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Jan 05, 2018

ComEd - public safety by comed drivers

This morning I witnessed a COMED pickup truck perform a "u" turn in the middle of Broadway St in Coal City, IL. This particular street is posted "No Left Turn For Parking" along both sides of the street as a safety measure. How is a "u" turn any safer than an illegal left turn. Who would be the responsible party of record if an injury had occured, the "company" or the driver?


ComEd - power restore an food spoilage

I called comed for emergency. On 12-04-17 for Power line down an live an on my vehicle. Comed never came. On 12-05 17 day later I payed for power to be cut by electrician. I did repair an called comed to come and restore power on 12-05-17 they said ok but no show until 12-7-17 the tech pulled in my yard never gets out ask about my dogs. Was advised to put dogs away or stand outside until he do work. I replied ill take dogs inside. As I went to take dogs in the tech left. I called comed an talk to supperviser I was advised they would return when I put dogs away they would come right back. No show. I've called constantly an was lied to no one showed. So I talk to a supperviser on 12-8-17 to learn that they not coming until 12-11-17 because of security reasons. I ask what security reason they response the dogs. I replied my animals are inside for two days. Well I called my local fire department for the problem. Comed response to the department was the line not live. Fire department response yes it is. Comed response the resident there is making faux calls so they not coming. Fire response get out here its a danger. Comed response we will come niece the sheriff's are there because the residents threatened the worker. I never threatened no one an the worker that did come never got out the truck never put truck in park and he lied about being threatened. You coming to restore my power I called yall why would I sick dogs on him or threaten them or call comed just to harass them for. They never done nothing wrong to me. Now I've lost $300.00 in food I need compensation please give me a call or a letter in correspondent please. They tried to get me arrested. And no apologies from them

Dec 10, 2017

Unfortunately, Ricky, when it's beyond their control, they do not reimburse for lost food.

ComEd - customer care

My power was disconnected a tech came out and said "he had to put an order in and would atleast call me to say a day." No such call occurred I then call customer care. They could not give me any details either I asked to speak with a manager. I told of my situation of haveing 4 children and two seniors living in my home. I then proceeded to tell her I was using a generater I asked if she could atleast give me some information as to a day. All she could do is laugh at my situation and say 3-5 which this would actually be 7 days without power since there was a weekend. At this point I was furious as to how careless and unprofessional this supposed seasoned worker that is in a manager position was. I then told her how she could laugh she denied then when I asked for her information to lodge a complaint is when she became professional which by this point her being so rude, unprofessional and just plain callous was not appreciated. This employee was Stacy ext. 2315 was the only information she would provide no last name no facility where I can send a complaint. This was by far the worst show of professionalism or lack of I have ever come accross.

Oct 13, 2017

This issues are everywhere. I am in Texas and they are very rude here, they don't care is not their house. Good luck trying to speak with a real manager because must of the time they use each other and pretend they are managers.

Aug 19, 2017

ComEd - power being restored in my business.

I have been calling ComEd and had employees calling ComEd since August 17, 2017 at night to get my power restored in my tavern. They said they would get someone out on Friday, August 18 but no one came. I had someone there since 12 in the after noon like they asked and I came personally at 4pm and no one showed up. I lost business for a day and half and still have yet to receive a call back or anything concerning my business' power being restored. I informed them that my breaker was heating up but they just said they would contact me as soon as someone could come when I called again on August 18 around 7pm. I lost money and possibly clients because of this.

Aug 18, 2017

ComEd - having no electricity for 2 days.

We loss our electricity because of roof top problems so we called ComEd people and they said that they gonna take care of the electricity that day and we wait for 7 hours without electricity because...

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Jul 19, 2017

ComEd - unauthorized usage

I moved out of 650 S York Road, Bensenville, Illinois on June 15 2016 with proof of signing a new lease with a roommate. My lease in Bensenville ended, and the property manager can verify that...

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Jul 09, 2017

ComEd - electricity

I lee Lucas live at 7643 s east end apt 2w Chicago. My electric bill spiked from about average $50 a month for the months of April and May for no apparent reason. I call comed and they gave me no explanation. Then it dropped back to normal, I got threatened with disconnection notices if I didn't pay. I feel I should be credited with a refund. I been here two years and my bill always normal about $50. No one checked the meter or gave me an explanation

ComEd - large service trucks in private parking lot

We would like to place a complaint regarding 3 of your vehicles for placing poles. Without asking they entered the private parking lot for St. Zachary's Catholic Church located at 567 W. Algonquin...

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May 17, 2017

ComEd - being billed for services stated to have been in my name at an old address.

I was divorced and away from the billing address where services were alledged to have been provided in 2008 and since that time filed bankrupt in 2014 as result to divorce and detachment of all accrued bills during the
marriage. Anything to do with that location has no attachment to me which makes sense after the filing. If there were services provided, those that received such services should be billed. I was t old by the Com Ed rep in so many words, She didn't care as long as I paid the outstanding amount and start with paying today or my services where I live will be disconnected on May 18, 2017. My bill that I owe is $34.39 not $727.79
Her bully tactics were as if I were in every way guilty regardless of what happened. I'm sure if there were meter readings the place was probably vacant. The rep said that I should have had the service turned off. I never had it turned on... I will contact the Dept. Of Consumer Services.

May 04, 2017

ComEd - customer service

I do not want to make this long and drawn out, so I will say that customer service is mostly very bad. It seems Comed employs a lot of people who do not seem to care. I tried getting a service...

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ComEd - deposit but never moved or had an disconnection

Issued 4/7/17 I received 4/12/17 a letter in the mail saying I have to pay a deposit. I had comed for 14 years I can not rememeber if I paid a deposit or not I was 18 at the time. As of late my light have never been turn off but twice in my younger years and the bills ranges from 100-400 a months. Now I barely staying float with the bills paying 500-1100 a month after I moved 3 times in my adultlife and paid my bills no questions but now I paying 140 extra plus paying off winter bills plus regular bill is alot especially when u are a person who already living paycheck to paycheck. I filling a complaint because as along as I been a customer paying a deposit unless I move or have a disconnection shouldn't be applied then applying this during the months of hardships is questionable as now they have smart meter and been keeping track of low flows months. There is no other electric company in this area for me to look somewhere else I feel they are monopolizing the low poor class and forcing people to pay or disconnect in which they will be force to pay everything plus and extra? Fee to reinstate. This is a form of monopolizing and should be looked into. It be resolved once they take the deposit off unless I move.


ComEd - rudeness of the customer service rep

On April 5, 2017 at approximately 8:40 and 8:50 am, I was speaking with a representative named Rosa at ComED, from phone #[protected], regarding a bill I received in the mail from ComED. Ms. Rosa wa...

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Feb 23, 2017

ComEd - a com ed customer service agent

1:30 p. m. on 2/23/2017 Com Ed Joliet, IL office #[protected]. I was treated so rudely by female representative who did not want to give me 30 seconds to get death certificate to find last 4 digit...

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ComEd - deposit not being refunded.

We recently called ComEd after realizing that they were still holding our $200 deposit on hand, as they called it on our bill. We paid this deposit when moving in to our apartment in July 2011, and...

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ComEd - billing after service a regular bill on 8/25/16shut off

I moved out of Illinois and sold my home there. We closed and I disconnected ComEd service on 8/25/16, I have disconnect conf #. I paid a regular bill on 8/25/16 and what I believe to be the last bill on 9/13/16. I heard nothing from ComEd until 10/13/16 when I got a bill from a collection agency for this account. Three things bother me, 1. this service has been disconnected, 2. I never received the original bill, 3 date of service is 9/22/16, is it ComEd's normal procedure to send bills for collection that are less than 30 days old.

Jun 22, 2016

ComEd - management

Linda Altobelli that works in customer service in oak brook is a drunk and has family in security services and has managed to be able to keep her job not because she's deservant but because of her...

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ComEd - service disconnection

I have had comed for about 1 year... I recently recieved a shut off notice. And my service was shut off. When I made the payment of $413 two days later, I was told my service would not be restored...

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ComEd - utility bill

I have lived at 701 W. Belmont Ave Appt. 1E for o9ver a year. I wrongly assumed my landlord paid all that time I never received a bill. My utilities were shut off. I since have received a bill from them for over $1800. Also was told in order to set up payments would haveto pay $160. I paid it but by not calling them after, now I would have to pay $466 to make payments. They told me there was an $140 charge to make payments so I said I would think about the meantime, I am receiving enormous bills. I am gone most of the time and they are saying my small 1 bedroom apt generated $300 in utilities. Outrageous! Especially when I was gone 2 weekends. I have a disclosure sheet from them from my landlord that states my utilities should be $900 A YEAR! They said they would send someone out to check the meter but I know they will say nothing is wrong. Please help me. I cannot pay this!


I looked at my bill and noticed a deposit charge of 71.66? What the ---- for. I have not moved. What is this I want my money back. Is this a class action law suit in the making?

i can understand high bills in the summer but in the winter i went from paying a bill of 1, 600 to 2, 354 now how can i pay that i only get 668 monthly what kind of help out here for low income people

Oct 30, 2014

I'm looking for people interesting in starting a class action lawsuit against ComEd for the deposit scam they are running.

Oct 30, 2014

I'm wanting to link up with anyone interested in beginning a class action lawsuit against ComEd for the deposit scam they are running.

ComEd - rude representative

I called comed to get an explanation of why was my bill doubled. The representative was so rude and mean. So I asked to speak to her supervisor, and she put me on hold for an hour. I don't know what to do about this because I still didn't get helped and my bill is still doubled.

Oh poor you she was rude and mean. Boo hoo.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ComEd - billing issues, rude customer service and long holds

It started as was over billed for periods of June 2013 - January 2014, normal bill which has been for years is around $90-$120, during those months was getting bill well over $450 dollars and up, Never been bill this high during winter and summer months in the few years I live in this place. Call several times to get issue resolve and they sent meter guy out month later, claim to find no issue, wasn't around when they sent them out as was working. Then call again they sent another meter guy and claimed the same, but this time around notice a month later bill drop back down to normal and has stay normal since. So ask to speak to upper management, to see what going on, and just get place on hold for over 2 hours and just give up as don't have time to spend hours on the phone at a time hoping to get a hold of someone, but did kept trying every few days and the same, issue still not resolve.

Did pay the bill as didn't want to get disconnected and get out of control, but now having issues with that, as paid then the amounts required to avoid disconnect, in the meantime trying to resolve other issue and to this day still hasn't been corrected. To make matters worst paid over $360 on 09/29/2014 to keep from having service disconnected bring the balance down to around $90 bucks. Now to see that I have two deposits added to account on 10/22/2014 for the amount of $133, which is illegal, as been a customer for over 2 years plus and wasn't disconnected as paid amount required on 09/29/2014 and then get another disconnect notice and hasn't even been a month since last payment. Still can't get a hold of upper management to fix issues and try today on 10/22/2014, as soon as I receive the notice and was on hold for over 2 hours and 30 mins before hanging up. This is unacceptable.

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