Chryslerfailure to honor warranty

D Aug 06, 2018

My 2012 Jeep Wrangler with under 60k miles on it had continued fluctuating engine heat. This vehicle was taken to the Huffines Dealership in Plano, Tx where they said that they were not receiving any error codes, but needed to replace both head gaskets due to warping. I notified them of the extended warranty issued by Chrysler in relation to the head gasket. They refused to honor the warranty due to the error code not showing up even though they said that $3k of work needed to be done. I paid the full price of this and reached our to Chrysler Group for some assistance and clarity in reference to this. I was assigned a Customer Service individual who was unprofessional, arrogant and seemed to have some cognitive issues with understanding basic mechanical references. After she made her decision to not assist me in this situation, I asked to speak to a supervisor. She stated that he decision was final. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and she said that one would call me in 24-48 hrs. That was almost a month ago. Maybe she has a basic failure to understand how to convert min/hr into days. That employee should be reprimanded and placed in a position more deserving of her intelligence. I am still waiting on a call from a supervisor and will continue to escalate my complaints up the corporate chain of command until I am satisfied with explanation for Chrysler's decision and also why they would employee a person with such a lack of customer care and service.

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