Resolved Chipotlerude behaviour and extra charge

This complaint is regarding the rude and emabarisng behaviour i was subjected to while purchasing dinner at Chipotle. I had ordered bowl of vegatarian burrito and a bottle of water which cost me $ 8.70. I had initially paid $7 and then paid the cashier and extra $9 . The cashier had conviniently forgotten that i had paid him $7 and stated tht all I paid him was $ 2. And made me paid the entire amount again.
I paid the amout without arguing at that point and returned after my dinner to verify if the footage had captured me not payin or other wise. The cashier was extremely rude ad called on hi smanager and other staff to make his poit and refused to show the footage.

the entire behavouir ws very insulting and emabarring. This incident happened on 2/4/2010 at 9:15 PM. The concren is not of the extra 8.70 dollars that I had to pay but of the rude behaviour which was uncalled for and should have been controlled.

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