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My Mother had over 10 credit accounts with Citibank, I was on one account. My Mother passed away and I acted as her Excutator. I contacted Citibank and provide them with 15 copies of her death certificate and they said they close all her accounts andwould consoladate any outstanding debt and send it to me for payment. What they did was keep several accounts active charging $12.00 a month for the service. For months I was on the telephone with Citibank about this. Finally I find out that Citibank closed all my mothers accounts, put them into collections and put it on my credit report.

When I contacted Citibank about this their Collections Department could not find anything and referred me to their dispute department. I am still waiting for them to respond to my inquiries.


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      May 08, 2010

    I agree and good luck with them getting in touch with you or even if they do admitting to you they made a mistake regardless of proof. I have a car loan threw citi and i often pay by card over phone due to my schedule and happened to catch them pulling payment without my approval out of my account and put a stop payment on the check that had been mailed a few days prior but they had not put it through the system and took it apon it upon themselves to pull the money out of my account. then once the check hit there systems and didnt clear due to me putting a stop payment on it they are charging me a late fee and a fee for the check not clearing. so i ended up with a 75 dollar fee. its still in despute and has been for 3 weeks.

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