Chili's Grill & Barservice

B Oct 25, 2018

Went in door, restaurant was empty only two customers at the bar. 20 college kids outside. Went to sit at the bar was told no seating and no open bar available. Asked for manager said it was 20-30 minute wait. She said no open seating at the bar. I told her it was practically empty and she said not enough workers. So no seating. This is crap. Worst experience ever and especially at a chili's which I thought was a good place. This was at 7pm on a Thursday night. Staff was all standing around talking to other college kids whom I guess they all in classes together. How can you not except my business and afford to keep this place open if you will not wait on the very few customers that are there. I have never heard or seen this happen in my life and I am a business owner myself. Absolutely sad

  • Updated by Blackroush1$ · Oct 25, 2018

    Went back over from my hotel 30 min later and 3 people at bar again empty and still no seating. Place is empty practically in dinning area and workers just playing around. I left and said the hell with it I take my business elsewhere

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