Coles Supermarkets Australiastaff service was very poor and no product knowledge.

B Dec 03, 2019

I was given a $100 gift card for coles via Prezzee's online. I went in to your Wodonga store and spent $95 so I could use majority of the gift card. When getting to the checkout the staff could not scan the barcode that was provided on the gift card. After several attempts they told me that there was nothing they could do. I had my 4 kids with me that were now restless as well as customers behind me getting cranky as I had no other way to pay for the shopping. I said there has to be something u can do? They said no sorry! I was about to unload the shopping when I thought maybe taking a screen shot I could zoom in on the barcode, sure enough that worked! By this time I was feeling embarrassed and humiliated and wanted to leave as soon as I could. Before I had the chance to leave the staff member serving me was already laughing about it with the next customer. I left in tears !!

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