Circle K Storesdoors locked after 8:00 pm

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Stopping to get gas at your store in West frankkllin st. Monroe N C the gas pumps were full so I went around to the other side of the store to the next available pump I could get to . Went up to the door to find out it was locked at 800 pm and if you wanted to get into the store you had to walk always around the building to the door on the other side ? Iam disabled have bone on bone arthritis in my spine plus scoliosis this is very inconvenient to a disabled person !! I guess your stores are not handicap accessible after 8:00 pm so I will start taking my business somewhere that I'm able to get into the store ...


  • Wine Is Good Apr 30, 2017

    Then go. The store IS handicap accessible. It has a door you can get a wheelchair through. The ADA law does not require that all doors be unlocked at all times. After dark, many convenience stores will lock one door. It is for the safety of the employees. Your handicap is not everyone else's problem, nor does it entitle to you special consideration over everyone else.

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  • Ra
    RayNezza Oct 29, 2019

    Good, no one will miss you I'm sure. Clearly all you are concerned about is yourself and not the safety of the employees after dark in a place armed robberies are frequent.

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