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Chaturbate review: Authoritarian ai is defintely employed on chaturbate

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It sounds weird to say that an entertainment company such as Chaturbate would care less about what you're thinking and the way you choose to express your sensuality.

Sadly they do.

Liberal Authoritarianism goes far beyond 'social media' sites.

Those who claim that USA was highjacked by China are not too far off, when you consider that a site like this will exterminate you because of thoughts or actions they've decided they don't like.

What thoughts? What actions?

I'll list them as follows: beauty, dancing, singing and a love of harmless banter.

I'm an eye-catching model who likes to dance and sing.

Anywhere else, my showomanship steals the show and all eyes and ears are directed my way.

99% of models are no match for my talent and energy.

On CB, however, I'm reduced to an empty room (empty for as long as I choose to remain on this extremely bigoted site).

No, Shirley Lara, men are not turned off by beauty or charisma, nor are they disgusted by vibrant outgoing people.

You've turned what could have been a fun and diverse site into a rigged and highly discriminatory wasteland of horny bots paying virtual studios for amateur porn.

We all know what your site, Chaturbate, does with the videos after they're made.

We don't have to do what your bots tell us to do. Some of us have different approaches and ways we wish to relate to people.

So some of the bots which run your site seem real, even as they instruct us as to what men like and what we should really be doing.

But guess what? Not everybody likes the same things.

So stop allowing AI to turn people who refuse to follow Chaturbate's dictates into nonentitites.

I know I'm not the only one who is fed up with 'Woke'-ism, aborbed into a corporatized and highly automated set of tech coding which does nothing but discriminate and cancel anyone who fails to comply to modes of behavior which should have no play in the imaginary world your site and oher platforms are trying to enact.

We are not zeros because we choose to be ourselves.

Have 'liberals' turned into such unattractive, unintelligent, weak and ugly people that they require the benefit of cheating to legitimize their worth?

You have no right to waste our time, you have no right to judge us and you have no right to psychologically demoralize us because we're different.

Liberal Fascism has reached a precipice.

We're fed up.

Stop telling us what to do then punishing us when we fail to do them. And, most of all: be transparent.

If you require us to pay you to work TELL US THAT.

Make no mistake, I am indeed liberal. I was taught to respect everyone, be honest and be the best I can be.

I was taught that free speech is a wonderful thing, as long as it doesn't cause harm to anyone else.

But when you start to discriminate against people via an automated response to their facial features, hair texture, physical presentation and vocal utterances I have a real problem.

In short, your site is garbage.

You exalt the worst kind of behavior and exterminate the best. You exalt ugliness and exterminate beauty. You honor compliance and imprison free will.

And, for this, I feel you should be imprisoned and your site shut down.

Sound weird?


But active cruelty, discrimination, textbook gaslighting, psychological abuse and algorithmic coercion are normal?

I woud hate to think so.

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