Citibankassistant manager on 72nd street and 3rd ave ny ny

A Aug 03, 2018

Today Friday August 3rd 2018 about 2PM I was given a list of branches that cash CITI checks. I have no checking but do have credit cards. I have been through the verification process which was smooth and effortless at 96th & Broadway NY NY where I simply present ID, am asked my social and what my current occupation is.

I arrived approximately 3PM at one of the branches on 72nd St & 3rd Ave NY NY I was not put through the verification process and was treated rudely by a lady who claimed she is an assistant manager named Irene Buntin. I explained that perhaps the 96th Street branch could guide her or clarify any confusion. When I asked her why this was an issue and could she just call to verify. I had my ID and the check and was expecting the usual process. She said AND I QUOTE "Because I don't want to." and walked away. I had asked her prior who her manager was. She said Arthur Lucien who was not in that day.

The teller was nice enough to give me the number to customer service where I said I would be filing a formal complaint.

I would like to add that I saw no name tag on Miss Buntin. I found her manner rude and ignorant and not the qualities that someone dealing with the finances of another should have. Might I add that the check amount is for $297.34 and from CITI.


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