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Citizens Bank review: froze account for fraudulant reasons

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On Tuesday I deposited my boyfriends pay check. I assumed everything was fine, but then on Thursday evening I went online to my checking account and it said I could not log in as I there was no such user name. Friday after work I went to the back and found out my account was put on hold...or frozen as my boyfriends paycheck bounced. They said they froze my account because the bank the check was drawn on would not release the check back to Citizens. The manager who is an officer with Citizens said I needed to contact my boyfriends company...meanwhile my back was frozen. I was laid off for over a year and now am in a trial period of mortgage modification. I had sent my payment off on Wed when I deposited the check. Immedately I freaked because if you are late for even one payment you lose your modification and your home. My boyfriend called his boss to find out what was going on. He said the check should not have bounced as he had recently deposited several thousands of dollars. I called the manager again and she said she could not do anything as the check was being held by the Bank America fraud dept and until they returned it as non sufficient fonds they could not unfreeze my account. My boyfriends boss came over sat morning to show us his deposit slips and current back balance. We could not understand. On Monday, he went to his back to find out what happened, and was surprise to find that the check had actually cleared last Wed and was able to obtain a copy of the cleared check for me. After many calls that day to the back, my account is still frozen. As soon as I got the copy of the cashed check I went right up there and brought it to Amy the manager. I could see her face get red when I confronted her about how can my account be frozen when the check had cleared last Wed? I asked her where my money was, she had no answer! She tried to change the story saying maybe something else was wrong along with the check ...but the check never bounced I said, still no response. My account is still frozen I cannot pay bills, buy food my own paycheck is direct deposit. will be the 5th busness day without any money! I don't know what else to do. This is devastating. Any advice to help me get my mone would be greatly appreciated! My able was turned off this morning and my gas and electric are due to follow!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jul 04, 2016 5:50 pm EDT

I'm going through something very similar. My account was frozen back in 2012 for what they referred to as "criminal activity" but they wouldn't specify what the allegations were and they said the account would most likely be closed after the investigation process is over. It's now 2016 and now I'm getting dual answers. Customer service over the phone says there's nothing wrong with the account. The local bank branch says it's frozen and they contacted corporate security. Later that day I called around and asked for the number for that department and was told they can't give that phone number out. What the HECK? I'm not asking for private information I just want a phone number. My way around it...I was able to request they send bank statements in the mail so I'm gonna wait till the statement comes in and order checks and write a check from my Citizens Bank to myself and deposit it in my other bank. It's MY money after all so they can't get me for any crime if the check clears.

Hi, I don't know if this was ever resolved, but am now going through the same thing with citizens bank, they won't tell me what is going treating me like a criminal, giving me a run around, seems as though they are pulling alot of crap with so many people, I am trying to get my money back that I cleared, and they are closing my account and telling me that they will mail me a check they review everything at a later date, I am going to a law suit, with this bank after being with for almost 15years to treat me this way, and as read so many complaints with this bank, makes me wonder why there's no class action suit against them.what ever happened, were u finally able get funds or account unfrozen...? Seems all they do is not give u straight answers.and tell u they have give a reason, when ur money that in the bank...

May 03, 2011 6:14 am EDT

This is horrible! I am sorry to hear what has happened to you. You might try calling your local News station and tell them what happened. Here in Phoenix, AZ we have a station that does this, they are called " 3 on Your Side" and they get results. Also try the BBB, I hear that they are good at getting money back.
Good Luck and I hope I helped.


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