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On Aug 13th my husband and I went to the Chilis located in Houma, LA (70360). I had to talk my husband into going because he had eaten there a few months ago and was very unimpressed with the service and the food. I wanted to try the "two for $20 ribs" so I told him we should go to dinner early so it would not be busy and see if he had a better experience. We entered the restaurant a few minutes after 4pm. We were told by the hostess (who never once smiled) there would be a 15-20 min wait. To my left I could see 10 tables, some clean, some just needed to be wiped down and some with dirty glasses still on them. Out of the 10 tables, 1 table had customers. To my right (the bar area) I could see 12 tables with 2 tables with customers. Several people came in and some looked around and decided to eat elsewhere, some went to eat at the bar. During the 30 minutes we waited only 2 additional tables were seated somewhere in the back of the restaurant. The discussion between the waiting guests was how we could not believe there were so many tables available, but so few were being seated. It was amazing to me the waitstaff did not seem to be concerned either, even though they only had one or two tables in the areas I could see, with customers. At the end of our 30 min wait I finally asked to speak to the manager. A very nice man by the name of James came to the front and asked if we were being helped. I explained to him the above concerns and his takeaway was the hostess had told us we were going to have a 30 min wait. I explained that she had said 15-20 min, but that was not the point I was trying to make. Again I showed him the empty tables to the left and right and explained that two other sets of customers had been waiting longer than us and that made no sense for the number of empty tables and adequate staff. He apologized and we left to go next door to the Outback (I found out they have ribs also). Outback was much busier, but there was no wait. We were seated immediately by a very friendly hostess. Within 10 minutes we were eating our salad, bread and had our drinks. The two experiences were completely different. I remember several years ago when Chilis was one of our favorite restaurants. Now we will not waste our time ever going back.

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Jul 13, 2016 7:50 am EDT

my husband and i went there for lunch today and had the worst experience ever. my waitress brought us our burgers and never came back to our table to see if we wanted anything, which we did. my husband wanted some mustard and i told her my burger didnt have the shoestring onions on it like it was suppose to. she said she would be right back and finanally came back with the mustard after he was done with his burger. same thing with the onions. my burger was so overcooked that it would choke you. i looked at it and it was burnt on one side and way overcooked. she never came back. i wanted some more coke and never got a refill. later she slapped the receipt on our table and said thanks and walked on. she never asked us if we wanted any dessert, which usually we do order dessert. we were pretty fed up by this point and paid our bill and left, with no tip for her. i just wanted to let you know how i feel because i usually never complain but that was a big waste of money and probably never go back there again.
my name is shelia clift and you can call me at [protected]. thank you

Jul 13, 2016 7:50 am EDT
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It's Sunday night decided to go to the Chili's in Novi, Mi and sit in the bar area have dinner and watch the football game...Upon arriving there was an open table in the bar area however it needed to be cleaned. We told the hostess we wanted to sit in the bar area so there was no need to add us to the wait-list.

After several and I mean several minutes of waiting the table was still not cleaned and I again approached the hostess only to be told everyone was busy...I continued to wait and watch as those who arrived well after me were seated and had started receiving their food.

Again I approached the hostess only to be told once again the servers in the bar area were too busy to clean the table...At this point I gave up on watching the football game in the bar area and asked to sit in the regular table area. Of course I then had to wait my turn for a table.

Despite what was an obvious bad situation no one from management got involved and the hostess appeared afraid to ask the bar area servers why it was taking so long to clean the table...I ate my meal and promptly left.

While I was upset enough to send this e-mail, management of Chili's should be even more upset...the bar servers let a profit producing table sit un-cleaned and vacant in order to ease their workload...then rather than me and my guess having appetizers, dinner and drinks as we watched the game we only had dinner no drinks, no appetizers and the restaurant didn't get the revenue from those items.

What happened to me tonight only cost me time and my perception of Chili"s but it cost Chili's revenue (and we both know this probably didn't only happen to me but is a regular practice for the bar servers to control workload) and very possibly it cost Chili's a regular customer.

Dec 20, 2012 11:27 am EST
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had a bad experience with chili's in carpenters-ville!food was cold and awful!thought seeing it was close to home would give it a try we waited to be seated for about 5 min no hostess was at the stand at all, the waiter acted like he was scared of us 11never once asked would we like a refill on our drinks ! soda and a tea!will never go back to that chilis ! we paid 25.00 for cold food and crappy service !

Jul 13, 2016 7:50 am EDT

Did you ask for a manager? You know, I find it. Hard to do, but if I were treated like this I would have!

Aug 12, 2012 6:47 am EDT
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Feb 13, 2012 2:18 am EST

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Feb 13, 2012 2:17 am EST

On Sunday night, I ordered two meals from Chili's on Broadway in Boise. Right now I am battling stage 4 cancer, so I look pretty bad, No eyelashes or brows, I wore a knit cap to cover my bald head. I have to wonder if that was the cause of my bad experience. I went into Chili's at 6:00. I had to go to the bar. The bartender was making change and did not even acknowledged me. Two men came in and sat at the bar about 10 minutes later. She drew their beers and then drew a beer for someone in the kitchen. By now I have been waiting 20 minutes. Finally she spoke to me. She went & got a waitress. The waitress said I had not placed an order. I told her I had used the computer ordering. The manager came out & informed me that they had my order, but the computer system does not put the time on it. Frankly whats the point of the system? He did give me a coupon for the next time I come in. Neither he nor the waitress offered offered to hurry and cook my order. If I had been acknowledged before the beer drinkers there would have been time to cook my order. Not one of them offered to do that for me. Is this really Chili's? I know Sunday are not busy but I still expected to get the meal I ordered,


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