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CiCi's Pizza Complaints & Reviews

Cici's Pizza / there was nothing to choose from.. maybe three different pizzas

Robery L. Childs on Nov 5, 2018

The place that just opened up it was 11:10 when we walked in it was a little busy it was very short staff... I couldn't tell you who the manager was or the general manager was so apparently there was no lead leader or anything like that the way things were running in the back of the...

Cici's Pizza / cici’s food safety violations and staff

Sue LeMay on Nov 1, 2018

Food safety violations observed (putting fresh lettuce on old limp/brown lettuce. All of the food was cold and hard and I had to ask numerous times for fresh foods. Staff did not pay attention to foods I requested when it came out of oven and watched it sit there for a good while, I had to...

Cici's Pizza / service and food

Msmayo282 on Oct 20, 2018

I am new to the woodlands Texas. Brought my grandchildren to eat on Saturday night at 7pm . NO food on the buffet(I mean it was empty) there was no Alfredo sauce. The noodles were ice cold. Young man (Manager I assume) standing around laughing with 3 girls behind the counter. When I ask...

Cici's Pizza / management treatment of employees and dress code

AmandaWhitlow2018 on Oct 13, 2018

Upon entering the cicis restaurant we were greeted by a bitter complaining manager. She spoke very negatively to her staff. Mainly a young girl named Briana. She complained to us about her just a few steps away from her. It was very unprofessional and mean. This manager was also wearing...

Cici's Pizza / employee yelled at my child

Melinda Altman on Oct 13, 2018

Every Saturday me and my 3 kids go to the CiCi's Pizza in Orange City. We all get the buffet and drinks which comes up to $28 and change I also give my kids $10 a piece to play games they usually play while their personal size pizza gets made because they all like the chicken alfredo...

Cici's Pizza / over charging

Jennjdoza on Oct 7, 2018

I am very disappointed with this cici's. I never pay attention to my receipts or what I'm being charged. In this case I happen to do so. I have noticed first hand this particular location being an unfair and not honoring coupons. This happened to a Hispanic family simply because they could...

Cici's Pizza / rude manager

Paul Preuss on Oct 4, 2018

Actually, this is a formal complaint: I entered my neighborhood Ci Ci's Pizza #877 located at 935 N Shepherd Dr Ste 10 Houston, TX 77008 yesterday evening at approximately 5:15pm and gave my CiCi's guest survey code to the Manager at the register. He then very rudely told me that he...

Cici's Pizza / employees

Star Woods on Sep 30, 2018

I am in Killeen, TX CiCis pizza and NONE of the employees are wearing gloves, not even the people in the back cooking the food. I can see them from the front of the store. I can NOT find a clean table to sit at with my family. I had to use my personal wipes to clean the area. This i...

Cici's Pizza / the food, service

Kathie Ferrel on Sep 28, 2018

On Sept 27th 2018 my husband and I decided to give cicis another try because the last time we were there it was awful we didn't complain just decided never to go back.well I guess we should have stuck to it we arrived about 1:30 the manager very cocky took r money my husband asked him if...

Cici's Pizza / gift card won in contest

Sharon M. Clark on Sep 22, 2018

Re: your digital scratch-off contest (August?) My husband's first scratch was a winner! $10.00! This card arrived earlier this month. The number is: 603628 41695 189775500 8. When we went to use the card we were told that it could not be processed. The store even called the number on the...

CiCi / birthday pizza offer through app

Ba on Sep 20, 2018

Not sure if my complaint was received! I was filing this complaint because of a rude worker at the Lake City CiCi pizza. I just went in to claim my free birthday pizza that came across my CiCi pizza app. I showed the offer to a worker at the counter & she said she needed a code. I told...

Cici's Pizza / the whole establishment and service

Rimer on Sep 15, 2018

The cici's at Brownwood, Tex at 1107 Clements. The date was September 15, 2018. My family and I entered the establishment and were not greeted. The girl at the counter simply stood there I finally had to tell her what I wanted. At first sight the place was very filthy and unkempt. The...

Cici's Pizza / product

Paul hardin on Sep 14, 2018

Went to eat at the Waco tx location on valley mills drive at 2 pm on Friday September 14 Normally we enjoy the food but this time the buffet did NOT have a very big selection and the food tasted like it had been sitting since lunch time there was nothing with jal on it however they did make...

Cici's Pizza / why did you stop selling all of your original noodles???

Willowscircle on Sep 5, 2018

I have a real big problem with the addicting chicken noodle that you serve in your stores. I am very upset that you have stopped serving this item along with your normal noodles (Alfredo and Marinara). I don't understand why this item has been taken down. The chicken noodle was honestly...

Cicis Pizza / the entire experience

CorrieStiv on Sep 2, 2018

From the time I got out of my car to the entrance to the cashier and throughout my dining experience was the worst it has ever been. The entire restaurant was dirty. The pizza was old and cold, the employees were all taking breaks sitting around the restaurant while the pizzas were low...

Cici's Pizza / using bathroom in cici's pizza

NadiaMasaud on Sep 1, 2018

i walked in cicis pizza with my boyfriend, I had told him that I have aten alot of cicis pizza in Texas, that's how I knew about cicis pizza, we walked in because we wanted to use the restroom, we used the bathroom and walked around the restaurant, we were deciding on coming tomorrow for...

Cici's Pizza / staff/service/food

Huntera on Aug 30, 2018

We just left Cici's Pizza in Lake Worth, TX, its 8:50pm on a Thursday evening. We eat at this location frequently. Today was by far the worst service we have ever experienced here. The manager on duty (Christine) was very unprofessional. Throwing pizza at her employees behind the bar...

Cici's Pizza / cleanliness

John Sunman on Aug 13, 2018

After walk ing into your establishment, the first thing we did is choose some pizza slices, my wife and son where in front of me and after choosing there pizzas, they went to find a table, I found them at one, other people's plates piled up on the table, other liquids and food stuff...

Cici's Pizza / salad bar

Rmyers on Aug 11, 2018

I am vegan so there aren't a lot of choices for me but I eat salad and my family likes to go there. At the salad bar they have vinegar out and when I asked for oil they said that's they don't have any! I said well what good is vinegar with no oil for a salad dressing. She said well, we...

Cici's Pizza / restaurant

jgurecki1098 on Aug 1, 2018

My husband and I went to CiCi restaurant #590 on 8-1-18, however this is really getting out of hand with the employees. Not the first time we ha e seen this. Managers there don't seem to care at all. I'm assuming they are employees not even on the clock coming straight in from outside and...