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I am a Ex-Mgr for Combined. I had the unfortunate experience of working for the Dietz a few years ago. I recently ran into another Ex-Agent as for if you have been on this site then you know that people only work for Combined long enough to ruin your household income and run you and your car or truck to the ground. The former employee told me of the big news all to the upcoming module. I was astonished to hear that Connie Dietz had received a big promotion even after she was investigated for all of her unethical tactics. And that Kevin Dietz has also been promoted. Her district was one of the worst and had the most turnover than any terr. Mgr. I am SHOCKED that Connie Dietz was promoted as I am of Kevin Dietz who is one of the cruelest manipulators and mind F***ks I have ever met. Stay away from Combined Insurance. I can only say that all of these Ex-employees cant be wrong. So, look at the big picture. Never work for Connie Dietz in Washington State. She is unethical and will stop at nothing to get her numbers.

Been there... In hell that is.


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    Tomspage Jul 18, 2013
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    I have been with Combined Insurance now for almost 3 years and am sick and tired of people complaining and ### about this company. I started as a agent with the company and when I was hired on I had my doubts about what they offered as I have been selling Insurance for almost 17 years now and have worked for many companies out there that supposedly had a great reputation only to find out they were blowing a lot of smoke up you know where. Broken promises and broken dreams as well. I came to this company and yes they send you to sales school and put you up in a hotel and teach you their products and ways of doing business. You tell me what company doesn't teach you their ways out there. Although their ways sometimes are tougher to learn but they are very effective for you to use as sales tools. I am sick and tired of hearing these words of brain washing by all the cry babies out there that don't want to work hard to get what they want. Sounds like a bunch of spoiled babies still tugging on mamas apron or afraid of doing some hard work to get ahead. Insurance sales is a tough job and if it were easy to do then everyone out there would be doing it and then your money you make wouldn't be as high as it is. I am a Territory Manager with the company and while my work is hard and I do work 7 days a week but I get paid very well to do it. I am not afraid of hard work and was taught those values as a child and grew up still believing in those values. These people that complain that Combined Insurance is a joke of a company to work for obliviously couldn't sell water to a man dying of thirst in the desert. They also don't have the motivation or ability to earn their income or way of life. They choose to complain and pass the buck to everyone but themselves. I have agents working for me making more money in a week then they would make in 3 months working somewhere else. Advancement with the company is there if you work for it and earn it. No they just don't hand out promotions they make you earn it. The school teaches you one thing other companies fail to realize and that is Positive Mental Attitude each and every day. You can only control 2 things and they are 1.) ATTITUDE and 2.) ACTIVITY...

    If you don't have drive and determination then you will fail, simple and plain... Yes there are some individuals out there that sell sell sell and don't care about the client and only care about their paycheck and there are agents out there that do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. Believe me this will catch up to the individuals not doing the right thing and only concerned about their own self and not the clients. Yes there is clients out there that will complain and report to sites like this that they were screwed or the company never paid them what they were due. Well being in this business for many years and experience in sales, everyone knows that some people out there will always want more then they are getting. Example they pay 20 bucks a year for a policy and expect to get thousands of dollars in return. What I mean by that is paying pennies and expecting dollars... I always said if you want a steak you go to a steak house and not McDonalds. You get what you pay for, too many people out there want more then they deserve or complain they didn't get enough. I have delivered many checks to Widows or Widowers and clients and to see the look on their face or the thanks they give me is the reason I do this job!!! All jobs have downfalls and I mean all of them if they don't then I would be very leery of working for them. No one is perfect and if we were we would be with the big man upstairs. Combined Insurance has been very good to me from the very first day and still is to me today. Hmmmm must be because I work hard and am paid very well for it too. My agents love for working for me and even know that I will bust my butt to make them successful, but only if they have the drive and determination to want better for themselves and their families.

    Yes we work long and hard hours but in sales you have to work when the clients are home or available as well as pounding the pavement to make it happen. What job out there is different. If you want to make the money you have to have the attitude and determination to do so if not then go to work for McDonalds, or Wendy's!!!
    Combined Insurance is making my future happen because I follow their principles and guidelines and not afraid of a thing called hard work. The problem we have here is from what I see is a few things.
    1.) People want things handed to them and not work for it.
    2.) Expect something from nothing.
    3.) Not owning up to their own goals and being accountable for them.

    What really sucks the most is that when something doesn't go their way they tell 100 people and then they tell 100 people and it snowballs, but when good things happen they only tell a couple of people. I for one believe in my abilities and my future, and realize my goals will happen only because I am and will be accountable for them, and am not afraid to get down and work for it...

    So in closing if you want a career then Combined Insurance is your vehicle, they sell great policies at a price you can afford, and pay their claims as they warrant, but if you do not have the right documentation and paperwork right they won't pay you tell me what company out there is different. Even K-Mart and Walmart have stopped taking things back if they haven't sold it unlike they used to take back anything no matter where you bought it. Quit crying and start acting like an adult and go to work or be like a lot of other people out there depending on everyone else to take care of them, and you wonder why our government is all screwed up hmmmmm!!!

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    Anne Causey Aug 16, 2012

    I worked for Combined back in 2008 and was fortunate to meet Doug Wendt and some other "greats". And I too, saw reps do some pretty underhanded things - downright unethical. I wasn't one of them . . . if someone late in the application said "Oh, BTW, I have diabetes", I immediately stopped. I knew I'd never get rich like the other guys . . . 'cause I had a large dose of ethics . . . and I have to live with myself. I still have customers call me when they can't get through to Combined - and even though I'm no longer an employee - I take care of it - 'cause I gave my word to them - 'cause it's the right thing to do. And I'm not the only one out there with these ethics . . . unfortunately, the bad apples DO spoil the entire barrel.
    As for paying when claims are submitted - I still have our cancer policy, and unfortunately, had to file a claim for "first diagnosis" in July. I had my check within 10 days and it was for more than I thought. I'll be filing one for $4200 next week (radiation and chemo therapy). Then they'll be the one for surgery, anesthesia, etc. So IF you have a problem . . . you keep calling . . . or better yet, wait for the next "good and ethical" Combined rep to come by and tell them about your problem. I took care of quite a few problems and never received a dime - but it was my job . . . they had a policy . . . I wanted them to know Combined care.
    For all the naysayers . . . there are some good and reputable people out there.

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    maxlezar Sep 14, 2010

    Combined Insurance are steeling money from clients if any one thinks that they are a good company you are lying to yourself I worked in the Financial Industry in the UK and know many people that worked for them there policies are not good they seperate there Accident cover from Health care to make more money for themselfs most of there agents have had very little training and dont understand the product they are seeling so how can Combined expect a agent of theres to sell to clients all they do is force sell most of the Managers are curuped them selfs and teach the agents to lie all they do is cancell one policy for another and Combined are aware of it but do nothing about it its easy to blaim the sales person but if he does not come back with a couple of applications then the area manager will be on the phone with you screaming at you they exspect you to be at there pointless mmeting at 9am and you need to check in 2 to 3 times a day so they can check up on you they constintly lie to you and make you work until 10 or 11 at night I saw a client that was told to cancell his Critical Ilness cover for accident cover he was diagnosed with Cancer 3 months after he was told to cancel his cover that would have paid him £90 000 instead he got nothing only an accident policy that only pays due to an Accident I asked the client why he did not complain he told me that this has been going on for years what diffirence would it make SHAME ON YOU COMBINED !!!

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    Buddy Christ Mar 08, 2010

    Shame on everyone that accuses others of unethical behavior but yet do not report that behavior. You are as bad as the ones you are complaining about. I am not saying you are wrong in your accusations, just your failure to abide by one of the principles and codes of conduct you accepted when you got your insurance license. IF you know first hand knowledge of an insurance fraud or unethical behavior taking place it is your responsibility to report that it the company's ethics hotline (all companys have one) or the department of insurance. As a insurance professional myself I find it appauling to hear the things these two are being accused of and that there are other so called professionals that know it is going on but fail to report it. No wonder insurance sales people get a bad rap.

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    kitty_kat2009 Jan 19, 2010

    yes hi i also a victim of this company I pay Insurance to this company and on my contract is picifly says to take my money out on the of every month and they do but then they take a payment out on the 18 also when that wasn't on the contract why they do this i don't know why do they take 2 payment a month

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    victimofdietz Nov 24, 2009

    At least Kevin and Connie will be togeather in Hell. For all the lies and false apps. Connie has done just to get that BONUS...She has done alot of ghost apps underhanded tthings that for sure the Insurance Comm. Of Wa. State should investigate..Maybe you will be found out Connie all the fraud you have done. You should be let go and be chaged for all your unethical ways to make your money...

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    Disgruntled Ex Brainwashed Aug 26, 2009

    There are legions of people that would step forward and agree with this commentary on Kevin and Connie Dietz.
    My guess is that Doug Wendt never reads these blogs to know what kind of management he has put in place. Kevin and Connie Dietz are a great couple---Thank God they found each other leaving two other innocents alone. They are so busy brown nosing and social climbing------------they have forgotten Kevin's days as a heavy coke user (his first round with Combined) and then there was the time he got fired for doing MLM work on company time with company customers( His second round with Combined) Now for round 3!! Yikes! What were they thinking rehiring this ###? And then there is Connie----famous for bending all the rules to look like a shiny penny. Anyone who has ever worked in her district will tell the horror stories of Connie's numbers and the people and ethics she sacrificed to make them---but then it takes a lot of money to get boob jobs, butt lifts, tummy tucks etc...and she mighta ended up with a great body...but still has a face and personality that would rival any witch real or imagined. Combined Insurance...wake up! These 2 individuals have horrible reputations and they have in a period of a few short months, brought morale down and sacrificed some very long term employees with their intimidation management style. They hired Steve Poltervart and Pam Wagner from the outside and those two are like frick and frack--Neither one of them have a clue what they are doing. They don't lead, follow or even get the hell outta the way. Jessica Hubely was at least hired from within and manages with a positive upbeat style and understands the policies and company rules.

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    disgruntledex Jul 21, 2009

    Combined Insurance Company policies are fantastic! The company was founded on positive mental attitude and a desire to help people in their time of need. Since Kevin and Connie Dietz have taken leadership positions, the management style is one of constant threats and pressure. The ironic thing about their ESM sales model is that, this company does not pay unemployment for/on you so if they fire you----you have no income at all as with most jobs. This is not a contractural insurance position as with companies like Aflac, they actually withdraw taxes from your check and you are considered an employee. The only thing they pay on or for you is workmans compensation and yet you are put on a quota system and the penalty for not making their quotas is termination.
    Seriously, here is a job that you pay ALL your own expenses, (car, phone, car insurance, gasoline, etc) and they demand high sales daily with little...make that NO thought or consideration for your expenses. If you are considering employment with this company, do yourself a favor, hire on at Burger King instead. At least there the only pressure you will have is to get the order won't be spending your hard earned money making money for a company and managers who care nothing about you or your needs. By the time they are done with you, you will be fortunate to have any dignity or self confidence left.
    Kevin and Connie...cudo's to you on ruining a district...if Doug Wendt knew what you two climbers and posers were like, he would not have placed you in the position of hiring others and representing the company. Mr. Stone would be turning over in his grave at your management style.

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