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My wife's 96 year old mother has a checking account with BB&T in which her SS check is direct deposited on the 3rd of every month. Every month two checks are written from her account to pay the nursing home where she lives. The checks are always dated the 3rd of the month and mailed so as to arrive at the nursing home on the 3rd. This month (March) they arrived early, on the 2nd, and and deposited immediately. The bank honored the deposits even though they were dated the 3rd and then charged my mother-in-law $70 for two overdrafts. The bank said they did nothing wrong and won't refund the overdraft charges. There was enough money in her account to cover the small check but the bank took the large one out first so they could charge the 2nd overdraft fee. The bank couldn't be bothered to check the account history to see the activity. There was no concern for the customer. It looks like this was seen as another opportunity to make a little money.


  • Do
    DontTrustUsbanks Jun 20, 2011

    i expected to have a certain amount of money in my account and awas told by a online banker that i had a certain amount of funds; i spent not more then 10$ on three different transactions and aquired the charges do to the fact they say there was pending charges they neve new about and i also didn't now they didn't with drawl' this has put me into a negative balance where they charged me a 25$ fee every 8th day it wasn't paid i never new or was told aboout this a week goes by and an unexpected charge came out against my permission and im charge 39.99$ plus 33$ from the bank weeks goe by from the 20th of april till the 14th of may i now owe the bank over 200$ i wrote a check for 129$ not knowing i owed anything and went to deposite the money that day of129$ they took out the money i owe leaving me still owing with a check soon to be withdrawn of 129 the check comes out that day making me now owe over 200$ and still aquiring late charge (called extended late charges) so i put money in to cover all the fee's over 200$ more dollars making me have 135$ availible in my account then another odd charge comes out of my account for 243$ an i get a 33% charge and another 25 over ten late fee' s and multiple overdraft charges later i know owe 179$ (there responce was, "this is how we make are money") they didn't take any of the late fee's away or over-draft charges even though two of the charges weren't mine and the call ctr. banker told me i didn't have anything pending and had funds availible and my calcations were the same as his were...DONOT TRUST THIS BANK BEWARE!

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  • Cr
    Craig007 May 05, 2011

    The worst customer service ever. I called in and wished the Customer service rep, Shirely, Good morning and she didn't even care to reciprocate. It was at 9:00 clock for somebody to even start having a bad day. Anyways I got down to the business about the new fees they charged, I am being referred back to that I have to read my statements properly. It's that I was out of country for a while and had missed about 45 days of mail...basically one statement where they claim that they have sent out the details about the new charges. I obliged and went thru my old mail and was able to figure out some of the fees they are charging. One of the charges were the maintenance fees...which last year was for not maintaining min balance, and apparently they changed to have some minimum no of transactions. I fail to understand why it would it cost them less to have more transactions on the account as opposed to less than five. This is just another way for the banks to gouge more than their fair share of customer's money. This was supposed to be totally Free checking I have been with them for more than 18 years, this is how they choose to repay the loyalty...totally disgusted on how low they can stoop...

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  • Sa
    saxcat00 Feb 03, 2011

    I opened an account approximately two years ago. I hardly used the account, and had a balance of approximately $4.52. At some point in October of 2010, US Bank assessed a $5.00 "returned statement fee", that overdrew my account by .48 cents. Even though I had signed up for US Bank alerts, I never recieved an alert, by email or paper. In February of 2011, I recieved an email alert that my address had been changed. When I called the customer service center, imagine my surprise when I was told my account was in collections and I had been charged a WHOPPING $180.00!!! Apparently US Bank, with their ridiculous fee, overdrew me, and then charged me $25/week for being overdrawn. I called US Bank 13 times in 3 days, was transferred all over the place, promised calls back I never recieved, and when I finally spoke with an assistant manager (the branch manager wouldn't talk to me) they refused to refund my fees. This is absolutely disgusting and I'm subsequently filing a report with the Attorney General's office. US Bank is HORRIBLE!

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  • Kh
    khloee04 Jun 01, 2010

    they did not leave all the purchases pending. The merchant didnt complete the transaction...they have 3 days to do it. You should not be using the internet to check your balance can and will be incorrect. Your hubby was at fault for overdrawing the account . All banks run them thru largest to smallest. legallly if your work puts it over they have to show that BUt can not make it available until your work says. banks refuse to babysit anymore...

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  • Tx
    txchik Jun 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Beware !! In the last couple of months Wells Fargo has changed their online banking procedures in a way to easily rack up overdraft fees. I personally went in and spoke to a banker on 04/2010 to have all over draft options turned off. This does not matter you will still acrue overdraft fees through their creative accounting process they have recently initiated.

    It works like this...
    I had $1000 in my joint checking with my husband on the first of May. I spent most to pay all the months bills and buy gas and groceries on the 2nd. Midnight of the third my husband transfered $250 to his eagle cash card for him to use in Iraq (he is an active duty service member currently deployed). His transaction was made last but it overdrew the account by $50 which should be fine because we have the money in savings and I am supposed to get alerts via email that also comes to my phone immediatly.
    The creative accounting comes in here. They left all purchases as pending for three days and proceeded to approve in order the biggest amounts first which was rent and his transfer. They changed the date of his transfer request to reflect that it had been requested and made BEFORE the small purchases which was incorrect. Because of theire switching and pending tricks they were then able to access overdraft fees on 6 pending actions. I happened to check the account before midnight of the pending transactions that would technically cause overdraft and tranfered $300 to make sure it was all covered and no fees were given. They posted my tranfer as the NEXT business day when I went to look again and went ahead and assesed 6 $35 overdraft fees. I cover the amount and call and talk with a banker about transactions not going through in the order they were made and get no help. So I resolve to speak to a banker the next day. TWO DAYS after I have fixed this problem I get the notification of insufficient funds. I call to tell them as am example that their system in incorrect and not giving notice in accurate time, they do nothing but agree I am not negative in my account.

    Until I figure out if this problem was me or them I cancelled all cards to this account. I have a direct deposit that goes in the 1st and 15th of every month. Memorial day weekend (3 days before the first) I notice that my direct deposit has reflected as available. I am confused because my pay Never comes in early unless the first or 15th is on a saturday or sunday or a major holiday. June 1st is on Tuesday the day after the holiday. I open to account activity and realize this is not actually money available. They had it pending for June 1st and by doing so it allowed me to use money that I may have thought I had but on the first they would process all debits as a weekend purchase before processing the credit of deposit so that they could cause another $400 in overdraft fees with me realizing and in the end the way they process it makes it seemingly my fault even though they make it appear on the overview page as if it is available. I would also like to mention that formerly my deposits were never pending online. They did not show until approved and available, so this is a new trap. Beware!

    They will run all your debits first in order of largest amount of money not in order you made them and they will pend all deposits while processing debits first, even if you made them at the same time. This way they can charge you $35 and make it appear legit, as if you did not make your deposit in time. They will switch dates of purchase made to reflect day it was processed instead so that the accounting appears correct and not creative. They apparently will also now show you money pending as available before it has processed or been deposited so it appears as if it is available to spend when it is not yet. When you do spend they will process debits first and further pend your deposit and change deposit date to reflect date they finally processed it.

    I will no longer be doing business with them.

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  • Js
    jsting09 Jan 25, 2010

    I had a banking account with fifth third bank. I also have a life insurance policy. In order to pay that policy I needed a checking account I went to the closest bank to me which was fifth third to do the account. I put $50.00 in the acount to start it. Our life insurance was coming out on the second of every month. so on the three days before it was to be taken out my husband was paid we put the money in, but on the second for some reason the money was still not in the account. We used cash to do so. 5/3 charged us $25.00 in overdraft fee plus $8.00 a day. We did not know that we were overdrafted until it was too late and it was $275.00. I do not have a job I am a stay at home mom with my 3 month old premie son. So we are living off my husbands minimum wage job only paying rent, phone bill, gas bill, car insurance, and other odds and ends for our son as well as ourself including gas for the car and food. We tried to close out the account and pay as we went but they refused to do so. They said we have to wait until it goes to collections so we now owe $375.00 to 5/3 bank. We will never be able to pay that off in our life time. Please if you need a bank do not go through 5/3 bank. How they are still in business I don't know and really don't care I just know that they are raping people of their money and don't care about how bad our economy is.

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  • To
    toniman Oct 28, 2009

    Beware of this bank. I was a happy customer of Commerce bank and since TD took over it has changed a lot for worse. Last thing is that they have changed the way the debit card operates without my permission. Before the change, payments that exceeded your balance didn't go through. Now they go through and they charge an outrageous overdraft fee, 35USD per item. They also process the payments from higher to lower amounts, in such a way that the number of overdraft items is maximize. For example, if you have 100USD in your account and you make one payment of 100 hundred and 6 payments of 1USD, your 6 1$ payments will be consider overdraft and you will have two pay 6 times 35=210USD. If they processed them in the opposite order you would only have to pay the fee once. The customer service has really worsened as well. I asked them if I was opted in in any other service without my permission and they very unfriendly asked me to read the 50 pages booklet that they sent after the merger.

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  • An
    Angel SUarez Oct 15, 2009

    We are a new company, this bank has charged us $264.00 in overdraft charges for 2 overdraft of less than $5.oo dollars.

    A coimpany make a direct charge on my account so the account was overdrafted for $4.32, so they charge $66.00 for overdraft + $33.00 for returnning check.

    Two days latter the company try again to make that charge, but now the account is overdraft $136.32 (thats the original $4.32 + $132.00 that the bank charged me), so they charge me again $132.00.

    Total charges $264.00
    Charges made by the other company $68.00
    Total charges by the other company on the second time $35.00

    So we lost a total of $ 364.00

    We just open a new account with Bank of America, they charge only $10.00 for something like this.

    Angel Suarez

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  • He
    Helena Hall Jul 14, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I got the notice of overdrawn account from Wachovia Bank and I never even knew that I have one. I opened Equity line with them two years ago and they opened checking account for me without telling. When I called they told me that my account was inactive and they charged fee because of Federal regulation. I am filing complaint with Federal Reserve Board.

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  • Sw
    swan20 Oct 23, 2008

    I know Wamu really don't nickle and dime you but they cut back on so much to cover that. In July i had an overdraft fee after i paid my Electric bill. Now my husband and I only paid when we see the post of his direct deposit in. Which has been nearly 4 years of direct deposit from same work place. Always posted on the 14th before midnight. If it's a weekend, it will be post 1-3 days prior. We wait until we see the number appear on the right showing the balance before using it. We paid on the 15th late noon, shows pending and taken out a few days later. On the 20th i see the OD fee. I checked it again and it shows that the bill was paid on the 19th but deposit date has changed to the 20th, that means we are one date late on one transaction. I messaged them online over 5 times, 4 was all canned responses and the fifth a real person who apologized and refund the fee as it was an error in their system that did not post the correct date and changed to 4 days later. This was our first OD fee for over ten years with 4 accounts for me and 2 for my husband.

    After that, I am extremely careful. I check my accounts everyday morning, noon and before i go to bed at around 1-2am in the morning. Wamu shows pending now in orange so i check alot to transfer money from one to the other to be safe.

    One 10/22/08 at 1 AM or so i checked my account as i am expecting a transaction to go through, did not see a pending or anything at all with a positive balance. So to be safe i transfered in twice the amount in case and went to bed. Hours later at around noon i checked again and see my transfer went in on the 10/22 but the transaction went in on 10/21 which i didn't see hours before. I freaked out as why the date is off. i messaged them and got 3 canned responses. Finally one real person response saying our cut of time if 11pm the night before. If by that, i should have seen the transaction as it was early morning the next day. After more canned responses, i asked them to remove the OD protection over 3 times and they wont even address that. When called in with the problem, i get a rep who say online banking has nothing to do with what they do. Meaning it's a problem that they can't handle or help.

    I really hate it when online banking dont have exact updates on their website as they stated. If their cut off time is 11pm, . all transactions should have been updated to let me know, not after the next day. It's useless to have 3 other accounts that have extra money to transfer too.

    Since with no help online or phone, i finally resort to file with the BBB, hopefully i get a real response from the company but very little hope as the have a "F" rating with the BBB. (yes, F is the lowest you can get)...most are from non-response from company to boost.

    Sorry for the long rant. Feels better now.Thanks

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