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CiCi's Pizza Complaints & Reviews

Cici's Pizza / the whole establishment and service

Rimer on Sep 15, 2018

The cici's at Brownwood, Tex at 1107 Clements. The date was September 15, 2018. My family and I entered the establishment and were not greeted. The girl at the counter simply stood there I finally had to tell her what I wanted. At first sight the place was very filthy and unkempt. The...

Cici's Pizza / product

Paul hardin on Sep 14, 2018

Went to eat at the Waco tx location on valley mills drive at 2 pm on Friday September 14 Normally we enjoy the food but this time the buffet did NOT have a very big selection and the food tasted like it had been sitting since lunch time there was nothing with jal on it however they did make...

Cici's Pizza / why did you stop selling all of your original noodles???

Willowscircle on Sep 5, 2018

I have a real big problem with the addicting chicken noodle that you serve in your stores. I am very upset that you have stopped serving this item along with your normal noodles (Alfredo and Marinara). I don't understand why this item has been taken down. The chicken noodle was honestly...

Cicis Pizza / the entire experience

CorrieStiv on Sep 2, 2018

From the time I got out of my car to the entrance to the cashier and throughout my dining experience was the worst it has ever been. The entire restaurant was dirty. The pizza was old and cold, the employees were all taking breaks sitting around the restaurant while the pizzas were low...

Cici's Pizza / using bathroom in cici's pizza

NadiaMasaud on Sep 1, 2018

i walked in cicis pizza with my boyfriend, I had told him that I have aten alot of cicis pizza in Texas, that's how I knew about cicis pizza, we walked in because we wanted to use the restroom, we used the bathroom and walked around the restaurant, we were deciding on coming tomorrow for...

Cici's Pizza / staff/service/food

Huntera on Aug 30, 2018

We just left Cici's Pizza in Lake Worth, TX, its 8:50pm on a Thursday evening. We eat at this location frequently. Today was by far the worst service we have ever experienced here. The manager on duty (Christine) was very unprofessional. Throwing pizza at her employees behind the bar...

Cici's Pizza / cleanliness

John Sunman on Aug 13, 2018

After walk ing into your establishment, the first thing we did is choose some pizza slices, my wife and son where in front of me and after choosing there pizzas, they went to find a table, I found them at one, other people's plates piled up on the table, other liquids and food stuff...

Cici's Pizza / salad bar

Rmyers on Aug 11, 2018

I am vegan so there aren't a lot of choices for me but I eat salad and my family likes to go there. At the salad bar they have vinegar out and when I asked for oil they said that's they don't have any! I said well what good is vinegar with no oil for a salad dressing. She said well, we...

Cici's Pizza / restaurant

jgurecki1098 on Aug 1, 2018

My husband and I went to CiCi restaurant #590 on 8-1-18, however this is really getting out of hand with the employees. Not the first time we ha e seen this. Managers there don't seem to care at all. I'm assuming they are employees not even on the clock coming straight in from outside and...

Cici's Pizza / finding something in my salad on 07/30/2018

Arletha Daniels on Jul 31, 2018

My name is arrletha Daniels me and my sister and niece went to cici pizza in north little rock off McCain in 2815 Lakewood village so i got me a salad with ranch dressing so i put some salad in my mouth and i chew on an hard object i dont know what it was but it like a. Toy or something...

Cici's Pizza / employees

K Rowley on Jul 28, 2018

My famil and I ate at your CiCi's i#17 in Grand Prairie Texas yesterday 7/27/2018. I hadn't been there in quite a while. I asked one of the female employees to make me a pizza. She snapped at me and said, "Fill out the form" The last time I went there, that option was not in place so it...

Cici's Pizza / hammond louisiana location

Amber newman 2017 on Jul 27, 2018

Will y'all please put a cici pizza back in Hammond la it is so missed by so many. They had the best prices and was very friendly we miss this restaurant and would love for it to come back to our area. I don't know why it closed but I know that it waa the best pizza buffet ever and would...

Cici's Pizza / employee referral

Cindy Wells on Jul 23, 2018

Walked through the door and was greeted and everything was fine. Get to sitting down and the busboy (his name tag read Zaiki) came and let us know he would get our plates when we were finished. Which is fine. But he kept coming back every 2-3 mins interrupting us to talk while we were...

Cici's Pizza / prattville, al location

Susall on Jul 14, 2018

As my mother & I came in the door, no one greeted us. The young ladies gathering money at the register never acknowledged us! One young lady finally comes to take our order. We get to the salad, salad needed to be stirred & brought to the front, dressings were empty! One we made it to the...

Cici's Pizza / rude customer service

Ford4566 on Jul 9, 2018

Went to sit down after paying for my pizza and there was no sign or anything say area was secure and this woman start yelling at me in Spanish and i speak English and told her that 3 times that and she was mopping the floor but she had 2/3 of the store secured for mopping which is not...

Cici's Pizza / cici's #165 orange park florida

M. Ardis on Jul 8, 2018

My daughter and myself took my 2 grandsons to CiCi's for lunch on Saturday July 7th. As soon as we walked up towards the soda machine you could start to smell sour water and mold. We then sat in the back of the restaurant and the smell of mold was soo strong, my special needs grandson...

Cici's Pizza / entire place

Tressa Howle on Jul 7, 2018

Dirty from the moment we walked in. Drinks and food all over the counters and floors tables. Hair in food. Stale food. Nails on the floors. Bathrooms wher so dirty we could not use them. Plates were dirty food was cold. We wasted 30.00$ on a meal we could not eat we even had to wipe out...

Cici's Pizza / store #489

Darlene Niehaus on Jul 6, 2018

Four of us went for lunch today at about 1145. The restaurant felt and looked dirty to start with. The food was so stale it couldn't be chewed and I mean the "new flatbread" as well as carrots that my 6 yr old couldn't chew. The new advertised lemon bars were nowhere to be found, not even...

Cici's Pizza / pizza and employee

krissyb45365 on Jul 1, 2018

I went into the cicis pizza in Huber heights Ohio today. The staff was not very professional they were to busy playing and flirting with one of the other ladies on the staff. The pizza was hard and was not even cut. I have eaten at this exact location a few times previous and was never...

Cici's Pizza / racial discrimination customer service

Raven McZeal on Jun 28, 2018

Sunday (6/25/18) I went through the drive-thru of Cici's Pizza to place an order, as any paying customer would. When I received my receipt from an employee named Christian that was working the window there was a racial comment on the bottom of my receipt. The comment said "NEGRO AT THE...