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greedy company with very poor customer service

In my opinion, comcast is a greedy company with very poor customer service. They do not care about how they treat you, they only care about taking your money. I was signed up with Comcast, and they were auto drafting the payments. Well I moved, so I cancelled my Comcast subscription. Instead of cancelling it like they told me they would, they charged me again and caused me to go into overdraft. Then when I called to get it refunded. They told me that since I was no longer a customer, that they could not give me my money back. They said that I would have to provide proof that they had caused me an NSF with my bank. I don't understand what this had to do with me getting my money back because I was no longer living at the old location, and did not use Comcast's services. I cancelled and should not have been charged. It resulted in them offering to mail me a check, but I have yet to receive one. I am continuing to battle with them over this. Never let Comcast or any other company autodraft monthly from your account if you plan on leaving that company in the next few months.

  • Dm
    dmosafa May 23, 2012

    My experience with Comcast is so bad that I am moving out of this complex to one that allows satelitte! I Have had one problem after the other since the day of installation. The tech left without completing the job on one tv and it took 5 days to return!! The problem is not with signal service for me but it is customer service, It is the absolute worst of any company I've ever delt with. I tell everyone to run from comcast! That ugly satellite outside my apt will be the prettiest thing in the yard!

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It amazes me that with all of the technology and different ways to watch movies(Netflix, youtube in parts, Amazon's movies at dirt cheap prices, etc.)you think Comcast would lower their prices. Satellite is even cheaper. Why do they charge so much? It's ridiculous!! Cable has gotten so stupid lately. Before, about 15, 20 years ago, you would have a line-up for a reasonable price($30). Now, There are like 900 channels! Who has time for 900 channels? They should make packages for people who like a handful of channels and drop the price drastically. I bet if they did that, they would have a lot more customers. Why hasn't anyone thought of that? Maybe I should start my own cable service. All they offer is a billion channels or nothing. I ditched Comcast and I hope others will too. Anyone considering starting service, save your money and rent!

unreliable cable internet service and awful cable t.v. service

Unreliable cable internet service and awful cable t.v. service. After they try to help and are successful with fixing the problem that week, they give a check back courtesy call to make sure the service is working properly. Do not answer them with a yes, because within three days the service will become disrupted again. (and it's not my equipment, that's been checked by them).Once you answer them with a yes, they have you documented or recorded as "all is working well" and when push comes to shove they can say "we called you and you said service was up and running. Plus it's too expensive!! They charge alot of money for basically watching commercials on their t.v. service. I'm looking for other services now.

125$ gift certificate

I signed up for Comcast 5 months back because they advertised a 125$ gift certificate at Amazon. I signed up alright but I have yet to receive the gift certificate. I did all the paperwork required, and still these guys don't even want to acknowledge that they should honor their part of the deal. Needless to say if you call Comcast they will straight up tell you that they did not advertise that and that it is not their department that did that had the promotions (may be it's some other department). By the way Comcast will give you this to "help" you with your claim. I submitted the form to check my status and to my "surprise" there was no record found. I called them thinking that someone on the other end will answer after 25 minutes of being on the phone. You guessed it...nobody answered. <br />
Do me a favor, signing up for Comcast is easy (they will install it for you in a day), now claiming your money is damn nearly impossible. Tens of phone calls, e-mails after emails and knowing that some ### or some fraudulent company is pocketing that money somehow is something that you will realize in the end.

  • Vi
    Vivian Bonsall Jan 26, 2010

    My story is like so many that I have read.I ordered and got Comcast service. I thought the$2oo.00 amazon gift card would be a great benifit espically for Christmas, as I do use Amazon a lot. I sent the required forms and copies of Comcast bills and waited and waited. Christmas came and went and NO cards. I have been trying to find out about the cards through Comcast and they have been trying to help me. I do not blame Comcast, the fault goes to Amazon. I would like to know what else I can do as I could really use the cards even though Christmas is passed. You have my email address and phone # please let me know something. Thank you Vivian

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comcast is ripping customers off by claiming not ro receive signed contracts in the mail

Comcast has found a great way to scam new customers. When you sign up for new service, they lock you in at a certain price (for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, or 24 months). Your installation then takes place, your new equipment usually has some kinks in it, but eventually gets worked out. You receive a contract to sign, date, and return a week or so after the installation takes place. You sign, date, and mail the contract.

You receive no additional communication from Comcast, with the exception of a few phone calls promoting new ON DEMAND programming. 2 months later your bill increases considerably with no explanation.

You call to speak to at least 2 different incompetent Comcast operators before it is detected that "Comcast never received the contract and event sent out a reminder letter" (You never receive the reminder letter in the mail) The incompetent agent tells you there is nothing she can do and can't honor the original deal as outlined in the original contract that you signed, dated and returned to Comcast before the allotted time expired. You are a smart saved a copy of the signed contract before you mailed it. You offer to fax the contract AGAIN since Comcast claims they never received it (probably because it's burried under a stack of paper work on some incompetent's desk in the contract department) You still can't find an agent to resolve your issue.

You become frustrated. You are a good customer who pays the bill on time each month and returned the contract. You are screwed over because Comcast does not really value customer service. You cancel your service with them, contact the Better Business Bureau, and sign up for DirecTV.

Morale to the story...if you are a new customer looking for cable service, go with DirecTV. They value their customers. If you are an exisiting Comcast customer, cancel and go with DirecTV. You also get more for your money.

  • Ac
    Ace77 Jan 07, 2010

    I'm not discounting your experience with Comcast by any means, but DirecTV is the absolute WORST cable/satellite company in existence...ESPECIALLY when it comes to contracts. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE search these boards for DirecTV. I actually had to go as far as reporting to the Better Business Bureau, my state's Attorney General, AND file a small claims court case against DirecTV because of their "contract" practices. You will find some scary stuff regarding DirecTV on here and the BBB website.

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  • Jo
    Jordan1277 Mar 08, 2010

    With comcast you are not forced to take a contract unless you take the special add-on deals like a credit card or camcorder etc, simple - Don't do it... And if you are paying regular rates for a few months ( 6 or more ) they can rebundle your package to fit your needs or what could be available to you. Being in contracts forces you to stay with what your at or take higher and thats for ANY company like direct-tv, if you try to UNBUNDLE your package you will get hit with a terminaton fee of over $480 ( Direct-tv ) depending on the equipment you have.

    As for the whole contract missing solution, Comcast now offers you the way to sign it electronically by email so it can be done in a heartbeat so nothing can be lost in the mail, you just have to supply them with your current email address when you sign up for service.

    Direct-tv dropped the Versus channel and comcast has renewed versus and added over 100 HD channels at no additional cost to customers.

    There are too many differences to list but I guess everyones experience with comcast is different.

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requiring a new agreement be sign or they wont honor discounted packages

About two months ago, I received a written contract in the mail from comcast stating that I must sign and return within 30 days and that no alterations could be made to said agreement. This contract or agreement was to re-iterate the amount per month that you agreed upon when you signed up for the discounted packages.

Now when I signed up originally in july 2009, I was to get the digital starter package with on-demand and ppv for $29.99 per month for 12 months (1 year) , and if I agree to this 1 year committment, I would receive hbo free for one year which normally charges $15.99 per month. I also was given an hd dvr upgrade and instead of 15.95 per month I would receive it for $7.00 per month for one year, I also was told that one extra std dvr would be $6.99 per month and a dct (Digital converter box) would be free per month...

Now in order to get all of this I had to agree to a one year committment of the digital voice but instead of $34.95 per month it would be $14.99 per month.

The hs internet was at $19.99 per month for only 6 months and 3.00 modem lease fee in which after 6 months it would be $42.95 per month.

I was being charged all of this, however, had other charges which they had to credit back in other months, but it states right on all of the bills the agreed amounts as stated above.

Now the sad part is: the agreement they sent me states nothing about the hd dvr discounts, the phone discounts or the internet discounts, nor does it show the hbo being free. So now I am supposed to sign this form which I was told if I didnt sign it I wouldnt get the discounts as agreed in the beginning, but if I sign something that shows no discounts then they could start charging me the higher prices such as the monthly fee for hbo and the higher prices on everything else. The agreement says you can not alter it in any way... And guess what now that I would be signing this agreement the one year goes from when I sign it not retro back to when I originally got it so now they get you to commit to a longer period well all in all good for me if I get the discounts but if I move and have to cancel the service or if I just want to cancel the service then there is an early termination fee of the committment portion you don't use??? This is just not right at all! So I get my new bill this month,
It is over double the amount I normally was charged... Since I didn't sign the agreement which was wrong anyway, they retro billed back to october 27th everything at the higher price. No discounted price on the cable no discount on the dvr or hddvr no free hbo all of which was written on my previous bills...

What am I supposed to do now? I have emailed them... As calling seems to do no good, as I told them that they needed to correct the agreement before I would sign it as it wasn't right and instead of them correcting it they just billed me the higher amounts...

This all seems like fraud or something is not right about it and why am I being bullied into signing an agreement as that is what they are forcing us to do.

It is like you have a 2 year agreement on a contract with a cell phone company and you upgrade your phone they make you sign another agreement. Or you don't get the phone... Well comcast is trying to do this with their cable services and it is just well lets say it is just unjust!!!

  • Su
    Sunny FL Dec 15, 2009

    I also changed my plan & was told that if i didn't sign their agreement the prices would go back up the original costs before discounts were applied.

    they sent their "contract' to me twice. I never signed either one of them.

    They have not raised the rate on my bill yet.

    But now I need to downsize my monthly bills. (we are in the construction industry; need i say more?)

    I called to kinda see what they would say a couple of weeks ago. I was told that we have a signed contract. I told him that we did not & I ended the call...nicely. There was no irruption.

    But today I need to call and cancel all services but internet. And I am preparing for a battle. They want their cake and eat it too.

    So, in doing research on line- searching out my obligations to them without a signed contract- I found your post.

    I know I am not really helping you. But your story was the closet to mine that i have read.

    Comcast's s attitude toward their existing customers is very frustrating! Uncooperative!

    Good luck to you!

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  • Sh
    shani786 Dec 22, 2010

    I also had an issue with comcast, They are a very unjust company and their contracts which they force you to sign should be illegal. I am moving so i cannot take with me my same contract, i HAVE to sign a new 2 year agreement or I will be billed early termination fees. All i am asking is to take my service with me, but they say they cannot do that. Bad company. I hope someone sues them, class action lawsuit.

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price fraud

In May 2009 I entered into contract to upgrade my services with Comcast. I was told I would receive cable...

can't get a hold of any live customer srvice rep.

I called comcast 1-800 number provided on their online customercentral and what a headache to try to talk to someone. Anyone, please. I give up after an hour of trying and waiting, waiting, and waiting for nothing!

Well, first comcast makes you listen to their zillion advertisements first when you call them. I thought I called "customer service", not "ad service". After you listen to the long winded comcast advertisements, then they want you to jump through all the hoops and listen to more comcast ads...

Ok, I followed all questions and orders-where is the *&^% live customer service representative. Well at the end of the comcast customer service auto system over the phone, one last question to screw you over... "for your convenience (The customer) , we (Comcast) will call you back... Don't worry you won't get screwed after you have been waiting over an hour". Then comcast auto system states "i'm sorry you don't want a call back (Fyi: you have no choice but to choose a call back) , comcast will have to end this call. Did I just hear the machine just laugh at me for waiting for no reason?

What the hell was that... My time was waiting for nothing. Comcast does not have a live customer service representative. Wow, new age of customer service trying to get rid of their customers! Good business model, don't provide customer service and we can save cost.

I guess there is no "live" customer service representative to talk to over the phone. Nope, it's not a holiday. Yes, it's within business hours. Can I get some help with comcast's online payment that does not work (Fyi-no like I have made a zillion payments before) ! Anyone home at comcast corporate world? Customer service? To end this conclusion: comcast = sucks in customer service. Go with some other company. I'm tired of dead beat corporate world slogan... "save the trees"... Right.

  • Ta
    tatahead13 May 19, 2011

    How do you get ahold of someone!!! I have been on hold for an hour Because COMCAST rescheduled my APPOINTMENT after I take the DAY off.

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mal servicio

Estimados lectores si me eh decidido a escribir esta queja, no crean que es solo por querer poner mis dedo...

unauthorized charges (pay per view)

I opened my Comcast bill rec'd today, 10/19/09 date on bill. I saw the total amount owing of 635.38 for...

refuses to cancel auto-payments

About 2 yrs ago I signed up for comcast auto payment option and now that I no longer wish to have that service I have contacted comcast customer "diservice" several times to request said cancellation but they are giving me the hardest time with a bunch of non-sense crap! (Like: I do not own the account when there is no one but me the subscriber) a lot of running around and misleading strategies, they responded sending me links to cancel auto payments online that are completly useless... I've told them I want to pay my monthly bills by check (Just as I used to). I do not wish any body digging into my checking account any more!
And so, if you have the auto payments option be aware!
Comcast engages in deceptive business practices when long time customers like myself need to try a change or cancellation of their services.

  • Ex
    exavierdotnet Oct 19, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    UPDATE; Today I finally was able to find out why comcast would not provide help, they are very desorganized, every time i had a different representative contradicting each other about my needs... I was able to finally cancel automatic payments in my account... but i wound up having to do all the work by myself since customer service was not willing to help at all!
    * It is always wise to get a receipt for the return of their equipment... that is coming up next!

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phanton debt / scam

In signed up for Comcast in November 27 of 2008. I ordered extended cable and phone. In late May of 2009 my...

highway robbery

They are constantly and consistently adding "hidden charges" to my account. I make a call 2-3 times per month to check my current bill and see how this matter may be resolved and not repeated the next month. Repeatedly they tell me that on the next bill my account will be re-adjusted with credits. They now claim I owe $500.

My bill normally runs about $160-180 for cable and phone. It actually should be $114-120 with taxes. "This is highway robbery."

rip off company

I called Comcast Cable today to report that most of my channels either do not work, or have lines going through them. I called and spoke with "Mary" in customer service who ran me around about ten minutes hooking, and unplugging, my cable, TV, and vcr areas. I explained to "Mary" that I have been having issues with my cable since the power outage that we had in Olathe earlier this year. Mary was very rude, and I asked for a emergency appointment, explaining I can only watch my basic channels and for paying around 80.00 a month it's ridiculous for me to continue not being able to watch the channels that I want. Mary did not originally want me to make an appointment, she continually told me to plug, and unplug the cable areas. After telling her that I am not a cable person and it still wasn't working Mary suggested an appointment next Wednesday.

I told Mary that was unacceptable because I can not watch TV and it wasn't only one or two channels out but most of my cable. Mary then stated to me that it was acceptable to make me wait that long for a repair person over the holidays. I stated that I work in customer service and I know they have emergency repair people, she refused to set me up with an appointment, I then asked for the corporate address to file a complaint, which she did not give to me. I then disconnected the call.

I have no appointment, only marginal cable channels and have to pay the 80.00 per month. I'm being completely ripped off by Comcast cable.

  • Co
    comcast hater2222 Oct 02, 2010

    Yep concast is a rip off & if anyone finds anyone we can complain to about their monopoly of service please let me know.

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  • Lt
    LT26 Mar 10, 2014

    Cable TV Outage
    ?06-25-2011 08:41 PM
    When will the Cable TV Outage in the area of
    Harrison Ave. Panama City, FL 32405?
    It has been out since Tuesday, Every ay al day
    long we have made reports and every day we are
    told that it will be back with in 2-3 hours. And
    this is every day since it went out!
    So when is the cable going to be back up? We are
    tired of getting the run around ery day. Also we
    have kept all chat messages for proof. I will
    provide the two latest chat ID's for your records
    when replying.
    CHAT ID: FA1FF863-60FA-4586-89E1-A7503D8A1616
    CHAT ID: 3FA4D53F-6E07-4AE4-8C32-C1E5B7C7DFED
    Wow--You described my problem to a tee--which
    according to the lovely Comcast Customer Service
    people doesn't exist and I am irrational because
    I want a refund for the week of HD and Internet
    we have not gotten benefit of. My husband made 8
    calls to different Service Reps to try to get help
    and they all gave him a run around that left him
    ready to dump Comcast and try something better.
    Every Rep refused to get a Supervisor and basically
    treated him like he was loony. Finally one Rep said
    the Supervisor would call him back because he was
    out of minutes. They never bothered to call. Is
    anyone else ready to contact State of Florida
    Regulatory Commission--this is ridiculous and
    extremely irritating! They sure would kick if we
    treated them like this about paying our bill.
    The digital services we paid premium price for are
    out all day long, then after dark they come back on.
    My husband wanted HD so he could watch Nascar races
    and so far this month the HD has been out for every
    race. We have a pay as you go phone and are almost
    out of minutes because of the 300 minutes we wasted
    talking to Comcast. But worse we feel disrespected
    and badly used by Comcast.
    Obviously they are having problems with their
    service and are not forthcoming enough to be
    honest about it. My zip code is 32401 Springfield,
    Fl (by the 6th Street Burger King and the Boot Store).
    Thanks for hearing my complaint, it's for sure
    Comcast doesn't care to.
    It is basically impossible to email when Your
    Comcast internet doesn't ever work!
    Also we are sooooooo tired of being told to unplug
    our box and modem and then wait 20 minutes for them
    to reload the channels. That never works and is
    just more run around to convince You the problem is
    not with the Company. We have called many days in
    a row, because our Internet was out, and even
    returned our HD box for a new box that didn't work
    either. Obviously because the problem is with
    Comcast Network and NOT our equipment!
    Here was the replacement HD box we were given:
    SAC model: SARN150N
    Serial Number on replacement HD box:SACFJRSQG
    new box as of 2/25/2014
    Here was our First HD Box that had this problem:
    Serial Number on old box: SACDWZJHM
    *returned to Christian 2/25/2014 sound didn't work.

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  • Da
    David Lawrence Jul 12, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I signed up for Comcast in March of 2016. My bill was for 147.06 Supposed to br good for 1 yr. Next thing in June my bill is 161.00 dollars They tell me it is because of other fees. Your bundle did not go up but other fees did. This company should be looked at by the government and should be fined for running a dishonest business. They tell me they did not break the contract and if you drop them you still have to pay.

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billing practices

I have been a Comcast customer for 11 years since moving to Maryland. There have been so many issues over that time that they're too numerous to list here. Billing errors, pricing changes, and dishonest customer service reps that I will be changing my service next week when I can get everything lined up.

I have been paying my bill electronically for the past several years using my checking account to automatically pay the bill on a specified date. The amount has been the same for some time now, but in the past two months they have mysteriously started to revert to some non-discounted pricing plan. Overall it increased my monthly bill by $50 for both cable and internet. Now I have tried repeatedly to speak to someone about the differences in the statements, without luck. Mostly I receive a "Pay the Bill!" from the rep and it would be looked at after receipt of payment. This means they want my money without providing services required by law. Comcast continues to robocall me the past week while I have been trying to fix the errors. Again "Pay the Bill, then we can talk!" These people are no better then debt collectors working on phantom accounts, hoping to scare people into paying and then work out some resolution later. Criminals is what they are, nothing better. And the local county officials don't return phone calls either! If you live in Anne Arundel County beware, they are useless.

Looking forward to switching to FIOS!

  • Le
    Lesson Learned AIC Aug 26, 2010

    I hate Comcast! They screwed my bill up 3 times in the last 12 mo. Most recently I changed my service. My new bill was supposed to be $90. Instead I get one for $165!!! I was never told when I called to change my service that I would be charged any fee for changing my service, yet my new bill has a $75 "Early Termination Fee"

    What a bunch of BS!! Thank God I do not have my payments set to be automatically withdrawn from my account.

    I paid my bill (minus the $75) but it will be a cold day in hell before they get that $75 from me. I can't wait for my contract to expire with them.

    I have not not had cable since I was a kid, but honestly I am thinking of going without for the first time in almost 20 years. That is how frustrated I am with them.

    Comcast=Rip off

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  • Ha
    harleyguy00 Feb 19, 2013

    Well of course like everyone else Concast business model and practices border on extortion. For 2 years as part of my bundle my bill was quoted as approx $185.00 per month. Mind you i dont have anything extravagant.
    1 TV with a HD Box. 1 TV with a HD DVR and our Bedroom TV with just a basic digital adapter on it. Standard Internet and Phone service as well. I just had HBO prior to this NEW 2 year bundle. Somehow i got this Premier
    bundle without my knowledge. No biggy i'll take it. Now as of Feb 8th i was told my 2 year contract was up. So i get the bill and its now $233.00. And to top it off as of March first i'll be billed another $9.95 for
    a "HD Technology Fee"...WTF is that?...Plus some of the other services are going up as well. So i figure my bill is now going to be around $250.00 or more. I dont know about you but thats a little ridiculous.
    So i call of CS and see if i can get reduced somehow or moved into another lesser bundle. I dont want or need any of the pay changes. Basically was told i cant. I said but i just want HBO. Was basically told its an
    all or nothing package, you cant really select the pay channels you want any more. She did suggest that i remove the $3.19 fee for Home wiring protection plan that i took...OoooooOOOOOOOooooooo. Yeah that'll help.
    So in the meantime i have FIOS comming out on March 4th for install and kicking ComCrap to the curb once and for all. Of course once i return the equipment and cancel service they will be up all in my butt trying to
    get me to rejoin with awesome incentives...Bite me!!!...I signed up with FIOS for a 2 year contract with pretty much the same Comcast package. 1 Multiroom DVR(better than Comcast), 1 HD box and 1 basic
    adapter., phone and internet. Not only did they speak English and appear to be from the USA but she was very helpful. Mind you i realize they were putting on there best face to get my service and that might
    change once im a customer but none the less it was refreshing. So for all that i am now paying about $155.00 for the first year. Approx $179.00 for the 13th to 18th month due to some promotions ending and then for
    the last 6 months about $195.00. To me thats ridiculous savings!!!.Plus i get a $100.00 Visa gift card!!!...And i can add and subtract services without fees too unlike Comcast...You know i didnt want to change over.
    I now have to redo everyone who has my Comcast email address. But its a smaill price to pay now. Comcast has just gotten ridiculous. I remember working for a small cable company about 20 years ago. Basic cable was
    about 20 bucks and if you had all of the pay channels(HBO, Cinemax, Disney and Showtime) your bill was about 60 bucks if that...WOW, times have changed...Come on March 4rth!!!...Buh Bye Comcrap!!!

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unacceptable behavior

On Jan 23, 09 I terminated my cable and internet service with Comcast. This was two days before my monthly closing date for billing. I personally returned the internet modem, two converter boxes and two remote controls. I inquired about paying the final bill and was told it would be mailed to me shortly. On Jan 30, 09 I received a large bill from comcast, I looked it over carefully and noticed that I had been double charged for a pay for view movie. I called Comcast to get the error corrected and was told not to pay that bill because the final bill had not been reconciled and I still had credit coming for the equipment I returned. On Feb 9, 09 I received what I thought was the final bill, very nasty with large fonts saying disconnection notice, past-due - please pay, due immediately. I called to complain about receiving such a rude statement and was told that I would still owe a collection fee of $25.00 and past due fee of $7.00. All of this just 16 days after I terminated my service to switch to Att. I did everything the right way, I have been with this company and their previous owner, Time warner for over 20 years and never once a late payment. This kind of behavior is unacceptable.

no proof of unpaid bill

I disconnected my cable via calling comcast. The customer service rep told me all was good and that I would have a small credit. I never received a credit or final bill. Months later I recieved a notice from CPA informing me of a $179 bill from comcast. I immediately called comcast and explained the conversation between me and the customer service rep who assisted me with the disconnection. I was informed that what i was told was incorrect and that i owed $179. i asked for a copy of the final bill, which i never recieved, so i can reveiw the account myself. i never recieved a copy of the bill but kept recieving notices from CPA, which i ignored because no one had proven to me that i owed anything. Needless to say, I paid the bill to CPA without getting proof of my debt from comcast. I did not want anything to be reported on my credit. This is sneaky and borderline unethical. I ived in my home for 12years and recieved all other bills from Comcast. Its funny how I was told that I had a credit, then told that was incorrect and never recieved a final bill even after i asked for one via customer rep. Oh, also my access to the online bill pay was disc so i could not view the final bill online. Im with verizon now and will not recommend comcast to anyone.

you should see this mess and they charged me to fix it!

I had several in home changes where I added to seperate phone services and I also have comcast tv. After several visits the technicians got everyting installed and then one day soon afterwards my phone stopped working. I looked behind my tv, where they had the cabling installed, and couldn't believe the mess I saw. I immediately called comcast to have a re-do. I wanted professional installation. What I found was about 20 pounds of spaghetti cabling behind my tv. They sent someone out to redo the cabling and cheged me! I had to pay $39.99 to have them clean up their own mess!

you should see this mess and they charged me to fix it!
you should see this mess and they charged me to fix it!

stupid and unprofessional workers

I am too mad to give full details but I ordered wireless service and the comcast guy took four hours and STILL didn't connect correctly. He promised to come back with someone who knew what they were doing...three days later he showed up by his self...trying to fix my computer...he'd erased my D: drive!!! Yeah!! He spazed and sent me to have it fixed so no one at comcast would know! I didn't let anyone fix it cause it will loose all my data so now I have to by a external hard drive!

misrepresenting tv station and always changing things around with out contacting costomers.

I signed up for Comcast back in July 2007 for a basic cable package.I was excited cause I had all the...