Chrysler2010 town and country: engine stalls

2010 chrysler town and country. ABS/ESP light comes on. Engine stalls completely.
Total shutdown. This usually occurs when braking. I have taken my vehicle to several mechanics (6) and have no resolution. I have replaced many items, but the problem is that no one has found the problem. One dealership had the vehicle when codes were showing, but no problems were found. This is the 4th Chrysler/Dodge product that I have owned, but I am worried about owning my current vehicle, and future vehicles. I do not think that there is enough effort to notify carbuyers of the problems with Chrysler products. Researching online, I see that there are lots of these vehicles that should be off the road. I have called to check on recalls, but my vin number is not one affected according to the month it was manufactured. I have spent at least $1200 on possible items, but the problem is still there. I have an appointment with a dealership for more diagnosis.
I truly would like a resolution and have my vehicle in a safe condition.

Sep 30, 2019

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