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ComEd - bill to high during to vacation

My family and I were out of town for 2 weeks and our electric bill was higher than the previous four months but over 300-400 kWh. My wife and I work from home so that energy wasn't being used. No TV or electronics were is use during this time. The weather was colder than normal and I use Nest to manage my air conditioning. No way my energy usage was higher with us being out of the home for 2 of the 4 week billing cycle. I called Comed and as usual they cannot do anything about it since its a meter reading but I call into question the accuracy and legitimacy of the meter.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ComEd - customer representative

I just called ComEd today to ask some questions about my bill, but it was a big mistake! The customer representative (Tracy) was very RUDE and kept on saying that she can't understand me, is it because I have an accent? Well, I'm just writing here since I can't find anywhere in their website where to forward my concern. Big company like ComEd should invest in better customer service training, because this is one of the consolation you can give your customers from their stress on paying bills.

This is the site to email questions... It took me about 2-3 min of my time on the website to figure this out... Good luck

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ComEd - inaccurate meter readings

From March 2013 thru Feb 2014 my average kWh used per month was about 705. In March 2014, I received a bill stating my kWh had jumped to 1500 for one month! I called Com ed and advised this had to be an inaccurate reading. I was advised someone would come out and look at it, but I had to pay the $358 bill because they could not come out until 04/18, and the bill was due 04/15. ( I was also getting robbed by Palmco Power who was my electric suppiler at the time, but that is a separate complaint) . I advised that I could not pay the full amount due, and was advised I would be put on the budget plan and needed to pay only $134.00 by the 04/15 due date, which I did. The next month, I get a bill for $293.54 due 05/15 . The kWh were only 453, but I was showing a past due amount of $161.54, even though the budget billing details were stated on the bill. I called again, and was advised that the budget billing had not gone into effect as I had not paid the full amount of the bill the previous month. I advised the CS agent that what she was stating made NO sense, and that was not what I was told the previous month, (of course the previous CS agent did not notate the account ). I asked for the budget billing to be canceled, as the amount being requested $134 was higher than my bill which usually ran between $95 and $120, so it was useless. I paid the total of $293 to bring my account to $0.0, and avoid any other issues. This came at a great expense to my already tight household budget, which irritated me to no end. During these calls I was REPEATEDLY advised that the 1500kWh meter reading was correct. For May my bill was $90, for 392kWh, back to normal, on with life, take the loss for March/April. June, I get 2 bills dated 06/18 and 06/19 WTH? Both state $0.00 due. One is a new bill for May, and the current bill for June, showing 94/91kWh per month respectively. HUH? The new Actual meter reading is now showing 200+kWh LESS than in Feb! Just as I though, I was the victim of a LAZY METER READER, who for 2 months did not bother to get out of the truck to READ THE METER, just made up numbers, but stated that the readings were actual and not an estimate. Needless to say, I am furious. Between 04/16 and 06/13, I paid Com ed $503! I am a single parent with one income, so this has hurt. I have received no letter of explanation or apology for Com ed, just a bill stating I have an excess credit of nearly $200. Hey Com ed, maybe I need my money back to pay some of my OTHER bills! Maybe an "Oops, Our Bad", or some kind of correspondence explaining these 2 June bills would be nice. This is what happens when we allow monopolies, which Com ed clearly is, so they have no accountability. READ YOUR BILLS CLOSELY FOLKS!


ComEd - turn off

I was recently separated from the military and all my bills were bundled into one. For the passed 6 months I have been on a payment plan with them to get all caught up. I missed a payment in July and they are saying now I have to pay the whole 926.34 so they don't disconnect. I have tried talking with them asking to pay my previous month which would catch me up on my plan. I did pay 280.19 today. However once I paid it they are trying to tell me it may still be shut off because its in the field . Since the payment was a little late they won't tell me if this will put me back on my payment plan. I have young kids I'm just out of the military and seriously living check to check. I'm feeling bullied by them with no help and nobody else to turn to.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ComEd - overcharging-inaccurate meter reading

Our bill dated March 22, 2013 (also the read date indicated in the statement), jumped up twice as much from the previous months. I know there's something wrong since we're conserving energy. When I went out to check the meter last April 08, 2013 (16 days after ComEd's reading), it showed a huge difference. ComEd's actual meter reading last March 22, 2013 is 95883 kWh while the actual reading last April 08, 2013 was only 95402 kWh. This is again 16 days after ComEd's recorded reading. We already sent our payment so they won't think of any other way of charging us before we make a complaint. If we're going to complain to them, they will settle it but the other people won't know that there's a fraud in the billing statement. Can you please give us a call on what we're suppose to do.
Thank you... Chatto 4/18/2013

ComEd - I believe I am being over charged

I have been getting very large bills from ComEd. I believe I am being Over-charged by ComEd. My Bills are getting an extra $100 or more every month. my bills are very inconsistance with one another. they are never the same. They came to my house about five or six times, checking to see If I were stealing lights, when they found out the meters were accurate, they did not want to believe that we were using such a small amount of lights, they jacked up the bill like over night. the bills went from $60 to 80 dollars, from 80 dollars to 100 dollars, from 100 daollars to over two hundred dollars, from 200 hndred dollars to $364 dollars, from $364, to now presently 520 dollars. They first sent me a $140 demamdning deposit, changed from that, and sent $180, chnaged from that and trn right around and sent me another $200 demanding deposit. I have all my reciepts. I paid the 364 Bill, and owed 364 dollars, they jacked that up with 514.00 dollars. I dont know if they are trying to stop me from having lights or what? This is getting way out of hand in how they are snding me bills that are inconsistant with one another. I am not burning no more than I did last month. It has not been very cold, and the weather is not freezing, I cannot understand, why they are jacking my bill up evey single month. its like they are trying their best to keep me paying all my money on lights. I have more than one bill to pay. I believe this is because, I told them I was going to seek some kind of justice in how they are billing me. They are chaging me what they want to chage me, and making up stuff. I am paying: 355.03 dollars for electriacal sercvies alone, 100.88 dollars delivery services and 59.07 for taxes and others. my bills went from 48.00 to 520.00 dollars a month, it looks as if its not going to keep growing. How can you burn the same amount. and the bill keep going up? its not cold so what is the problem? I hope you can solve this problem. At one time, they sent me two bills out in one month. they did this about two or three times. I got the bills.

ComEd - service turned off

We have lived at this home since Feb 2012. I have called Comed 3 times, set up my account 3 times online and still sent no bill. 5 days ago they came to my door and shut off my power, and since this time I have found out that the reason they shut it off was because there was no name on the bill. I told them well how many times does one have to call and be told that this would be resolved and I should receive something with in 4-6 weeks. They told me that it is not there problem and that a past due amount from 7 years ago needs to be paid before they can turn it back on (different address). I told them that I filed Bankruptcy and that this should have already been taken care of. Needless to say I am sitting here in a 30 degree home with no electricity, except a generator that I had to rent, and paying $30 a day in gas, for a total of $75 a day. I got my lawyer involved and it was supposed to be turned on Friday and here it is Monday am and still nothing. I am pretty sure that when I call them in a couple of hours they will tell me something else so that they do not have to actually have to do anything to quick. Why does it take 5 minutes to turn it off and over 5 days to turn it back on? I will be reporting them to the BBB and also they need to take into account that if they know someone is using the energy and they have the actual homeowners name why not send the bill to them. Also there are people who do have medical issues, like diabetes, use of oxygen, etc. these people have no sympathy or even any brains at all. Spoke to 4 different people and no one seems to know what they are doing. They tell me that everything is recorded, then why is is I have to explain the same thing to everyone at the place, but when it comes to what they say, they tell me that I have been told the same thing before?

I understand your frustration, it took me like almost 2 weeks to get this taken care of. I had to go and rent a generator and that was like $40 a day plus gas. I kept all my receipts and I mailed them a copy with my bill multiple times. They seem to keep ignoring it so I called and told them about the generator and they told me that they were not responsible for it. I had my lawyer call them and they finally reimbursed me for the generator and also the gas. They would not do anything regarding the food I lost, there solution to that was that I should have put it in coolers or outside with it being cold like it was at the time. I also had my doctor write a letter to them saying that it is a necessity for me to have electricity due to medical issues. Contact the BBB, things seem to speed up when this happens, also if you have a friend that has some legal background this also helps. GOOD LUCK!

I hate ComEd. they turned off my bill on a friday, march 1st and said there was no name on the account. its freezing outside and still haven't had energy restored and its monday afternoon. All my food in my fridge is spoiled and i haven't even opened the freezer yet. ###s the phone too. To make matters worse, we're expecting 10 inches of snow tonight. [censored]

ComEd - overcharged when new meter installed

In May of 2011 I had a new meter installed. Com-ed finally came and did an actual reading they say in March and by balance went from 195.35 to 814.80 I have been charged for having tow meters running when I don't. I have tried to explain this many time them with no results, last time I spoke with them I told them I have a picture of my old meter and new one to prove I only have one meter. My budget amount due this month is 894.25 which I don't have. I have attached photo of the old and new meters. Please feel free to contact me any time

ComEd - deposit

I've had ComEd service and pay my $20-30 bill in full when I get a chance. Not with in the 12 days they alot, but always paid in full. And after a year and a half of service they request a $75...

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ComEd - demanding 3rd deposit in 2yrs

when first moved in a @65.00 deposit was requested they suggested dividing it into 3 equal payments per month plus monthly bill I am disabled and after seeing 3 bills knew I could be unable to keep...

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ComEd - mailed check never posted

I have complained on this board more than once about ComEd. One of my complaints was that I sent in a payment to ComEd, and it was determined that probably ComEd received and cashed my payment, but I never got credit. The cleared money order has a different ComEd account number on it. ComEd did not respond to many phone and about two written inquiries. I've since complained through the BBB and it took tens of hours and over 1 year's time to recover my $60 from ComEd's at best beaurocracy or at worst, evil money hole. By they way, do not complain through the ICC-I have evidence and am preparing future complaints to show that they are in cahoots.

Now I've sent in another money order, fully documented of course. I made and sent a copy of payment stub (I kept the original payment stub), and I made and kept a copy of the money order. Now it is 6 weeks later and it has not been posted to my account. It is possible that the Post Office is at fault, but knowing ComEd's history of making payments dissappear, I'm now fully engaged in tracking to see where my payment went.

Advice to all ComEd serfs-I mean customers: When mailing a payment do the following:
1) Make a copy of your payment, or use checks with duplicates
2) Keep the original bill and stub, make a copy of it and send a copy of the stub
3) Use tracking or delivery confirmation for larger payments or
3.5) pay at a payment center where payment can be documented

If you can't do steps 3 or 3.5, at least mail it from a more secure mailbox - just don't hang it in your personal mailbox door.
At any time a ComEd employee or partner in crime outside of ComEd (ie Postal Worker, law enforcement agent, etc) can intercept and cash your payment, apply it to a different ComEd account, or just make it disappear. This will cause late fees, postal fees and other inconveniences as much as power shut-off.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ComEd - shut off of power

Due to some very difficult times with the economy my bills have been late, now comed wants me to pay a deposit that I cannot afford, I am paying my comed bill, but they are threatening to shut off my...

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ComEd - loss of power

My name Is Quincy Woods and I am disabled. I've been without power since Monday July 11, 2011 at 7:00 am in the morning till present. I've called and called. The day of the outage I made my intial loss of power call at that time. As I continued to call the automated system told me that power would be restored to my area by 4:30 pm that day. The power was never restored. I called again and finally got a live person and I explained what I was told by the there automated system. The response was the system should have never said that. As of today still no power and I continue to call and still no response of why I was mislead by there system. Respectfully Submitted.

why is this? com ed has no understanding or care what only the dollar counts not people shame on comed this is the usa where we all thought, even esp, big co would meet us half way this man in this letter fought for this country !give people a break comed and big co!. my own dtr lost her power 9-20-13 had surgery on her leg camehome to a house w/o power son-inlaw called they are saying they cannot come out till 9-23-13 why bill aws paid she has kids to take care of and herself we called and told them this cust service elgin says nothing they can do, till monday? they also work hard and pay their bills there in streamwood, out of elgin, whats wrong comed you guys are one of biggest co in usa dont let us down when we need you the most.pls!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ComEd - retrocharging due to previous estimates using highest reading

we recently received our current bill and we were shocked to find out that it was for $705.00 when normally it is 60- 100 dollars. Upon examining the bill, comed was trying to charge us for the previous 12 mos (which we already paid) with the usage reading of 804 kwh the most current month which is also the month where in our ac is crancking due to the heat wave. Apparently according to the customer rep. we were being billed estimates all this time because we have a gate and a dog. My question to her was if there was a problem reading our meter all this time how come they never gave us a notice or a call or a knock on the door since I had been home for the past month anyway. All the rep. could say was she can put us on a payment plan. But I said I am not going to pay if I do not agree with the bill. How can they charge us thesame usage of the only reading they got (apparrently thru the use of binoculars acc. to the rep) apply it to every month of the last year, then subtracted the total to what we already paid. I told the rep. not unless she has proof that the usage for every single month for the last year was 804kwh we are not paying and the only bill we feel we are responsible was last mos. W e then demanded to speak to the supervisor, we were put on hold for an hour with no supervisor pickin up. We decided to call back using another phone only to find out that comed was closed for the day. We also tried e-mailing comed but it seem impossible to fit our complaint with 250 characters limit

I see tens of complaints by people on these boards saying that ComEd overcharged them with an "estimated" bill. Most of them are based feelings or nonsense. Most of them are probably right, but they're just going by feelings. I haven't found anybody on these boards that understands the basic reasons why an estimated bill is high.

Let me expose TWO of ComEd's scams, both of which happened to me:
Scam 1: Untruthful "Previous" meter reading on your first bill resulting in an untruthful bill: FRAUDULENT.
Scam 2: Estmited "Previous" reading or "Present" reading: INACCURATE, and no credit for over-estimated bill.

One reason you may get an "estimated bill" from ComEd is that you just moved in to a house or multi-unit building in which someone else had previously lived. In at least some of these cases, ComEd will come up with a fraudulent "Previous" (begin) meter reading. These cases include but are not limited to:
1) You moved in and applied for electricity service for the first time.
2) You canceled your electricity service at your old home, moved in to a used home, and applied using different personal information like name, phone number, etc..
3) There are probably other scenarios, but the scenario is not important as the fact that someone else lived there before you.

How do you know what the meter reading was when you moved in? You don't unless you took a picture of the meter or wrote it down the day you took over electricity service. My guess is 98% of people don't do this. How do you know that if you moved in on October 1st, ComEd didn't put into the bill the "Previous" reading from August 20th, so adding 50 days onto the bill? You don't.
You can only look at the meter when you move it, ask the former tenant for their last bill, or (very inaccurate) estimate it yourself-and ComEd probably won't honor your estimate.

It is simple 5th grade math, people: If ComEd wants to give you an accurate bill for a month, the there must be a "begin" reading AND an "end" reading. The first reading must be truthful, and the end reading must be truthful. If one of the readings is untruthful the bill is fraudulent. If one of the readings is missing or estimated, the bill is what ComEd calls "estimated" ...or what I call "inaccurate".

Let's begin: Look at your bill near the top under "Meter Reading". Look for the words "Actual" or "Estimated".
Scam 1 demystified: In order for the bill to be truthful, the first reading must be the truth. If the "Previous" reading says "Actual" but it a lie it is not truthful (this is one of the scams committed on me). The first reading said "Actual", but ComEd tried to rely on the fact that I'll use about as much electricity as my neighbors. WRONG: I used almost no electricity, and the bills stayed high. This scam is hard to catch if you do not have a reading from when you moved in or a previous tenant's bill.

Scam 2 demystified: In order for the bill to be accurate, the "Previous" reading must be "Actual" and the present reading must be "Actual". If either the "Previous" or the "Present" meter reading says "estimate", it is an inaccurate bill.

Take note: The "estimate" is probably always going to make a bill's dollar amount higher than the amount it should be- as opposed to lower. I've never heard anyone say "ComEd underestimated my bill! I saved money!" Furthermore, in my experience, ComEd will not give you a credit for an overestimated bill. Has anyone with an estimated ComEd bill ever received a credit for overpaying?

Now let me break down how ComEd committed fraud on me on two counts. This will help you understand the scams.

I moved in and applied for ComEd service through a currency exchange. I did not give them my social security number because I know they're crooks that may abuse the privileged of having it. I also changed my first name to a different version. This resulted in a long delay for my first bill. I got my first bill over 5 months later.

To hide my identity, I'll give you some fake numbers to chew on.
First Bill: "Previous 134564 Actual; Present 17564 Estimate."

I seem to be having the same issue. In March of this year, I went from having a near 200 dollar CREDIT to OWING almost 500 dollars. Now I'm faced with a shut off notice. How can this be legal?!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ComEd - no response after payment

I went through the Helping Hand Program, to get my electric turned back on, Ive been off for eight months. Customer service recommended the program to me. You have to fill out your paperwork, provide...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ComEd - failure to remove refrigerator

I have waited over two years for com ed to pick up an old refrigerator to recycle. I finally got through to them, after being hung up on numerous times. They stated on the phone that I was to have a clear path to refrigerator. I am over 65, I do work. They came on time and went and saw the refrigerator. Then they said I was to get somebody in the house to help me remove the doors to the stairway and outside. I got the basement door removed, by myself. The one man complained that they had been here too long. The other one said that I would have to reschedule. They had been here a total of 5 or six minutes. Plus they did have to wait while I got my dogs crated etc. Now I am stuck putting a door back on. I called to complain and they said they were sorry that I could the meantime I'll have to plug the refrigerator in again and pay someone else to remove my doors when they are supposed to be here? I am supposed to pay someone to wait all day to remove the doors? I am sure that will cost me more than the 35 dollars they are willing to give. The other option is to have the doors all off so they can come in whenever they please. Then my dogs can run out and get out of the yard as the people who pick up the refrigerator will not even close the gate as they did not today. Also anyone else can go in and out of my house at will since there will be no door to stop them. Thsi is not a good program, or it is run incorrectly.

ComEd - defense against com ed's billing practices

Act quickly. Here are a list of organizations to which one can complain about Commonwealth Edison’s billing practices:

Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC)
Citizen’s Utility Board (CUB)
Better Business Bureau (BBB)
message boards on the Internet
Illinois Attorney General’s office
district court in which your electricity service is supplied

Based on my past experiences, complaining about ComEd to ComEd or the ICC does nothing to resolve disputes about a deposit or billing. When I told ComEd that I would complain to the BBB, the customer service person seemed to get very concerned and stated strongly, “We’re regulated by the ICC.” This indicated to me that the BBB is more effective than the ICC.

I complained to the BBB and ComEd fought very hard against my complaint. Past the original BBB complaint I sent, I must have had to respond 4 times and missed the 4th. Therefore it may be that ComEd prevented a complaint on their BBB record, but I guarantee they won’t be so lucky next time. Suing is probably the most effective way to recover money.


Thank you for your post. Very helpful.


Thank you for your posting. Very helpful.

ComEd - deposit, delayed billing and overbilling

ComEd demands a “deposit” from customers which they claim pay bills a past experience the “deposit” amount seemed arbitrary, and was clandestinely broken up and hidden over multiple bill...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ComEd - mismanagement of billing corrections

I had complained to ComEd for years stating that I thought the usage amounts were too high on my newly built condo in the Cary Woods subdivision in Cary, Illinois. They had not done anything to investigate the issue. I moved to another state for work, but still kept the condo. Over the past year when no one lived in the property, I noticed that the bills were still coming through with high usage.

Finally I thought to check out the meter number on my bill to the one on my physical meter. The numbers did not match. I then demanded to have someone check out the meter and make the corrections. To my surprise, my meter was half the usage, almost the equivalance of $2, 500 of over billing to me for the last 5 years.

After ComEd had a person come onsite to confirm that not only my condo was wrong, the entire building of 6 units were reversed. When I asked if they were going to correct all of them, they said no! Only if the property ownere calls in to report for those units. So, they would only correct my unit and the other unit that was mixed up. They also stated that it was very likely that other meters in the subdivision were also mixed up, by they would not notify anyone about it. (By the way, I have also notified my property management company to notify the entire subdivision for verification.)

Now it is 4 months later, and still no correction to my billing or reimbursement back to me has been made. They keep saying that it should have been corrected 3 months ago, but now it will take 2 more weeks... each time. I have now called them about 6 times for resolution. I have escalated the issues numerous times, and no one will give me a direct number to call or any other contact to continue moving forward on resolving this issue.

As of today, I still can not get any manager or billing representative to call me back to correct their mistake and pay me back. So I am now notifying everyone of their illegal business practices and recommending that everyone verify their meters and to be aware of the hassles you will receive from this monopoly!

ComEd - becouse they dont do their job I have to pay

I just finished talking to one of ComEd representatives… what a mistake that was. I called to complain about the unexpected high bill that I received this month; it turns out that for the past year I have been paying estimates on my electric bills. According to the representative it is a common practice to give estimates for their meter readings, even for a whole year, without any reason. Now I have to pay this huge bill. I’m hoping someone can give me some advice on how I can report this issue to someone who can do some thing about it.

On Thursday June 12, a huge branch from a tree fell on to our electric wires, threatening to snap the wires anytime. I complained to Comed immediately, and they agreed it is a dangerous situation. They said someone would be out the next day, but actually did not send our request out until the next day. I called the next day and they told me to call again in a couple of hours to find out when a person has been scheduled. I called that night and they said someone should be out in the morning. Nothing happened all weekend. Today, its been 4 days and a woman called Katie says they have an agreement with IL state that they can take up to 30 days to remove a branch from a wire that is threatening to break and rectify a dangerous situation! The branch is probably heavier than me and it is quite amazing the wire hasn't broken as yet.


i moved in Oct 2017 & called comed to have my service switched when i called it was after hours & i though i had everything taken care of... i called a few days later & made a payment with the sutomated system & it still said my old address but i didnt have time to speak with anyone...i called back maybe a week later & spoke with a live person i wanted to confirm my payment was taken & confirm my services had been switched & i was told yes to both questions. fast forward to today 1-24-12 & comed decides to cut my service off. no letter, no call nothing they just shut it off. i called to ask what the issue was & i was told there was no name on the account & to cap it all i was told i would have to wait for the mistake to be corrected tomorrow hopefully while today it under 30 degrees w/ snow still on the ground & i my significant other has ashma & my 3 yr old daughter will get home from school at 5pm. & what was comeds response "we thats not our problem its yours" even though i had absolutely nothing to do with this so called error & on top of it all i was told i would have to pay another fee whenever i do get my service back on im pretty sure this will be one of my very last conversations with comed im switching to someone else as soon as possible

this has nothing to do with a bill. clearly you didnt read what i wrote

right - next time pay your damn bill
and go ahead - try to find another company to give you electricity...

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