Chili's Grill & Barservice and food

H Aug 17, 2019 Review updated:

From the moment we entered the front door until the moment we made our exit the Chili's Indian Land, S.C. Was "wheels off".
No manager to be found
Bar understaffed
Wait staff woefully understaffed (finally had to leave our table and look for a wait person to take our order)
Ordered a round of drinks. After 30 min and no drinks one of us walked to the bar and retrieved them.
Ice had melted they had sat so long.
Food finally came after an unusually long wait and tasted the worst we've ever had at Chili's. Part of our order never came even though we told the waitress it was missing. We asked to speak with a manager who never appeared. Finally we had enough so we paid and left.
This location will heavily depend on The 3000 homes in Sun City Carolina Lakes across the highway, but, with service and food so poor they will find another place to dine.


  •   Aug 17, 2019

    Why'd you stay?

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  • J
      Aug 17, 2019

    Wow...I just submitted mine for this terrible place and low and behold yours for the same day and place is the first review listed! Lots of people will come once especially from Sun City and surrounding areas, but getting them to come a second time will not be as easy.

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  •   Aug 17, 2019

    Why’d you wait thirty minutes for drinks and still stay? You saw the understaffed servers, the long wait and other problems yet stayed and ate. Could have been a bad night and things were wrong. Did you call the next day to report your bad experience?

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