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9:25 am EST

Health Insurance Innovations refund for hardships granted, then denied

I called at the beginning of the month to cancel my policy when I lost my job. I was told that they would refund my last pay out of curteousy for my problems. When I was sent to the cancellation department, I was adamant about cancellation . After I thought things were cancelled, the lady I was talking to told me There were ways to lower my payment and asked if she could talk to me about it . I said I was busy but could talk in the following week . I had no idea this meant my policy was not cancelled . To me, my policy was cancelled and she just wanted to talk to me about ways to try something else . When I called back to ask about my refund, I was told i could no longer get my money back because I said I wanted to keep the policy and that's not true. Agreeing to get a call back to discuss lower payments was not a call to keep the policy. I needed the money then and I need it now even more in this season. I'm begging you . Please give me my money back . Please . It's only 142.58 . I was a loyal and on time paying customer for a year and a half and It will not ruin this company to pay me this small amount back . It was a misunderstanding and I should not be penalized for this . I'm begging you.

Janjay Innis
DOB- 5/7/86
Address on file :
259 14th St. NE
Unit B 101
Atlanta, GA 30309

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10:32 pm EST

Health Insurance Innovations No discounts applied

I advise EVERYONE to stay away from Health Insurance Innovations. I switched to their health insurance on May 1. On May 3, I had an emergency and had to go to the hospital. I submitted my insurance information and trusted this company to at least discount my services, as promised. At the end of May, Health Insurance Innovations called me with an upgrade to a better policy with their company. I told the salesperson who called that I would like the upgrade, but I wanted to make sure it would not affect my claim earlier that month. No, no, my claim would definitely be covered; the upgrade won’t affect it at all. I received a statement from Health Insurance Innovations in early June for my May 3 hospital statement, and everything looked fine. I even called them at that time to confirm. Yes, I would be receiving my discounts, the bill was pending, everything was fine. Fast forward to October. I suddenly receive a bill FOR THE FULL AMOUNT, no discounts applied, from my hospital visit and another statement from Health Insurance Innovations telling me they would not be applying ANY benefits of my coverage to my hospital bill. Why? I wasn’t covered during that time. Even after assuring me my claim would be covered, even after I received an official statement confirming that the claim had been received and the discounts applied, even after I called in and confirmed everything was fine, Health Insurance Innovations STILL decided, months later, to violate their own refund policy (which states that coverage CAN’T be cancelled if there’s a filed claim during the first 30 days) and cancel my insurance for that first month because I did not keep it longer than 30 days. After speaking to what seemed like every employee in the company, who told me it was my fault for not catching their mistake sooner, I was finally transferred to one Mareeta W. Customer Service Specialist Health Benefits Center, who after completely misunderstanding the situation, chose to ignore my repeated attempts to contact her. Health Insurance Innovations DOES NOT care about good customer service, nor do they care about the customers they claim to want to help. Take my advice. Stay as FAR AWAY from this company as possible.

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Our verdict: Complaints Board rates Health Insurance Innovations highly, signaling it as a legitimate option for users seeking reliable services. Despite this endorsement, the 0% resolution rate for complaints about Health Insurance Innovations raises questions. Diligently reviewing Health Insurance Innovations's client feedback and resolution practices is recommended for those considering Health Insurance Innovations's services, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of its legitimacy and commitment to customer satisfaction.

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