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Chilis Of Columbus MSbad service and horrible food

The Chilis in my town is the worst and nastiest resturant ever. My friends and I got sick from eatting there. The area is always nasty and the workers that work there are nasty looking. The food is always cold and the cooks are always walking in the front of the building drinking drinks. The greeter at the door have attitudes and it is the worst restuarant they need to be fined. I drive behind there and was asking a worker does it circle around. I just moved here from Cali. This lady opened her mouth and she had no teeth at all and I was like ugh! I asked her what did she do there... She told me she checks the food...OMG she was smoking and her hair looked nasty and so did she. This resturant in Columbus, Ms makes all Chilis look horrible!!


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    anonymous. Sep 22, 2009

    Chilis of Columbus is not nasty. They are working very hard on their reputation. The food is good, and the service is great! You should really stop by there sometime and check it out now. The resturant is clean, the employees are not nasty and do not look nasty. I would love to know your server's name. I might know them. I've lived in Columbus for a long time. I always heard that the Chilis of Columbus had horrible food and service, so I was skeptical to try it. I decided to try it one time, and I had an okay experience. That was a couple of summers ago, but not long after them opening. If that was then, then don't you think that they have worked on it since then? They really have.

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    sciencegooroo Jan 18, 2010

    Chili's of Columbus is a hit or miss experience. I ate there a couple of days ago and my server was Lee Ann. She was awesome!!! She was busy but never took it out on us or any of her other tables. The food was good as well. I've been there before and got horrible service. I can honestly say that Chili's is working on the reputation.

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