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Complaints & Reviews

Accident policy

Combined used to be a god company but since the lastest changes they have lost all credibility with me. This was a company that used to help people get their claims paid. Not any more. It is a paper chase game with no customer service.
I submitted a claim for a broken tooth. They paid $250 for the minor surgery portion (novacaine). But refuse to pay for the broken tooth. I have caled several times. the answer is it will be escaladed. I wait a week and call again. Initial claim submitted 12/19, last call I made was last week. The lady said I would hear something in 3 days. Nothing.
I had another tooth break and tried to file the claim on line. The website said I needed to phone it in. I tried, but the claims person did not even file for a boken tooth. When I called to follow up I was toold the claim was rejected since I filed for a sickness. I only have an accident policy, I woul;d not file a sickness claim. I did submitt the documentation from the dentist office though the website and told the phone rep to check the supporting doc. She said it was clear and she would check it out. 3 weeks ago and no response.
I have filed a complaint with the PA Attorney General since I feel the company is mishandling claims and wearing people down.
I used to be an agent with this company because i never had a problem getting peoples claims paid. Usally a phone call cleared everything up.
Now it's the bean counters and the lawyers working aginst the insured.

phony job ads

DO NOT INTERVIEW WITH THIS COMPANY!!! I applied for a Marketing Manager (a supervising manager position...

policy number p8087327

I received an email saying I was not eligibility for a check after paying into it for 15yrs. My husband...

Income protection / pay while your hurt or sick and can't work...Scam

They claim to pay if your sick or hurt and cant work. What a joke!!!
They don't pay crap so don't waste your money!
Find a company that inst into the scam!
I work construction and on average make 40, 000 or so depending on the year and with that type of work there are layoff do to a lot of it being seasonal.
So being laid off at the time and collecting unemployment at time of injury I became unable to claim unemployment (due to injury / sickness) and that left me with nothing left but Combined Insurance, the insurance I had carried for years just in case something like this happened. I hurt my knee in Jan. 2016 and had sugary on it end of Feb. 2016 a few days later had a blood clot that went to my lungs and about killed me. So needless so say hurt / sick and couldn't go back to work or unemployment.
They said my monthly benefits were $200.00 a month! After a 30 day waiting period that the don't pay anything! What a joke!
Save your money! They try to get out of paying on any of the bills and or shorting you just as much as they can after you have to send in form after form after form. Shorted me on more than one policy I had with them. It don't matter how much paper work you send in or how many trips you pay for going back to Dr. To get forms filled out, they are still going to weasel their way out of paying .
$200.00 a month!!! WOW and a good part of it would go to their next mo. Payment.
T7235798 & T7235799


I cancelled before my 30 days were up and want my money back i was not informed i had to ask for my refund in...

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[Resolved] no pay out

Have has Combined Insurance for years. Never had an issue until my Husband was killed in a car accident. I have been now fighting with them for 6 months. They said he was DUI on his Rx by FAA doc. He didn't fly, he did not have his pilot lic, The research I have done shows not enough Rx in his system. I faxed info to them and after 8 weeks, and after not hearing anything from them I called back told them I was contacting a lawyer. The next day I called back was told they sent me a letter, 4 days later No letter. I called them many times, they said they'd call me back. Fat chance, they never did. I proved them wrong so now I'm waiting to see what the next excuse is. Like I haven't been through enough.


No they did NOT call me, No they did NOT email me. They sent me two letters.I will send you a copy of everything they sent me and they info. I sent to them to help them see that my husband was NOT DUI.

  • Di
    Diane Feb 16, 2009

    Read about the scams they have been called the Company and cancelled my policy. Received a notice that I now owe them over $8OO dollars. One of their statements when they have you purchase this policy is that you can cancel at anytime. No obligations!!! Yeah what?

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  • In
    indiana Feb 27, 2009

    I think your all dumb. Combined has been around for over 90 years. You people are like anyone else one little mishap and you take it out on someone else when it was probley your fault. Get a life people.

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  • Tb
    TB3333 Mar 09, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @indiana W Clement Stone no longer runs the company. It is not the company of yesterday. They are playing the corporate games. Agents/ insureds not understanding the policies used to be the biggest problem.

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Non-payment of benefits

Combined insurance was ready and willing to take our premiums for many, many years. The salesman encouraged my spouse to change coverage on a cancer policy that would double the benefit amount. He foolishly went along with this. He later developed a very serious cancer, we submitted claims for the benefit and these unethical robots denied the claims saying it was "pre-existing".
They simply perused his records to look for any symptom of any kind that might give them an out, even in the presence of a negative biopsy during the time frame questioned. Anything to make someone give up the fight because they are just too tired and frustrated for a fight at their most vulnerable time. I hope the individuals who involve themselves in this kind of deception will be blessed with exactly what they gave! A taste of their own medicine.

  • Mc
    MCGan Jul 05, 2017

    Totally agree. made a claim at the beginning of this year. Sent in all paper work and proof. Yet here I am 6 month later and no payout. So, thier claim of a refund for being sick is a total fraud. Not to mention a waste of money and energy. I was so disappointed. I thought they were truly going to step in and help with my bills with the payout. Now I seriously feel let down and robbed of premium for a product that was built on lies.

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Cancellation policy

I sold a group policy in good faith to a company. It was a list bill payroll deduction. The customer has been...

Unethical and unprofessional

I left a good paying career making over $100K to come to this joke of a place. Never in my life did I...

Income protector policy

Filed a claim for my income protector policy due to complications in my
Pregnancy and because of a previous MRI, my policy is now null and void and I have no benefit to count on. My complications have NOTHING to do with any MRI (that was done in August 2012). They are just looking for any way to NOT pay policy holders but have no problem deducting their monthly premium from our bank accounts. The agents have NO idea what they are selling and are just trying to make a quick sale. My salesperson is a child. When confronted on his horrible business practices he told me I was "mean" to him. The entire company is absolutely ridiculous.

Good Company - Questionable Senior Management

I worked for Combined for close to 5 years in Australia in the early to mid 1990. I was single at the time and I found Combined (or Combined found me) at a time in my life when things were pretty low. My career started slowly, I went a year of spending what I was earning just going to work. It seemed to just click and things started going my way. I went from Sales rep to Territory Rep then to District Rep in the next 12 months. I started to make reasonable money, I thought it was great money. I was quite a party animal and found the lifestyle of booze and late nights exceptional fun. I really lead the high life of driving flash cars and staying in ritzy hotels. I had all the awards and trappings of a Combined high achiever. Our team was achieving fantastic results in the District and we had a pretty good team, I was very fortunate to have understood the philosophy of field training and spent most of my time doing that. This was due to a very motivated Regional Manager. I believe he is still with the company and has climbed the ladder of success. This same manager who made me, also sent me to the wall. This started on a Masters trip. Masters awards were a all expense paid trip offshore to a special awards ceremony. Myself and another DR spent most of our time drunk. One night my room mate found me in the toilet with my pants around my ankles and put me to bed. That same night I was having drinks in my room with my Regional manager. I was not THAT drunk and was certainly not that drunk that I passed out on the toilet. Anyway, I quizzed the Regional the next day about what time we finished up and he just laughed and said we had a great time. Now is the time I say I am a straight bloke and so I thought, was the Regional. I could not prove anything as I was known as bit of a playboy and a drunk. (Its still a bit hazy, but little bits have come back to me and I reckon he was the reason my pants were down). I lost a bit of direction after that and started doing silly things like writing bogus policies to reach targets. Things were starting to spiral out of control. I did not want to be near this pervert, so I put in for a transfer. That was my undoing. I moved to an area under a different Regional (a previous leader of mine, great guy). At the start it was good, but because the company and my ex-Regional did not want me to transfer areas, they stopped all my automatic renewal income (Cemtex) I had built up over 4 and a half years. I was like a sinking ship, I did not have the motivation or the income to start from scratch again. I tried and tried but ended up going bankrupt. I was bitter and twisted for a while, but there is a silver lining. I met my beautiful wife via Combined (I met her towards the end of all this), we have been married for 13 years and have 3 wonderful kids. So it really is a bittersweet relationship with Combined for me. I have got a fair bit to be thankful for. I have a very good work ethic and am a very positive person, i have utilized the work practices from Combined and am now quite successful again. So for all of you, who have battled through this post, I believe in Combined and think it is a great career for the young and single and the work ethics and mindset will set you up for your future, however, crappy management and crappy people stuff it up. As for despicable turd Regional Managers, I really do not know whether I could restrain myself from punching him in the face if we ever came face to face. Hopefully I never have to.

  • Sh
    Shecinah Jul 02, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    That has nothing to do with the company - that has to do with people's personal lack of integrity and good common sense. If you get drunk enough times, something crazy is going to happen to you.

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Scam artists

Was harassed by my manager and threatened by him in Mechanicsburg the local home office for questioning his sales methods. This company is the 10% that makes the other 90% of the insurance industry look bad. Funny how I passed him the other day and the top manager in the company is still driving a 10 year old car. Oh, I stood up to him and he of course backed down like a sissy. They sell useless policies to less than intelligent people who are very gullible. Once I quit and told them to go [censored] themselves they actually sent me a letter and called wanting me back! Stupid ###s in Chicago. Out of that company and thanking god for it. Do your self a favor if you need a job that bad...try McDonalds.

8 months after accident not a dime but plenty of excuses

My father owns his own business and n oct had a brain anurisium. His business has been shut down he's still paying his bill they send, he has been a customer of theirs for years. He has not seen a dime and twice now they have said that he didn't mail them something or several other excuses. It has been 8 months and haven't seen a dime! He is getting the run around big time.

I called their customer service line and they were trying to say they didn't get some medical records I'd already dealt with again!. I then asked to talk to her supervisor and has hung up on!. I then called back and someone answered the line and said hold on a moment and then I was on hold for 20+ minutes:. So I hung up and called back and immediately asked for talk to agent?. They tried to put that off as well, . Finally I got to talk to her and she interuptef me several times and was very rude|. I had to basically beg for her direct phone number, . Do not use them!


I have been a Combined Insurance customer for many years with a wide variety of policies, as have other members of my family.

I became disabled from a Worker's Comp injury several years ago. I was diagnosed with multiple injuries, but was told by Combined Insurance my policy only covered one injury at a time.

A year into my policy, Combined started bawking at paying, despite receipt of all the required paperwork. I filed a complaint with the NYS Insurance Dept, citing bad faith insurance policies, as there was no reason for Combined Insurance to deny payment.

They subsequently paid on the claim, much later, and without the benefit of interest, but in the meantime I contacted an attorney. Come to find out I was eligible for benefits under each of my separately stated injuries. I have been attempting to get my money out of Combined for six months now. They deliberately misled me, and now to sue costs a lot of money I don't have (not to mention energy due to illness).

Combined used to be a solid company, but clearly belongs now in the category of micro insurance currently being invested by the government for failure to pay on mini-policies due to lack of funds. Beware.


Run Forrest Run!

DO NOT use this company. They are a bunch of incompetient people.

They will double bill you and then when you catch them at it even though they can see it on their payment history they will make you prove to them they did it.

They will lose your personal information and then call your relatives and discuss the problems with them.

They obviously don't communicate with each other because we told them we don't want their insurance, even closed out one of the bank accounts they were pulling money from and they continue to harrass us by phone and mail and are now harrassing the bank that we closed the account with. Still trying to get their money from a bank we told them we closed. UNBELIEVABLE!

This company is a total JOKE. Spend your money elsewhere!!!

wasted 5 good working years

So where do I start, well if ur considering a career in insurance DO NOT WORK FOR COMBINED. U will be...

I have had this insurance for many years and i have NEVER had any problems with claims

This is a good company these complaints are probably because they did not give the correct or relevant information they required. my wife had a knee rupture from slipping and twisting her knee and it bled. we were out of town and had to go to the hospital to have it drained. had to return home and on the way had to stop at the emergency room to have them check it again to see if it was still bleeding (as it was friday night) and our doctor would ot be available. After many visits and orthopedic doctor evaluations she sent in the paperwork and hospital/doctor info. it took less than 2 weeks and she recieved 2100.00. now what is so wrong with this company?

Refuses to Pay

The company collects premiums from supplemental insurance programs such as a "Hero Plan" but makes the claims process so inconvenient it’s not worth completing the process. Every attempt to resolve a claim is meeting with some request of obscure documentation that is of course time consuming to obtain. The claims representatives are about as pleasant and helpful as a DMV employee at 5 pm on a Friday. Then when you finally cancel the policy Combined Insurance continues to bill you then make you go through the process of obtaining a refund. Unless you enjoy filing paperwork in quadruplicate I suggest avoiding the worthless organization all together.

Rip off

Me, my father and my grandmother have been customers for over 30+ years... he passed away and i tried to file a claim for his hospitalization insurance and they wanted to give the money (what little they were going to pay) to his ex wife, not to me or the hospital to help pay the bill... who ridiculous is that... i am now dropping my policies...what a shame we have wasted money for so lomg. i feel bad for the others who are being ripped off... after reading all these reviews I am blown away...seems like such a scam

  • Pi
    Pixelshim Aug 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Insurance policies are legal contracts, and the Company is bound to pay only the beneficiary named in the policy. It appears that he failed to change his named beneficiary after his divorce.

    I think the company did what they were required as dictacted by Insurance Law.

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Upon Lois trying to get in contact with my boss to sell him insurance she called several times and each time...