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Combined Insurancewasted 5 good working years


So where do I start, well if ur considering a career in insurance DO NOT WORK FOR COMBINED. U will be overworked and underpaid. They are the lowest paying insurance company in Canada. The managers job is to sell u a dream and an opportunity. During the interview they act like they've interviewed on overwelming amount of applicants however thats far from true. Each provience has one executive. The executives are extremly dilussional and ONLY care for themselves. The dream is to one day become an executive but by the time u figure out that a Combined executives salary is ONLY $50000 a year, they recieve a company car but taxed HEAVILY on it, it's too late by then and u've wasted a bunch of time. The executives will ALWAYS push u to do greasy things, diffrent ways to decieve clients, lie to agents, anything for the executives to bonus. As a matter of fact the Executive in Saskatchewan is ACTIVELY commiting FRAUD and the higher ups know about it and they refuse to do anything. Actually the individuale who discovered the fraud was TERMINATED FOR REPORTING IT. And when it comes to nepatisam...this company is ahead of others. The Executive on the West coast is ONLY in that position because of the balls sac he was shot out of. His daddy is the reason y he is where he is, what a sad pathetic exsistance. The Executive in MB., at his own admitance is a closet homo (I'm sorry people had to find out this way).
Combined will try to sell u on the residuale income, now if u play ur cards right u can build a large residuale income, however they fail to tell u that the company owns the residuales and not the individuale. They also hold back the residuale payout in sad, I'm sure this selfish act has reuined many Christmas'. Now if u callculate ur residuales on the monthly report the company sends and what u actually recieve in ur account u will notice a HUGE disscrepincy and if left unreported that adds up to thousands of lost income. Also ur residuales dissapear after five years. Combined will make u go after another mans dream, thats what the company was founded on. I have left this filthy, unethical orginization. As a result I gave up my residuale income which was over $50, 000/yr and in my oppinion it is DEFFINATLY worth it. Approximatly 9 people have left the organization as a result of my resignation. The company has tryed desperatly to disscredit us with slandeouse letters sent to clients about those who have left and encourage their agents and managers to activly tell people thing about us that are not true. PLEASE DO NOT b dilissional and fall victim to their empty promises u will b sorry. NOBODY in Combined has become a millionare as some of them claim, u may even fell sorry for ur manager if u were to c how they actually live. DO NOT B LIED TO!!!


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    mrpma Mar 19, 2011

    wow you nailed the nail right on the head.

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    smASHie Mar 24, 2011

    not sure about the closet homo however...

    This post is written to simply convey my opinion and to share some of my experience with Combined Insurance (CI).

    I worked with CI from 1999 until 2010. Started as a trainee, then agent, then Sales Manager, then Trainer, and ended as a District Manager.

    I've read the posts and am familiar with the CI systems. The policies are decent and do exactly what they say they do...NOTHING be sure you understand what you are buying.

    To keep this short and to sum up my experiences I have to tell you that I've met a few terrific people who work with CI...I've also met some terribly slimy people.

    Over the course of my tenure it slowly became obvious that CI is not an insurance company as much as it is a Direct Marketing Company.

    As agents/field managers we would try hard to do what was right for the consumer but that was never the focus of the executives. Their focus was sales and increase.

    I tried to make/leave a positive impression for the company and the industry as a whole. I trained my people to do the same. Many of us were very ethical.

    Unfortunately I've seen it proven again and again that the unethical/slimy people see to do the best. They rise to management positions based on the volume they sell...not the quality of their business or character. Lately in Manitoba these decisions to reward criminals has come back to bite a certain manager with the initials BK. He has ignored the signs to perpetuate his increase and bonus and suggested several times that the honest low-to-average producing agents/managers must be more like the criminals who are wildly successful. Many of the wildly successful agents have been terminated and have charges pending. Some have started working with competing companies and are starting their cycle over again.

    In closing, understand that there is good and bad in everything. The people that I most despise in CI would be horrible people to work for/with in any industry...their just not morally strong people.
    The criminals seem to do well as they use more of a marauder mentality where you take what you can as fast as you can then you get out.

    CI did help me support myself and my family but it was hard work. I sacrificed my time and my family to try to make a business work that wasn't really my own. In the end it wore me down and ended the 15 year relationship I had with my wife. There are many things I should have done differently but unfortunately I was naive and easily led. I assumed everyone shared my ethics...I was wrong. Had I put the effort into something else a bit more ethical I would be much further ahead.

    Contact me through this forum if you wish more info.

    In closing I would say that I enjoyed the clients, most of my co-workers, and some of the experiences that CI brought to my life, however, if I could go back to November 1999 I would go with my gut this time and say 'No thanks, it's just not worth it'.

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    Common Coach May 17, 2011
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    I simply left because everything about the 'outfit' was a joke. Had interest in supplemental insurance to upsell so called established client base. Once I joined I was then told that existing customers I would get paid 35 percenct instead of 45. Okay. So I did so. When I sold to new customers and went back to them with more product. I was told that I was getting paid 35 percent. What happened to the other 10 percent? I was told that once sold that it's automatically 35. Not fair! So 35 percent on a product that is paying say 26 dollars a month. Not to mention your taxed. So your left with enough money for a cornbeef sandwich and the servicing of the client forever. Did I mention that one of their products only pays 20 percent? That customer better be walking distance from my apartment. No thanks. I found a company that also offers leads and pays me 80 percent my first year and great renewals. Year two 70. Year three 60. Year 4 55 percent. Not to mention a support staff. Not an empty office with pictures of WC Stone. Excuse me for shopping around. But their are plenty of pruducts that can compete with Combined and that you get compensated for doing the right thing.

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    coolrunnings Oct 05, 2011

    Thanks for the information. I spoke to one of their guys today and was going to talk turkey with the manager here. Thewy promised me a big book of clients which was enticing.

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