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shady business practices

During these hard economic times shouldn't we be able to trust our service companies we have had for years? I have been a Comcast Cable customer for years. Comcast had this new deal called the Triple Play that was going to save me lots of money. I signed up for it and had explicitly asked for how much each service was going to charge. I wanted the cheapest charges for every service, cable, internet, and phone. I was given cable service at 49.99, phone service at 19.99 and internet service at 24.95. This is going to be my prices? Yes, I was told. My bill would be around $115 a month. Great sign me up. When the installer came out to hook up my phone and internet services I specifially asked him to go over my pricing again. He called his manager and we all went back and forth untill I was promised the same prices as on the phone. OK install it then. My first bill I recieved was $240. This is for prorated month charges. Fine. I paid that bill. Two more bills came for the promised $115 a month. Everything was fine and I was now a happy customer. Bill number 4 was for $137. Why so much higher than my promised rates? I called and was explained that I had all promotional pricing. My phone service had just reset to 39.99 and my cable was going to be setting in two more months to 74.99. The customer service agent explained to me that I had a great deal because I have unlimited long distance calling. I do? I was never told of this and I had never used the unlimited long distance in the three months I had service. Now I am very upset because I no longer trust Comcast as a company. They can not tell you of their special "promo" pricing when you set up your plan and let you be surprised every time you get a bill. I email "Rick" the CEO or whatever of the company. I recieved a call today from Comcast telling me they will put me in a new promo pricing for 6 months. What happens when that pricing is up? Oh you just call and get new promo pricing. So every 3-6 months, depending on how long your pricing is good for, you get to call the customer service line and beg for new pricing. Why should we, as "valued" Comcast customers have to do this? Just give me one price. Just say this is what it is going to be. I don't hae time to call every few months and wait on hold forever to try and get new pricing. My timie is valueable. I'm calling Dish Network and AT&T back!

  • Sp
    spamhereplease Aug 06, 2010

    Here's shady for you: When you look at Comcast's website, they offer four product categories: Internet, Telephone, Television and Bundles.

    I chose the Internet product because I don't want to bundle any other services. I was shown a promotional price of $19.99 for the first 6 months of service, which would increase to $44.95 per month thereafter. Great, I thought - and signed up.

    I've now been a customer for six months and just received my first "non-promotional" bill today for $59.95. WAIT... Where did this extra $15/month charge come from?

    I called and explained that I signed up for the $19.99 promotional (later $44.95/month) service and asked where the $59.95/month charge came from. "Oh, that $44.95 price is only available if you also signed up telephone or television service."


    So when you're looking at Comcast's website, if you choose the Internet product category, they show you prices that are actually only available for bundles. Nowhere on the page does it actually disclose the actual product prices. SO SHADY!

    What an unethical "bait-and-switch" tactic. I'm leaving them for DSL just based on principle.

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intermittent cable/no service

subscribed to comcast cable tv for $65.00 a month. for the last 8 months, EVERY single day/night, the picture would be "pixeled" and the sound going in and out!! called comcast, they would reset my cable box. "did that help?"
"no" "well we can send someone out to take a look" "will there be a charge?" "yes, $28.00" I always refused. why should I pay you $28.00 more dollars to come out and make sure YOUR product is working properly!!! January, I had to take a day and a half off of work (unpaid) to have oral surgery. This made my paycheck a little smaller, which is a big deal. i.e. my rent is $630.00 and my paycheck was $636.00. So I decided to not pay comcast for that month but would pay them with my Feb. 15th paycheck. They called me relentlessly and each time I told them I would pay them on the 15th. On Feb. 15th, before 10a.m. my cable was shut-off. THE DAY I SAID I WOULD PAY THEM, THEY SHUT ME OFF!! So I called them and told them to come get their equipment!
Which they did. I was so angry that I did not pay them on the 15th because they are such greedy ******, and the fact that for 8 months the quality of their product was **** and wouldn't fix it, so I feel I don't owe them a dime!!!
April Schulte

$2 downgrade service fee - downfall of the usa

I am forced to use Comcast as our building has a contract with them. We are not allowed to put a satellite...

received a bill stating that I owe $206.11

This problem all started when I recieved a bill for the month of March for Over 200 dollars for cable for the month. I called up and asked why my bill jumped up so high and they said that I rented a lot of movies that month. I wasnt aware that anyone at the hosue was renting anthing so I asked around and we didnt. I asked comcast to look into it for me because Ive never heard of a cable bill being so high and because we didnt rent anything. We already pay for HBO, Shotime, Cinemax, and Stars, so we have ALL movie chanels. Also we have 2 cable boxes one of which comcast never activated and one that was broken(on demand was Down). Comcast thought it looked funny that one movie was rented 6 times in march, and we have it on DVD so we KNOW we didnt rent that. Anyhow who rents a movie 6 times in one month??? ero and we do not have a bill this month. She confiorms and said she was going to send out to me a revised statement.

About a week later I recieve a bill form comcast stating that I owe $206.11. Confused I call back into comcast and ask why I recieved this if my bill was waived? They have no record of me calling at first. Then I ask to speak with a supervisor and there isnt one working there that day. After abotu an hour on the phone and long hold times the women comes back on the phone and tells me that the supervisor I spoke to last time added comments to the account but forgot to actually take of the 206.11. She confirms to me its no problem at all and she said that she is going to go ahead and remove it again, like the first person was supossed to do. I explain what how long it took to get this settled last time as well as this time and she confirmed to me she will be personally handling it and that it was removed. Once again i ask for a witten statment showing that they removed it be sent to me at my address on record. She agreed I said thank you and we hung up.

Another few days go by and I recieve a letter in the mail saying that my account is overdue now 107 dollars and I owe a total of 306 dollars. Outraged by another comcast mistake I call the phone number that I was give by the previous person helping me. The extention does not exist!!! Not even close to an extention comcast usues they said. SO I start from scratch from the bottom AGAIN. Now this is the thrird time I have called in on the same issue comcast told me they are sorry about and have told me will be handled. Now the Bill is telling me that the Bill is overdue and my service will be shut off If I do not pay immediatly. I request time off at work and call into comcast to once again strat from scratch. This time I ask for a supervisor right away. I talk to her for an hour and she first told me she sees nothing on the account when i specifically asked the last person I spoke with o add coment to the account. I talk for an hour and get nowhwere. She decides she is going to look into it and call me back later in the day. She calls me back at 700 a night and tells me that she hasnt gotten sanything on it and that shes still working on it. Meanwhile Im not sure if I shoul dpay my bill or not. She said to hold off and she would place a stop on the collections untill the issue was resolved. She tells me that she will call me tomoorow when she finds otu what happened. Next day NO CALL from the SUPERVISOR who said she would call me between 5 and 600pm. I get in to work in the morning and call Venessa and leave her a message asking whats going on and why she was not back in touch with me yesterday. I get a voicmail doesnt even ring. Later on that day I get back from lunch and I have a message from Venessa saying that they looked into it and have decided not to adjust the bill. I told her that it was already decided a few weeks ago by a field technition that it was impossible for our houshold to rent movies and that ALL on demans movies were going to be removed. She said they will stick wioth the inconvienience fee, but I owe them 300 dollars still. I call back and again I get a voicmail right away. This is illegal and someone needs to monitor Comcasts Billing. There is no way anyone in my house rented any movies prior to the technition coming over to fix it. It was impossible and I have the documented recipt with his comments on it to prove it.

  • Co
    coaster112 Apr 08, 2010

    I have the same issue. I think I have a fake bill from my old apartment that I keep getting at my new apartment. Comcast has no record of the account number I received on this bill. The only thing that appears different is the PO BOX number for the mailing address.

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  • Le
    Lesson Learned AIC Aug 26, 2010

    I hate Comcast! They screwed my bill up 3 times in the last 12 mo. Most recently I changed my service. My new bill was supposed to be $90. Instead I get one for $165!!! I was never told when I called to change my service that I would be charged any fee for changing my service, yet my new bill has a $75 "Early Termination Fee"

    What a bunch of BS!! Thank God I do not have my payments set to be automatically withdrawn from my account.

    I paid my bill (minus the $75) but it will be a cold day in hell before they get that $75 from me. I can't wait for my contract to expire with them.

    I have not not had cable since I was a kid, but honestly I am thinking of going without for the first time in almost 20 years. That is how frustrated I am with them.

    Comcast=Rip off

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fraudulent advertising

I was given a "triple play offer" price which last all of one month, even though it states right on the bill this will be the price for 1 year. The second month the bill jumped from 114.00 to 147.00 and after a call to customer service and a promise to fix the bill now my bill is 167.00 for one month. I dont even have a premium channel or dvr this is basic cable. I can only guess what the next bill will be. I cannot reach anyone competent on the phone. Basically i guess they just charge whatever they want.

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totally unacceptable and really poor business on behalf of comcast

I recently had a Comcast sales representative knock at my door offering me service. I signed up with him to replace my current satellite service, Internet service & Phone service. In other words I was willing to convert totally to Comcast. He filled out the necessary paper work and set an instalation date of a week later. One week later, I took the morning off work to meet the Comcast installer which showed up to do the install. After a short time he tells me that they need to do a "Pre-Bury" and wrote these words on the work order and had me initial it. He told me that in about a week Comcast would come out and do the cable pre-bury from the street to my house and told me there would be no charge to me for this.

Well, this brings me to why I am writing this. Today, I receive a phone call from a Comcast employee saying that it will cost me $3, 500 dollars to do what the installer told me would be no-charge. I was floored to say the least. Here I am prepared to give Comcast three accounts for services that will be taken away from Comcast competition and I'm told it will cost me $3, 500 dollars.

In my opinion, Comcast soliciting me, to cancel my current services and go with Comcast, which I signed up for and then be told that there would be absolutely no charge to hook me up and then come back and tell me I will need to pay Comcast $3, 500 dollars is totally unacceptable and really poor business on behalf of Comcast. I guess Comcast must be dioing very well in this economy to first, sing me up (Remember, Comcast came to me) and then decide unless I pay $3, 500 dollars, that Comcast doesn't really need or want my commitment to monthly service.

Comcast should be ashamed!

  • I guess there is no cable going from the street to your house, that's why they will need to charge you... Can't really expect Comcast to make your house cable-ready.

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  • Jo
    Jordan1277 Mar 08, 2010

    Until there are more houses in your area and depending on demand. When wiring is already at the pole by your house then you won't have to worry about the $3500 at all. Its to cover the cost from the HEAD-END in your area since you are the only one requesting it. If they are going to charge you $60 ( or depending on promo ) for cable for you alone, how long do you think it will take to make up the cost to foot the bill for Time, Man Power, Labor and materials for just you alone? They get that estimate by determining distance and materials, etc.. Closer you are the less the cost.

    It costs $1000's ( or over $10000 ) for the company to do it in an area. Unless there is a popular demand from many of your surrounding neighbors, that is when it will cost you $0

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appointment, what appointment

I had an appointment for Comcast internet installation today at 2-4 PM. I took off from work early and got home a 1:30 PM. I sat in the living room reading newspaper and waiting for your people to come. At 2:02, your trucks (2, one in green and one with comcast logo) showed up. The guy sat in the truck for a few min and drove off. He did not ring my door bell, did not leave a note on my door, he did not even step off the truck. I though he drove off to work in the wiring at a junction box. At 3:42, I called your customer services. He told me I had no appointment. I told him I received voice mail confirmation. He called and checked the dispatch. He came back and told me that the driver was at my house and no one was home. I complaint about the lies. He became rude and told me if I wanted the installation, the installer could come back at 7.

If this is how I was treated before I am Comcast’s customer, how would Comcast treat me after I became its customer.

  • Sa
    sandrah65 Sep 21, 2011

    Comcast people are idiots ad dont know what they are doing!! I have been trying to switch my service after moving 2 miles away. They set me a tech appt which they were also charging me $50 transfer fee (????) the guy shows up and says he needs to drill into the wall a foot, he does not have the right drill and also needs permission from the building owner.. they reset for following week, then they call my cell (I am at work - they know this) but I have 3 people at the house waiting for them, they leave a message "sorry we missed you" please CALL to reset.. the following Monday they call my cell again, sorry we missed you again, we have tried to come out 3 times.. if you dont call back to reset we will cancel your appt.. what appt?? they said for me to call to reset one? In the meantime it has been a month with no service, Meanwhile.. my son discovers wires that were previously used by last tenant so he plugs them in!! wow! they work!! We have Cable tv!! No drilling needed! I call comcast, I say we do not need a tech, please just turn on the DVR! They say sure.. we are good to go!.. Next Day.. turn on the tv.. "please call comcast as your service has been disconeccted" I Call comcast.. service is now inactive, they do not know why and will have someone call me in 24 hours... IDIOTS!!!
    They are the worst I have ever dealt with! I would never recommend them to anyone!

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terrible and incompetent service

I have had Comcast Service for 5 months now. We started with bad signal issues, had to take the afternoon off from work to wait on tech. After two times I told them to just run a new feed from the road. They did that and it worked fine until it was covered. I called for service again, had them come after my work this time. The tech said everything was fine. The picture continued to freeze and break-up for a few weeks and one day the box was off with no clock nothing. Called Comcast and got it going again, this happened 3 more times until I asked to have the box changed. I drove 20 min to the service center to change the box out, got it home and it would not work. Called Comcast and got this one going, service center never activated the box. Box worked for 2 days and went blank, called Comcast to get box going, 2 days later remote would not control the box, back-up remote would not control the box. Called Comcast and they could not get it going, Had to take the box 20 min back to the service center. Lady at the service center could not give me a diffrent box, so I asked to have just the Cable TV service cancelled. I get home and find the whole thing was cancelled, my internet also. Called Comcast to get it going again to find out the lady at the service center cancelled my whole account. At that point I told them to just leave it and I will go elsewere. I have about 6 hrs of phone time and 3 hrs of drive time invested in this whole mess with Comcast, so they said they would credit me $45.00. Ok, I later was checking the bill and figured the the bill was just paid and the $45.00 was what they have to credit me back for unussed service. This company really needs to look into finding some new employees, In these times it should be very easy to find quality people. I am working on changeing over to DirecTv. I hope not to be back here typeing.

terrible experience

As an retired IT person, I have never seen a company do more to frustrate me when I use their website. First you changed the website front page and getting any valuable news was trashed, so now I find other websites to get my news. Then you came up with a new email site It is totaly non-functional. If I have to get more then one email address/ send or bbc at a time to send a copy to more then one address or a bbc copy to myself I need to go to the address book 2, maybe 4 times. I guess you would rather I went with another company, because at this point you have giving me no other choice.

You need to do some surveying of your customer base before you summarily change your website, or be smart enough to offer several different sites for your current customers. Now most of the your young customers are using cellphones and instant messaging, but alot of the early customers want the email and surfing the web, the way it was originally setup.

I hope you have been smart enough not to change you business website or you will find yourself not serving any customers.

never received rebate

Signed up for triple play 04/09 which came with a $200 rebate and as of this date, 01/26/10 I still have not received it... I have called customer service at least 20 times and get a different answer or excuse as to why I haven't received my rebatet... I have done all the paper work and I have copies... I have gone to the rebate website and I have called them and they have nothing for me. I was told 3 weeks ago I would get a call from an account specialist and haven't yet... Was told now to go to my local comcast office which I did and they said they can't help me but submit my info to the agreement website which I did in 08/09 and 10/09 and I submitted it again today. The csr also stated a lot of people haven't received there rebate... Why not?

billing for interrupted service

It has recently come to my attention that comcast is billing us for periods of time which service was interrrupted for late payments. They are disconnecting our services yet still billing us for services during those times. When I contacted comcast on the phone, I requested an itemized statement covering the last 5 months which we never so I went to the business office waited in line for 25 minutes to be told that of course they are going to bill us for suspended services, because we still have signal going to the home the services weren't available but the signal was still being sent. Now come on, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that they have now come up with another way to scam us. With the economy in the shape that its in, we are having a hard enough time paying for services when we have them but why should I pay for services when we don't have them. And then on top of that they are charging us a reconnection fee every for service that in one sentence they say wasn't disconnected because we still have signal, but in another they say you have to pay a reconnection fee... I know that they have the monopoly on the cable business, but that shouldn't give them the right to bill you illegally

rebate offer

I ordered Comcast triple play in November 2009 and was offered a $300 rebate that day if I signed up with Comcast. two month later and no rebate. First I was told to wait until after the installation date. I have been given three different rebate companies to contact and all required that I purchased the package on line which I did not. Called Comcast and they say there was no such deal. Now waiting for a Comcast supervisor to return my phone call.

  • Jo
    Joe DeGrande Mar 25, 2009

    When I signed-up for Comcast cable, I was offered a $100 modem rebate. To date, I can not get through to access the status of my refund.
    Can you help?

    Thanks so much.

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  • Je
    Jenn73 Jun 01, 2011

    I agree completely. They are still pulling the same scam. We had a sales person come to our door in December 2010 and offered a $250 visa card if we signed up for 2 years. Well over 6 months later and nothing but a HUGE bill of $180/mo for cable, phone and internet. They are a scam, and their sales people are scam artists. We were told to call this 800 number about the card and they keep saying that they have NO record of Comcast authorizing a visa card for us or anyone for that matter. After contacting Comcast over and over they then told us they would give us a $250 credit on our bill. That was two weeks ago, and still no credit. We are finished with Comcast. We have been LONG time customers for close to 20 years and needless to say we are very disappointed. We are going to cancel with them and switch to AT&T.

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unexplained charges for box we dont have

We have been trying to fight a bill from comcast for the past 4 months. we received charges on our bill for some pay per view (porn). when we requested the code from them for the box we checked while they were on the phone and none of our boxes had that number. the customer service rep said she would get back with us. we received a call 3 days later and were told it was a mistake and the charges were coming off of the bill. the next bill was ok then we received a bill from comcast mid month stating we needed to pay an additional $318. 08 for charges from pay per view (porn). we once again contacted them an apparently last year when we returned a box we were not using the tech never turned it in and it was still listed as our box. we tried to get this straightened out with them but to no avail. the rep said we needed to pay the money by monday (its friday by this time) or the service would be turned off due to the charges. we did pay them to have it not turned off so now i can only imagine what new charges are going to come up. i want to give up the comcast but we need the internet. any suggestions?

  • Ni
    NikkiSb Apr 03, 2011

    There has to be other internet service in your area? You can get a list from your local city's office and as far as tv goes many of my friends are switching to antenna's they do have hdtv channels and r much better then old school. Costco online has one for 39.00 dollars and then you can add netflix, or hulu . Check this site out for all the ways not to pay for cable Many ways to get all your favorite programs but not sure about the pron?

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late charges

I decided to "upgrade" my analog boxes to digital. I order them to be delivered and was told it would take 3 to 5 days for them to arrive. After a week went by I called to check on the order and was told by comcast that they had no record of the order. Since I was told they could be self-installed, I asked if I could pick them up. I did but when I got home I could not get a connection. After a long wait someone tried to help by performing some remote tests. This didn't work and she schedule a technician to come out (I was told that I would later be billed for this!). The next day two comae and it took them over 1.5 to solve the problem. So much fo self-install.

Next, I get a bill no only for the technician's visit but for 6 cable boxes! I have three (One is included in the service). Comcast claimed they sent 3 (You know, the order they had no record of) and along with the 3 I picked up, that I had 6. After a lengthy discussion, including reading all of the serial numbers, comcast did not believe me (As a customer, don't you love being called a liar) , they insisted on sending someone to see how many boxes I had. I took time from work to meet the guy. He came and was astonished to find out why he was there (Of course him coming without knowing why is itself a mystery to me). He verifed I only had 3. After 3 months i'm still being billed for the six. I've called several times and the person I speak with says i've been credited the proper amount but I keep getting billed improperly. On the last call I told the person I am not paying anything until I get a correct bill. I just checked on line, now they've hit me with a late charge. Multiple calls of wasted time, visits i'm improperly charged for, visits by people without them knowing why, incorrect billings, time off from work, now late charges! It never ends with these people.

  • Co
    cooper city Feb 02, 2010

    Comcast consistently does not send us a monthly bill and then charges us a late fee the next month. This is the 2nd month (NOVEMBER/DECEMBER) in a row that this has happened since we started using Comcast in April 2009. The customer service is AWFUL and rude! When I called most recently, the operator rudely asked "what, you thought your service was free". I was not aware that I had to personally call Comcast each month and request a bill. Their supervisor told me that I am responsible for paying my bills and that they wouldn't refund the late fee and reconnection fee they charged me two times, even do it is their mistake not sending us the bills.
    I feel outraged and sad that this happened to us.
    After Google my problem in the internet, I discovered that the same thing is happening with so many people out there...the same problem!
    How come the FBI is not investigating this company?
    What a SCAM!!!

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i never received my gift card

I sent in my rebate request form months ago with a copy of my first 3 bills, the completed form and my confirmation number. I am wondering why I never received this . . .

  • Mi
    MinMuf1 Jan 11, 2010

    You're not alone! I've been calling and being promised the $200 since February 2009. And, still waiting... Definitely a rip off!

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  • Ub
    Ubeejudge Feb 25, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been waiting since June 2010. Numerous calls to COMCAST. Continuous runaround. Disconnected during "transfers" to someone who could help. Referred across country to a different city where they had no clue how to assist from their location. Sorry, system is down we will call you back- Sure they will NOT! Sent online assistance requests with no responses whatsoever. Believe they want us to give up to help their bottom line.

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excessive fees, poor service and bad customer service

Enough is enough with Comcast. After 15 years as a customer you would think I would have learned my lesson. Last year when I was ready to switch to Verizon Fios cable they came with a great combo rate to keep me. Now they jumped it by $ 45.00 (again). When I spoke to their customer service to tell them I was switching to Verizon which was CHEAPER they could have cared less, it was okay see ya around! Excessive fees, poor service and bad customer service. What a marketing plan.

  • Kr
    krispix318 Dec 28, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer're so lucky. I would give my right arm to switch from Comcast but I can't because my apartment complex doesn't allow satellite dishes. I absolutely despise Comcast but they have a monopoly in my area and IT SUCKS.

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lousy service

Where to begin:
The whole company just reeks of absolutely lousy service besides being ripped off to deal with the company.

Let's start with the so-called high speed internet service. It is slow and is out on many occassions. When you call... Hold times are long lsitening to lousy music. People are unfriendly and at times "rude".

Let's do tv. They just sent out new boxes that had to be attached to all your tv's so you would have the privilege of getting their "digital reception". And they want to charge for their little boxes. Of course, there is absolutely no difference in the picture or reception from before these boxes arrive. So they are ripping people off for a "non-service". And you use more electric to have these boxes plugged in.

Frustrated, yes... I hate comcast but verizon isn't any better. I wish I could unplug their service and tell them where to go with it. And now they buy nbc... They should get their act together providing quality service to their customers before buying other companies.

If you have a choice stay away from comcast.

  • Ak
    akermaker May 23, 2011

    That's just it, we don't have any other choice for cable. Comcast bought them all out. And, we have no say-so about what channels we get. Thay can shove those Spanish channels were the sun don't shine.

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This is an email I sent to Comcast this morning: I am extremely disappointed and frustrated with Comcast's service. I placed an order last month through the internet. I ordered digital preferred with HBO for 39.99/month for six months and high speed internet for 19.99/month for six months. The installation fee was 29.99. I did not receieve an email confirmation so I called the office and the rep confirmed the rates for me. These rates are STILL on your website. I paid the technician 92.93 after installation for installation and first month's charges as the rep told me I had to. This was on 06/08/2008. I just received a statement yesterday with completely different rates and was charged again for JUNE-JULY and for July-August. The rates are the normal rates. To solve the issue, I first contacted my local office at [protected]. After half an hour, I was told by both the representative and the supervisor that since I ordered this online, it could only be solved online through a customer service rep as they did not have the codes for internet promos. They could not even provide me with a phone number to contact for online support. So I got on the internet and signed onto your chat system. I spoke with a representative for nearly an hour only to be told that they too do not have the necessary codes and I would have to contact my local office. I told her MANY times that I ALREADY called my local office and they were of no help. The chat rep insisted, however, that I call my local office as they would be the only ones that could help me. I was given this number: [protected]. The chat rep was completely UNHELPFUL. I have a print out of the transcript. I then called this number to be told the same thing, that this could only be solved online because the local office does not have access to internet promo codes. This promo has not expired. IT IS ON YOUR CURRENT WEBSITE. I do not understand how it is possible that no one has the codes for CURRENT promos. Are you just lying about these promos then? I was told by the local office to go to the local payment center with a copy of my work order as proof that I had in fact ordered those rates. Everyone has been USELESS and unable to help me. It is ridiculous for a company of Comcast's caliber to not have a copy of my work order for a rep to pull up. It is further unacceptable for the company to not have an account of what my 92.93 was for. All the reps told me that while they saw I had paid 92.93, they had absolutely no idea what it was for. I have wasted nearly 2 hours this morning trying to resolve this with absolutely no progress. Now I have to go home to get the work order during my lunch break, come back to work, then take the bus and train to go to the payment center with the HOPE that it MAY be solved, no guarantees. This is the first time, I am having to go to an office to resolve a billing issue. This is unacceptable. IS THERE ANYTHING YOU CAN DO? WHY DOESN'T ANYONE HAVE CODES THAT YOU ADVERTISE ON YOUR WEBSITE? I AM MOST LIKELY GOING TO CANCEL COMCAST, BUT NOT BEFORE THIS ISSUE IS RESOLVED TO MY SATISFACTION.

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    comcast hater2222 Oct 02, 2010

    Comcast is such a rip off it is not funny anymore. They will not give existing, great paying customers discounts that they offer to new subscribers. Unless u quit Comcast & go back to them you are not eligible for discounts.
    I love where I live, but Comcast has the monopoly of service to this bldg. I will move just to get away from them. They offered a friend a package for 1 yr for $90.00. Phone, hi speed, 2 DVR's 2 boxes, HBO & Encore. When I asked for this deal I was told it would cost me $130.00 a month & there was no such offer...well it was offered to a friend 2 days to my call to customer service.
    What do I get, 100 channels that are mostly infomercials or local or some foreign channel & low speed internet, that sucks. I can access the internet faster from my phone than I can with concast internet--customer service tells me my slow speed is DUE to what I download--well I cleaned all the cookies & barely go past Facebook & comcast email---typical lie from customer service that it is my fault.
    concast can kiss their good paying customer goodbye, as soon as I find a place that offers WOW or AT &T or dish.

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    pobarjenkins Oct 02, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Different companies offer different qualities of products and different range of services. That does not make Comcast have a monopoly just because they are the only provider in your town.

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    ksteiger Apr 04, 2011

    We were also lied to about the costs of our original payment plan. Once the six month promo was up, we were charged far more than we'd agreed to. Even with written proof of the original terms, no one online or on the phone would honor them. So frustrating. We were told we either had to downgrade our internet speed to keep the price we'd been originally offered, or pay the extra charge each month. Completely unacceptable.

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$200 rebate double play

I've signed up for Comcast double play for internet & cable service with a rebate of $200 on August 31...

terminated call for stating a 3-way call was in progress 3times & there was no such thing!

My husband tried to call me 3times from (Jackson correctional institution, malone fl. ) each time the automated service disconnected each phone call. Stating: they are disconnecting the phone calls because of third party use! (There was no such usage) ! Thank you very much, mrs. Belinda brown! (This happened december 11th around:5ish