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P Jul 13, 2019 Review updated:

Last night My husband and I took our cousin out to see Crawl( a rated R thriller) at a 7:30pm showing. It was made known to us that by one of your ushers that we had a 4 noise complaints towards us due to our expression to a THRILLER RATED R MOVIE. She told us to keep it down and walked away but then came back to check Our ID's which didn't make any sense to me. My husband didn't bring his wallet due to the fact that I did all driving and all of our money is on our banking card and who expects to get carded? I showed her my ID but our cousin only had his high school ID which didn't have his birthday and yr on it even though he is 18. So because my husband and cousin didn't have their proper ID on them we had to leave! Your theater usher was rude and militant. I spoke to her when we walked out of the movie(because I'm really not trying to have a discussion like this during a movie and further interrupt) and I asked her why she needed to see our ID? She said "I just went on and checked it because of the noise complaint and because you have to be 18Yrs and up(which all of us were) to get into an R rated movie." I told her "I understand what you're saying, but that just means you should be checking ID beforehand and not in the middle of a movie. This isn't the first time we've come to see an R rated movie and we've never been checked for ID, so that just means you all aren't doing your job properly." I don't believe a noise complaint warrants an ID check, especially if it's protocol to check people beforehand. I didn't appreciate your usher's attitude, she was rude and on the lines of being disrespectful and I told her that! Normally I'm understanding and would brush off poor attitude of those who work in customer service because I too work in that field and I understand that people can be hard to deal with. This time was different for me and I couldn't just let this situation slide without anything being said. My husband and I had been going to Cinemark in southland (which is far for us) but we came across the location in Ann Arbor which was much closer and in our opinion better than the other one in southland. Unfortunately, this situation and the usher's poor service was a complete turn off from this theater.


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