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Ako po si nag complain po ako about sa staff ng chowking tutuban 2nd floor tanghali po nag complain po ako dhl hndi ko po nagustuhan ang attitude ng staff nyo na si mark xa po ay parang siga kung umasta nag serve xa ng meal samin na para padabog at nag tanong ung kasma ko kung saan ang spoon at fork prang wla xa narinig at bigla nya tinapon ung table number sa counter sana po ay mabigyan po ninyo na disiplinary ang staff nyo para hindi na maulit ang pangyayare na katulad nito


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      Oct 12, 2019

    The rise of the binary market has attracted many con artists to the foray, and they start even before you open your account. In order to understand whether the brokerage site you are visiting is genuine or a fake, you must have some basic knowledge about how these scams work?
    This is the first type of scam artists. Once you enroll with such brokers and make a deposit, and try to request a withdrawal, you just can’t. sometimes, such brokers go even step further and calls you up to deposit further funds to initiate the withdrawals by making some nonsense argument of how beneficial it is to deposit further funds to your account. Then, the nimble trader request for withdrawal which is now repeatedly denied, your phone calls go unanswered, and your e-mails to the customer support start bouncing. All your attempts to get your own money goes in vain with some point in terms and conditions or having no one in the organization to listen to your requests. Then only you realize that you have been conned, while, the realization would not have cost a million but surely thousands of dollars.
    I first got a call from a trader in March 2017. Less than a year later, through a very calibrated process of baiting me with phantom profits, and matching my losses, I was in over $600, 000. And they did put me in touch with a broker. He told me there was an insurance that they get on them, every trade that we do that's secured, he will put in there that it's an insured secure trade. Ah, and then that particular trade, I won't lose any money on if we lose. Okay? But the catch is, you have to bring in an additional $12, 000 in order to get that secured trade status on your account. Once I hit a certain profit level, I tried to remove money from them. That's when they denied me being able to take out my own money. I had to actually have 20 times that amount before I would qualify for, withdraw any funds. That's when I came to the realization that there was something wrong here, and that I reached out to the CFTC ( commodities trade future commission) for help.The CFTC received many phone calls like these. It became clear that this scheme was big.They told me In terms of customers receiving restitution, in these types of frauds, it's very difficult.
    I was bankrupt but luckily one of the officials i met at CFTC and was in regular contact with linked me up with a lady who got help from retrieved her money back from the same binary options company.
    [protected] is the contact email. thanks.

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      Oct 12, 2019

    I trust the procedures of OXPAHAT ORGANIZATION i used to recover my funds from binary options trade, Before I refer you to them i know they can help you, It's all left for you now, if you want to get back your money or not, if you still want to let go of it you can still decide it on your own so they are not forcing you to pay them for the upfront fee, %100 sure Guarantee that they can help you get back your lost funds, but if you can't afford there upfront fee, you can still try another recovery company. contact me via email: [protected]@OXPAHAT.ORG for more info on how to recover your lost funds. And i will guide you on steps to take and get back all you have lost.

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