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non existent leads, non refund credits

Was told that they verify consumer information, I about about 20 leads from them, 80% of them were disconnected, 1 of them said they never requested information and the others just wouldn't answer the phone. Out of the 80% that were disconnected, they would only return about half of them and still charged me for the rest, when I called them on their bull they said that I hadn't tried their very expensive live transfer calls, when I refused they processed the closing of my account. Do not use, do not spend your money. There are plenty of actually lead companies just thought I would try this one and turns out they are about 4 companies using different names. All web leads is the same as far as I know. Again do not use.

Unethical sales practice

Allwebleads are the most unethical lead website out there. They claim to offer promotions where they match what you put in but there are stipulations to the match that they don't disclose. They only apply a small percentage of the match to each lead you get so you have to keep funding the account to be able to use the money matched. So for example if I deposited $2, 000 and they matched $2, 000 by the time my $2, 000 that I deposited was used up they would have used about $500 of the matched money so there is still $1, 500 of matched money just sitting there that cannot be used unless you deposit more money into your account. So you would have to deposit around $8, 000 to be able to use the $2, 000 they matched. Their unethical practice will eventually catch up to them...

False leads to insurance companies for quotes I did not request

I began getting phone calls from various states...California, Texas, Florida...then received multiple emails to my business email address saying that my requested auto quotes were available. I even received a phone call AND text from an agent with the company I've been insured with for almost 50 years, but he is located 200 miles away. Why would he even be sent my information. I read another complaint about this company stating the same situation...personal information is being shared without consent. Very underhanded and total invasion of privacy!

Can's pause leads or stop charges


Company lures you in by promising 50% off leads by telling you that you can pause leads at any time.
Company also has a 39.00 charge monthly, that they say they will wave on initial set up.

On July 4th I paused my leads, since it was the Holiday weekend, and on Monday the July 6th, they were turned on again, I called and paused them again, and they came up with some bogus excuse that I didn't-- July 7th they continued to send me leads. I called and got sent to voicemail during business hours. Finally got a call back after I disputed the charges with credit card company. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH INSURANCELEADS.COM!!!

company won't remeove consumer number from list

This company sell web leads to insurance agents that it get by tricking people into giving their phone number to hear about a law passed that will affect what they pay for insurance in their state or other banner ad gimmicks to get them to give you their number to hear how to remedy paying too much for auto or health insurance, mostly praying elderly and people that aren't aware of these types of phishing scams. Then they sell the numbers nationwide to hundreds of agents and unleash the dogs as they begin to call you from all over the country trying to look up your insurance coverage and give competitive rates in some cases looking up you credit and affecting it. It is bogus and even when the agents that call are told your fine and you have coverage and you are all set. They tell you to call's number at [protected] and follow the prompts to get your number removed. Even when you do call and follow the proper removal procedure, they do not remove it. They just keep it in their list and resell it again and again making profit and harassing unsuspecting or vulnerable consumers. They have been preying on my wife who is elderly and has some mental issues and she's constantly badgered with 3-12 calls a day at all hours from all over the country first for auto and now even for health and homeowners insurance. It's unfair to the consumer and unfair to the agents they sell their lists too. Don't be fooled don't give them your number and don't buy their list why waste your time and money to be scammed by a company that sell the same list to thousands!

  • Ug
    uga rep Apr 17, 2009

    Ive bought leads from many lead companies over the years and have to say this company is the biggest RIPP OFF ive ever seen. BUYER BEWARE. They charge your account for leads never received, claim to give credit for disconected numbers BUT never credit your account!!! And three agents in my office were getting the identical leads from this same company although they promise otherwise. SCAM!!!

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  • Ji
    jins May 07, 2009

    I had the same problem, however, in order to receive credit for lead you have submitted for credit you need to notify your account representative incase the lead has not been approved. My co-worker and i were using insuranceleads and we did receive the same leads for the first couple of days, i called my rep to bring it to his attention and the problem was fixed immediately. (you have to make sure that the address and main insurance carrier is the same on both accounts.) Overall experience with insuranceleads was great for me. I was using them for the last 5 months and will continue using them for many more months to come.

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  • Mi
    mintco Sep 01, 2009

    This Company is a Big Scam, 15 Leads, 1 good one they gave us. 2 Leads they won't credit, one doesn't speak english and the other one can not be reached, they won't give a credit until they reach the person that is unreachable.

    How can anyone say this company is not a scam, Yes the refunded 12 of 15 Leads.

    12 of 15 Leads, needed to be Refunded?

    And this company is not a SCAM??

    GOOD LUCK with losing your time and $ as well.

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  • Sl
    slalsher Jun 09, 2010

    I've used this agency to provide leads for several years off and on and they are truly the worst company in the business, they get about 90% of their leads from suspect internet pop-ups and none of the leads provided are ever close to ready to purchase. I would move on and pick another company to find your new business unless you just like throwing money out the door.

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  • In
    insuranceleads scammers Mar 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree it looks like a scam i got 5 leads and 4 of them the people said they had no idea why i was calling them so I cancelled my debit card and let them try to sue me for the $200 if they can find me. It would cost therm more money to pursue me than $200 so what goes around comes around

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  • He
    HenryGregoire1964 Mar 17, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Totally bogus leads ...Out of the first 8 leads dispatched to me by 8.50 apiece!) 5 of them were fake names, or disconnected numbers. They do NOT offer a return or credit policy for these leads despite the fact that they are completely useless...

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Company is a scam. Set up account and purchased leads, all of poor quality and incentive based leads when...

Trash bag company

This company sells fake or recycled leads. I have been dealing with Melanie Runyon who will not refund the stolen money back to my credit card. This is a despicable company and American Express is now investagiting the fraudulent activity along with the dept of insurance of Texas.

illegaly distributing personal information

This company has found my contact information, or bought it, then has distributed it to all companies that subscribe to them, under the premise that I had requested an auto insurance quote. I never requested an auto insurance quote, and now I'm being harassed by multiple companies daily. I wish I had a good recourse in this situation.

  • Cu
    Customer One Mar 25, 2013

    If you don't want people to contact you, then don't put your information out there on the WORLD WIDE WEB!! Even though I don't work for this company, I understand how information is passed around and sold. It is NOT ILLEGAL!

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Life Insurance Leads

This Company is a RIP OFF!!! They gave me leads with bad phone number that no one answered. So I did what most agents don't do...I went and knocked on the doors of some very angry and violated feeling people. When I called customer service they told me that because the phone rings when they call, they will not credit me any leads. STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS!!! bogus leads

Beware of bogus leads.
About two months ago I decided to enroll in 20 free life Insurance leads with a commitment to spend $200 over a 90 day period. After the representative did a 20 mile radius search base on my zip code, she claimed only 2 agents in my area was using the service. That's great news for me, little competition.
So I sign-up. The following morning I received my first lead which I called and was confronted by a very upset man. He claimed I was the eight person to call today which was about 9.00am in the morning. Said he was not looking for life insurance however he did complete an online form for auto insurance. claim all leads are verified before the agent received it, If that’s the case why did I receive auto leads for life ??
I received another lead the same day with a Canadian telephone #. I contact the rep at and request my account be closed immediate. Initially when I sign up I was told my credit card was need to open the account, no prepayment was required. Billing will start after the 20 free leads was exhausted, which would be twice monthly.
Once I notified I want my account closed they immediately charge my credit $200, deactivate my account so I could not make any changes. This all took place within 24 hour of enrolling and only 2 free bogus leads. I was later told some leads come from affiliate and sometimes not very good quality. My credit card company did refund my $200.

lead order

I spoke with the manager in general about my first lead order. I did not officially order any leads. I was told he would get back to me after checking out what was available. He never got back with me. A few days later I saw 60 leads on my email. I did not get a bill until about three weeks later, so I thought the three-year-old leads were free. When I finally got a bill for the leads, I complained that I never placed and order and the manager did not have the right to order for me and charge my account. He maintained that he assumed I wanted that many leads and he took the liberty of ordering for me without my permission. He refused to reduce the number of leads ordered. He is dishonest and unprofessional. I later learned that the mangers make money when the agents buy leads. This company dose not provide any support. They only take an interest in agents who are making money. They are very detached from agents who are just starting out and need individual guidance and direction to get going.

  • Is
    isidoro levisman Feb 09, 2009

    on january 9, 2009 i request to buy 10 insurance leads, exclusive leads, and i pay $ 300.00 in advance for my leads, but they never send me the leads, and i call them to return my $ 300, 00 but i never recive the money or the leads.
    the salsmen was Richared watts.

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  • Tw

    My husband and I spent two weeks training and $1500 in leads, $250 on travel and numerous hours only to make less than $200. RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN FROM ANYONE IN NAA. They are rip-off artists who prey on your emotions, especially when you are in a financial bind. RUN RUN RUN

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  • To
    top insurance producer Jan 05, 2010

    they are ### suckers and dangerous, they have ruined the lives of thousands of good americans. Luckily for me and some i know we learned some good things while working there and have now moved on to greener pastures where you can actually make a good living working for yourself. If you want to know more please email me

    [email protected]

    good luck and happy nw yr!!

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  • Il
    I love NAA Feb 24, 2010

    As a agent for NAA myself, it is certainly true that if you do not run it as a business you can and probably will lose money and quit. It is also true some managers are better than others and it sounds as though there were probably some bad managers involved in these situations.

    But as for me, NAA has become the career I have been looking for for years and has been a answer to my prayers.

    I listened, learned, worked hard, bought a couple hundred dollars in leads and made several hundred dollars in profit my first month with NAA. I have never lost money, and I have helped others get the same results. NAA provides a excellent opportunity with all the tools you need to succeed, the only question is you.

    My experience is NAA is a excellent company who is not to blame for those who do not succeed. No one blames State Farm or Metropolitan Life when there agents fail? So why do people blame NAA? Generally because they failed, and need someone else to blame.

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  • Rd
    rdswilson Jan 14, 2011

    as a agent with naa im sorry for the position the first poster was put in and it is always handeled quickly by corporate when brought up, but the first comment from two insurance agents is ludacris if you actually spent that much in leads first you have no business sence to spend that much getting started and second the top producers in the company wont spend that in a month. now for those that want to do research need to do there due diligence contact the department of insurance(doi) contact the carriers and find out what reallys goes on in the company not those that are trying to put NAA down so you will join there "new deal".

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consistently fraudulent leads

company sells same lead multiple times ( does NOT disclose this fact at outset ) company does not provide guarantee that leads are real. Replacement leads, though available... seem to be more fraudulent email addresses and such. out of $400 worth of leads, not ONE genuine appointment.. which is not reasonable for an agent with 39 years experience. IMHO, this outfit is a boilerroom worthy of a Soprano-family episode. Nothing believable about them; not in practice... their claims are impressive... but their service was... not

  • He
    Health Agent Jun 19, 2009

    That's funny. I've been using them since December and I've had some very good success with them. You are generally competing with other agents, up to 8, but my experience has been closer to 2-3. That is disclosed up front. Of course, I asked a lot of questions before putting $200 down initially. I purchase Medicare Supplement and Health Insurance leads. In my area the life insurance leads have closer to 6-7 agents, so I don't even bother with them. You can ask your account rep, by the way, based on your specific criteria how many others you're competing against. I won't purchase anything that's going to cost me over $10 a pop. With the med supps I've had a closing ratio of about 29% and the health leads I've closed about 1-2 out of every ten. I'm constantly tracking my success just to check on the quality. You'll get a lot more bogus or no interest with the health leads, but that's when you ask for credit. has a very liberal refund policy for bogus contact information or people who weren't really interested. They will verify when you ask, but I'd say they've been more than fair to me anyway. If I received 15 health leads, 5-6 will likely be credited back to me for the above stated reasons, but you do get the money back. So, say what you will, it's been working for me. I just set it up for 4 leads a day and if I know I can't be right on top of their emails I shut it off till I'm available. You are competing against other agents, so you can't wait four hours to call someone. Call them right away, cause the lead comes in most cases right when they're on the computer. As with anything it's a numbers game. I'd say you are a poor closer or just don't have too much experience with phone sales. It's a system and it takes a week or two to nail down.

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  • Sl
    slalsher Jun 09, 2010

    why would you purchase and chase 15 people if 7-8 are worthy of a credit. I have better things to do with my time then talk to people that are trying to avoid me and never meant to purchase the product in the first place.

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  • Ma
    marcw91377 Sep 01, 2016

    RUN AWAY! Anything this company provides is bogus. The leads are not qualified. They contact information in many instances is incorrect. When I originally asked how many agents share these leads I was told 2-3. That's a lie. I found out that sell the same leads to as many as 8+ agents. No wonder the consumer is fed up and doesn't buy. They are bombarded with agent after agent calling and they do nothing having been annoyed by the feeding frenzy. The lead company is making a lot of money providing zero quality information because agents are grasping at any way possible to find new clients. does not provide quality and is a waste of money and time. RUN RUN RUN AWAY FAST!

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Unauthorized use of my email and phone

Someone (could have been in fact) entered my email address and an old address and phone into I have been submerged with phone calls and emails wanting to give me prices on the "quote" I asked for. I called and they said they would take me out of their database, but the calls keep coming, as they apparently cascade their info through other sites in order to leverage their lists. When I asked why they didn't send out confirmation emails to verify the request for quotes, they hung up on me.

  • Ka
    Karen M. Akana- kaapuiki Oct 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been contacted by OVER 150 calls/e-mails THIS WEEK alone... insurance, roofers/plumbing Co. in the past weeks.. today... insurance about my 5 bed/4bath home in Newport Beach, Ca. which I only WISH I owned. Tonite about long term care!! I am a Nurse which works in long term care... auto I do not own a 2010 Mercedes, BMW, caddy, NOR saab, Porsche... I own a 2006 Toyota... I have informed my Attorney... as he is top 5 in the country. As of this afternoon, my ONLY day off. theses poor saps that pay between $12 and 35.00 per lead, cannot get their monies back...and each time I e-or call back.. I have gotten a call back telling me..."i'm so sorry to have bothered U... we have taken your name off our list..and we cannot be compensated for the 'DEAD LEAD' all is good because I am SUING.. as I began to SAVE calls and e-mails...and I WILL SUE the fradulent and annoying calls...Insurance U R OVER SOOOOOON!

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  • De
    Deb E. Nov 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i hope you get these people shut down!!! insurance has sold my name w/correct phone # to who knows how many places--no other info is correct--they made it up--i have NEVER been online looking for insurance--in the last 2 days alone rec'd over 50 calls from 6am-10pm--if i don't answer the phone-they just keep calling back--one company that called me gave me the name and phone# of've asked numerous people who have called me who sold them my name and phone#--all said -i have called this company 4 times so far--first time i was told they were removing my name from their database and sending emails to all the places who bought my "lead"--every other time--they had to "remove" me again--and said they were sending those emails out again--YEAH RIGHT!! 3rd call spoke w/manager who told me "someone" must be entering my info (none correct except name and phone#) AND that this mysterious person must be re-entering it and that's why it keeps turning up in their database!!! (yesterday my 2nd call was one hour after ist call--so this crazy person must be re-entering my info every hour!!! ) i have never heard something this ABSURD in all my life!! oh, also that calls could be coming from another "leads" company who picked up my info so that could be why the emails they've sent out telling places to take me off the list hasn't worked --or maybe these places aren't reading their emails...UNBELIEVABLE!! 4th call to the manager--i asked to speak to her supervisor--put me on hold--said supervisor would say the same thing and that their legal dept. would be calling me when i said i was going to report them--there is even more ridiculous stuff they said but i'll stop here--but i have 4 lawyers in my immediate family...

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