that I asked to be robbed whilst on holiday. I did not ask for the matter to be unresolved for such a long period of time thus incurring the interests & late charges. It doesn't seem fair for OCBC to slap me with theses charges & suspending my cards.
                          I have money stolen from my credit cards from other banks too but I don't see them doing it to me. They handled it efficiently and professionally and they have since fully settled the matter even sooner than OCBC. I don't have to pay for any late charges or interests on the disputed amount whilst awaiting for the final outcome.
                          I suggest that OCBC seriously look into their procedures of handling customer complaints of this nature or be prepared to lose more customers to their competitors.
                          Another thing is this suspension of my credit facilities better not affect my credit ratings with the credit bureau and this is the question that I have questioned the bank and have yet to get a reply.

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                            OCBC Bank — unauthorized transaction

                            ON 20 Sept night i received sms to verify a transaction not made by me. 21 sept morning i tried to call back...

                            OCBC Bankbusiness support

                            Requested for token replaced due to low Batt. Counter want to take back current token. Hello, this is business account. We need to transact daily!

                            New token haven't received, current token already deactivated. Hello, this is business account. We need to transact daily!!!

                            Who can respond to all this? Emailed to RM, Director & Service manager, no one bother to reply.

                            business support

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