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I went to 2 Chrysler dealerships looking for a mini-van. I went to 2 dealerships in my area that are about 5 miles from each other. Both places treat customers like they don't matter. We were treated as if we were an inconvenience as opposed to a potential sale. I later learned that both of these dealerships are owned by the same person. I also discovered that the owner is of Middle Eastern decent and of very questionable character. He has even gone as far as to put someone else's name on his building so as to keep his identity private. I seriously question this man's motives and things that I heard about him and his dealerships as I was investigating, make me very very uncomfortable. This is the only reason that I would not leave my name on this board. He has my personal information from when I test drove a car and I don't trust for a minute what may happen to me if my name were disclosed. I would warn anybody in South Florida that is shopping for a Chrysler to be very careful where they go. I hope someone of high authority is keeping a close eye on this owner.

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