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fully comprehensive insurance / claims department

On the 7th of February 2020 at 10:45 pm I had a very bad accident and was lucky to walk away unharmed. It was pouring with rain, if you check the weather report for this day in Pietermaritzburg you will see what I mean.

The assessor Ian, was not able to find anything wrong with the car so they hired an accident investigator who claims the back left inner wall of the tyre was smooth.

I've finally managed to see the car and yes they are correct. HOWEVER, I pay insurance to cover me when I am NOT negligent and this case I am not. If I knew about it and didn't replace the tyre then fine I was negligent. The tyres were only due for rotation in the next 5000km and I would have bought new tyres when they pointed that out to me. I keep all my slips to prove the extent I go to in keeping the car roadworthy.

The assessor told me they have paid out claims where vehicles have been burn't down after illegal head lights being installed. If they claim my tyre was illegal then they should be paying out my claim too.

I religiously rotate my tyres with Tiger Wheel and tyre in Pietermaritzburg and have a good relationship with the manager Kenneth and Greg the owner. Not many people can say they know their tyre guys by name. I have every receipt for everything ever done or bought for that car since i took ownership 5 x years ago.

This is R 90, 000 rejected claim will sequestrate me. If I do not pay the debt off I can't free up money for the monthly installment for the replacement car.

The claim is getting rather messy at this point:
-My car was moved without my consent, there have been new damages to the car that was not there before and the car has been tampered with.
-The rim key is missing from the boot.
-The whole back wheel and rim is missing.
-The vehicle is being stored in such a way where further damages are being done to the car.

I am however starting to approach all your social media platforms to share my story and share some of the latest stats on King Price and the complaints against you from Ombudsman and others. 2018/2019

C2013969 - CKP2336831/3 - Macdonald

fully comprehensive insurance / claims department
fully comprehensive insurance / claims department
fully comprehensive insurance / claims department
fully comprehensive insurance / claims department
fully comprehensive insurance / claims department
fully comprehensive insurance / claims department
fully comprehensive insurance / claims department

car insurance

Road side assistance is pathetic.
I have been stuck on the road side for almost 2 going on 3 hours on a busy road.

After 2 and a half hours I was informed that the tow will be coming in half and hour!

I then asked as to where is he coming from... And was informed that he's is coming from a far place and then I HAD REQUESTED THAT THEY GET SOMEONE LOCAL... I was then informed that the local guys would only be available in around an hour as they are on a job...

This seems extremely odd...

My home is roughly a 3 minute drive from where I have broken down.

I highly recommend that this matter be further looked into as to why are clients being made to wait these long periods for service and made to wait and possibly be victims of crime and so forth also not being suggested to being sent someone to boost their vehicle and pressured into being towed.

I am disappointed with the level of service

I will be canceling my policy with king price

I will be advising all colleges, friends, family and members of my community of my experience and dissatisfaction.


Ismael Gaffoor
15 Tovey Crescent

Kindly verify if all of this jazz adds up.

car insurance
car insurance

cancellation of policy!

I am not in South Africa any longer and am struggling to get King Price policy (KP2048548) cancelled. Response to my emails are all the same: saying they tried to reach me but could not. Yet I keep advising them they will not be able to reach me on SA numbers, supplying current number...still I do not get any help!!!
All other policies which I had to cancel, accepted my email as sufficient and it was cancelled. Yet KING PRICE do not accept this??????

policy with lots of faults. no response after 2 calls and 3 emails

Good day, I taken out a policy KP2327441. There is lots of faults on our policy that we requested to be...


I have emailed numerous times to [protected] to request cancellation as I have moved to the...

KP2003543 Illegal debit on my account which lead me to miss that one important premium.

King Price debited my account on the 3rd May 2016 for an adjustment on my policy which A) I did not know...