Cinthia Jode - Buyyorkiepuppysignyahoo.comscam - sold us a sick dog who died within 1 week!


Also located on
Email: [protected]
Alias: Cinthia or Harold jode, Anita, Jackie, (and apparently many more-depending how long til she needs to change after pissing someone off).

DO NOT even consider buying a puppy from this person/breeder. He/she sold us our puppy "quinton" about 5 months ago. He was delivered in Tupperware in a minivan from Ohio to where I live in NY. "quinton" arrived with many illnesses and we had to rush him to the animal hospital. He had lice, ear mites and worst of all pneumonia. We had to keep him over night at the hospital because he was so young and had virtually no chance of making it and didn't. We contacted Cinthia and her husband Harold.(which have proven to be fake names), who told us it was our fault he became so sick because he wasn't sick when he left in the delivery van.
This person is terribly cruel and deserves whatever karma comes to whoever they are. He/she goes by many names but if you are looking for a yorkie/morkie/[censored]zu be careful of this person. One way of knowing its them
Is they will never speak on the phone and claim they have to set up the transaction right away because they work weekdays and can only send out on Sundays. STAY AWAY


  • Al
    Albanianice2 Aug 15, 2012

    Agreed Jon - It was very young/naive of us to not research and impulsively make this decision to deal with this person/breeder. It's sad there are people out there like this and I am happy if my post of my experience even stops one person from buying from these people.

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  • Al
    Albanianice2 Aug 15, 2012

    By the way this should say - the email address is [email protected]
    The first email address was one off of her website... but they claim not to be her.

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