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CiCi's Pizza Complaints & Reviews

Cici's Pizza / Prattville, AL location

Susall on Jul 14, 2018

As my mother & I came in the door, no one greeted us. The young ladies gathering money at the register never acknowledged us! One young lady finally comes to take our order. We get to the salad, salad needed to be stirred & brought to the front, dressings were empty! One we made it to the...

Cici's Pizza / rude customer service

Ford4566 on Jul 9, 2018

Went to sit down after paying for my pizza and there was no sign or anything say area was secure and this woman start yelling at me in Spanish and i speak English and told her that 3 times that and she was mopping the floor but she had 2/3 of the store secured for mopping which is not...

Cici's Pizza / cici's #165 orange park florida

M. Ardis on Jul 8, 2018

My daughter and myself took my 2 grandsons to CiCi's for lunch on Saturday July 7th. As soon as we walked up towards the soda machine you could start to smell sour water and mold. We then sat in the back of the restaurant and the smell of mold was soo strong, my special needs grandson...

Cici's Pizza / entire place

Tressa Howle on Jul 7, 2018

Dirty from the moment we walked in. Drinks and food all over the counters and floors tables. Hair in food. Stale food. Nails on the floors. Bathrooms wher so dirty we could not use them. Plates were dirty food was cold. We wasted 30.00$ on a meal we could not eat we even had to wipe out...

Cici's Pizza / store #489

Darlene Niehaus on Jul 6, 2018

Four of us went for lunch today at about 1145. The restaurant felt and looked dirty to start with. The food was so stale it couldn't be chewed and I mean the "new flatbread" as well as carrots that my 6 yr old couldn't chew. The new advertised lemon bars were nowhere to be found, not even...

Cici's Pizza / pizza and employee

krissyb45365 on Jul 1, 2018

I went into the cicis pizza in Huber heights Ohio today. The staff was not very professional they were to busy playing and flirting with one of the other ladies on the staff. The pizza was hard and was not even cut. I have eaten at this exact location a few times previous and was never...

Cici's Pizza / racial discrimination customer service

Raven McZeal on Jun 28, 2018

Sunday (6/25/18) I went through the drive-thru of Cici's Pizza to place an order, as any paying customer would. When I received my receipt from an employee named Christian that was working the window there was a racial comment on the bottom of my receipt. The comment said "NEGRO AT THE...

Cici's Pizza / service of product

PurpleGist on Jun 26, 2018

I arrived at the Shaver/Southmore location in Pasadena at 8:25 p.m. Paid and requested my usual flat bread pizza and got a bowl of soup. At 8:45, I went to check on the pizza I was rudely told that the pizza was not ready. I proceeded to grab a second bowl of soup, there was no soup. I...

Cici's Pizza / management customer service

Glosalazar on Jun 24, 2018

On 6/24/18 @8:30 PM my family and I stopped into dcf or dinner at store#580. My spouse mistakenly ordered the wrong wings and went to the manager to let her know what had happened. She was very accommodating and said that she would remake and call him in 10 min when they were done. We were...

Cici's Pizza / food, employees, hygiene, language

James Ezell on Jun 23, 2018

I visited cicis pizza on blanding Blvd in Orange Park Florida and I will it was gross that 2 employees where smoking next to the front door and cursing when my children pretty loud when my kid's walked by to enter the food was cold and tasted like crap one employee picked up pizza off one...

Cici's Pizza / food

Fred Raiders on Jun 13, 2018

Worst customer service. Had to ask for everything because even though it was a buffet there was nothing out on the line. I ordered a personal pizza had 2 slices laughed and asked if I could have a container to take them with me. I was told that they would rather throw them away than for me...

Cici's Pizza / pizza choices, personnel, salad bar, cleanliness of the store

RankaM on Jun 9, 2018

Location 15962 Eldorado Pkwy suite 400, Frisco This place went down in the past 2 months. The pizza was horible, they keep 4 choices of pizza on buffet, the rest you have to pre order. We had to tell them that there was no soup and no Salad on the Salad Bar. Employees pretend that don't hear...

Cici's Pizza / the cancellation of the nine dollar pizza and the terrible six dollar one got

Micquie1 on Jun 3, 2018

the cortez rd w Bradenton fl location stopped serving the nine dollar deal great pizza so purchased and upgraded the five dollar pizza for extra cheese and meat. The store . was very busy two people working one guy talking on the phone about how well things were going a little behind but...

Cici's Pizza / nasty sticky floors /dirty tables

Traci Lea Thompson Lopez on Jun 1, 2018

When we got in there we had to clean our own table off.. most of the tables around us were dirty.. there was a large area going around from our table mostly up to the buffet where the floor was so sticky that my daughter and my granddaughters flip-flops were sticking to it.. it was so bad...

Cici's Pizza / the whole deal

Nallen on May 31, 2018

Third time in a row we have ate here and only gotten 1 piece of pizza. No salad on bar no noodles...more pizza in floor than on the bar. Just disgusting. Totally wasted money. Tables were nasty had to clean my own not to mention they had half the place blocked off so they wouldnt have to...

Cici's Pizza / nasty workers

Adallise on May 31, 2018

Hi, I'm a customer in Elkhart in. My friend works at the local cici's. She works there with her bestfriend named Destiny. She had told me that Destiny and another male employee had sex in the freezer well they were closing the store. My friend Alexia told her manager about the indecent and...

Cicis / health cleanliness

Lmauldin on May 29, 2018

Went to cicis in easley sc on may 29th for dinner and was very disappointed to see an employee with gloves reaching in his pocket for his phone. Touch his hair and scratch his ear. Proceded to prep and the swept the floor used dustpan then continued to get pans and dough ready all the...

Cici's Pizza / manager

Tatireyes19904 on May 28, 2018

I went with my kids for dinner after a long day from work around 7pm this late afternoon my total is $23.88 and i give the cashier a $100 bill my change was suppose to be $76.12 she didnt count it back i just grab it thinking she give me the right change so i put it in my purse so once i...

Cici's Pizza / service

Wayne Ridings on May 26, 2018

We went to Cici's on May, 24th at 4:17 P.M. We were on vacation and were really looking forward to trying the New York Style Pizza since we have no Cicis around here. We saw none on the buffet so I requested one. The man putting the pizzas out told me that they were no longer serving that...

Cici's Pizza / cici's pizza cook

Asheeegotweed on May 18, 2018

I went into Cici's pizza today May 18th 2018 at 3pm to eat & had the most ugliest experience ever. I have more then one complaint for the cook (Maria) she has such horrible attitude and is/was extremely rude to me and my son. This has happened to me in more then one occasion and I'm sick...