Church's Chicken Restaurantmanagement

L Aug 16, 2018

I called to inform the manager of my sister's hospitalization and both managers that was on duty was very rude and I could not get to tell them the situation. I was trying to secure her job because of this situation but they made it unbearable to even speak with them. This is unacceptable and ridiculous for your store to be ran as such. If I was a paying customer (which I am at times) I am very displeased with the management team. They also called my phone back (private) and continued to be rude and disorderly. This is the Warner Robins, Georgia Watson Blvd. Location. My sister is sick and that wasn't the way to handle the situation let alone any situation. I will not be returning as a customer because of this incident yet I hope she still has her job. This was way beyond what I would have expected from any company and I am very displeased. If any other actions is taken and my sister (Timayah Smith) loses her job, I promise to take legal action.

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