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Complaints & Reviews

Working for Combined

I was contacted by Combined and much to my mistake decided to work for them. There is this 2 week of training...

Not paying claim for surgery

Filed a claim with Combined Insurance for my hip replacement surgery. I was diagnosed at the age of 4 with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had my first joint replaced in 2006. They paid for my surgery time as well as the time i was disabled for. I then had both my knees replaced in 2007 and they again paid the claim like they were suppose to. I am now 23 and have had my other hip replaced. They are now refusing to pay my claim. They have lied to me on every occasion, have told me that they have sent letters to my doctors for more information then i find out they never sent anything, etc... All i want is my claim to be handled fairly and correctly. They are not telling me that since I will never recover from Arthritis that they cant pay my claim. If i remember correctly, my claim was for my hip replacement surgery not for having arthritis!? I can and will recover from my hip being replaced and should be paid for the time i am disabled. I have paid into this policy since i was 4 years old and this is the treament i get? I really want to and need to file a lawsuit against them as well as a complaint with the DOI.

Refuse to pay claim

I have 3 policies & total refuse to pay bi cause they say hi need more info about the claim, i also provide the Dr cell phone, bills from hospitals, & info of the clinic but the company never pay.a penny hospital, accident, & Anny loss this company is just stiling money from working people never buy any from this company is just Bunche of rats.

the worst is i been paying more than 8 year i never use.

ulises hdez policies P8124998, P6727559 and P5317991

is just a waste of money I waste 8 years payin allmost $90 each month

please never buy any ting from this crap company .

asking for info the dr already sighned

i had suplimental insurance..the service and lies are so bad i cancelled them last week ..first they said i needed to fill out a medical release form for them to retrive my medical history ..i did that and sent it they say they mailed my dr a form to fill out of wich they have not...she filled aout a claim form and signed it when i went for the check up gave ot to me and i mailed it to combined . i have been trying to contact the agent that sold me this insurance. i called chicago and they said they could not give me that information? now they tell me that they need to know from the dr that this was not a pre existing condition . she clearly marked no on the claim form she filled out and gave me. there are to many excuses of why they cant pay me yet...Thank you Debbie Logan 618.550.1687
e mail [protected]

Awful experience

I am a Ex-Mgr for Combined. I had the unfortunate experience of working for the Dietz a few years ago. I...

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Card fraud

I don't usually post messages like this but having seen all of the complaints and comments from the USA about this company I thought perhaps it might help others in the UK to know that our American friends are not alone.

I had £800 charged to my debit card by Combined Insurance with no reference to a policy number or anything else. I have never heard of Combined Insurance before, let alone bought any kind of policy from them. I rang Combined and they said they couldn't help because I couldn't give them a policy no.

I rang my bank who told me that they would treat it as an error and would refund the money to me subject to me signing a declaration to confirm I had not spent this money. (It would then be up to Combined to prove that I had asked them to charge my card).

A few days later, I found that the matter had been passed to the fraud dept of my bank and that there was now police involvement so clearly they smell a rat.

If you find you have been unkowingly charged by this company, don't bother ringing them - just call your bank and let them know.

  • Ca
    carl Feb 10, 2009

    I hace been a Combine Insurance customer for at least 5 years. I never had a problem and every time I would go to the ER, they would send me my money after filing a report.

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  • Ca
    carl Feb 10, 2009

    Not sure what you had done, but make sure you have all your facts straight before complaining. Did you get a phone call or letter of some sort that you might have ignored?

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  • Bi
    Billy May 05, 2009

    I have found that most people want to complain about this company only because they did get what they wanted instead of what they paid for. I have found that Combined has always been supportive and the agents come everytime I call on them. They go way out of their way to help with claims and to make sure that I am satisfied. So when I see posting like this I say "Grow Up" and understand that you don't always get what you want.

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  • Fa
    Fargus Dec 27, 2016

    I have been scammed by Combined Insurance IL - they have been charging my credit card for several months of charges and getting reimbursed has become a nightmare - DO NOT USE THESE SCAMMERS. Would welcome a class action to go after these guys

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They are stalling and mis directing me!

My mother had a life insurance policy on my with Combined. She passed away last April, and I want to cash it...

Do not use this company

I am embarrassed by what has happened to please bear with me. I too was a victim of these heartless crooks at...

Fraud and scam

Combined Insurance is not the way to go if you want to work in the professional insurance business. They tell...