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Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporationdishonest mortgage foreclosure

Due to both of us losing our job at the same time, we were forced to file bankruptcy in 2005. Thanks to God's providence, we were able to "save" our home, or so we thought.

After the bankruptcy was discharged, the mortgage company, Chase Manhattan Mortgage Bank, began sending me "statements" from their "Homeowners Assistance Division" that did not show a due date, and, had the following statement printed on them:

This statement is not a request for payment. Another statement will be printed and mailed to you upon application of your next payment.

Like any logical person, I assumed that this was their way of "helping me reestablish my credit", and, twice over the course of a year and a half, I took advantage of this by paying "late" (according to my ORIGINAL loan terms, which again were not listed on the "statements" I was receiving). This, apparently, was my "crime".

All was (seemingly) good until Chase returned my November 2006 payment with a curt letter that listed "Need up to date funds" as the "reason" for returning it. I called them and was told that I owed them over $4,700 for payments, late fees, and legal fees (the "up to date funds"). I asked them to tell me what the late and legal fees were for, and they wouldn't. I requested that they send me a detailed statement of what I owed, which they said they would. I have not received it to date.

A week later, I received a letter saying that I owed them the above amount "plus any other payment that becomes due in the interim" by December 16th or they would take legal action. I called them again and asked them to explain how I could have "late fees" when there is no due date on the "statements", and, why none of their statements indicated that I was being charged or accruing late fees? I also asked them to explain what the "legal fees" were and when they were incurred. They skirted the issues (rudely and arrogantly) and basically argued with me. I finally got them to say that the amount I owed them was made up of three "late" payments plus late charges of over $400 and legal fees of $700. I demanded again that they send me a written, detailed statement of what they claimed I owed them.

Since I didn't get the requested information, and since the deadline was imminent, on the advice of my lawyer, I sent the certified amount of three payments plus three late fees (approx $3,900) along with a letter recapping all of this and AGAIN asking for a detailed statement showing their charges. This was signed for by them prior to their December 16th deadline (12/15).

Their response? A week later, I received a letter from their lawyers indicating that they were initiating foreclosure proceedings. A couple days later, I received the check back with the same stupid "reason": "Need up to date funds".

The sad part is, I had been putting money away in savings which I could have used to pay their "late fees", if they had only advised that I owed them! Instead, they wait until it is a very large amount, obviously banking on the fact that most people couldn't come up with the money to pay them.

DO NOT get a mortgage from Chase Manhattan Mortgage company!!!! They have made NO effort to resolve this amicably. They seem intent on putting the screws to us, simply because they think they can get away with it.

I have seen several other [redacted]s about this reprehensible company, who preys on those who are least able to help themselves, due to financial hardship. I would heartily recommend that a class action lawsuit be filed against these jerks to make them pay for their insolence!


  • Jo
    joebreal May 19, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Chase bank is full of greddy, overpaid, over educated ### sticks. There is power in numbers, so unite to form a coalition, God knows the O.C.C. is corrupt as the banks, as is evidence in their sham of a Independent Foreclourse Review.

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  • Gu
    guijahmoon Aug 13, 2012

    Chase Manhattan Mortgage is a Fraudulent And Terrible worst than any forgien threat to our country. moreover they are reprehensible liars. I lost my home after I advised them of an accident on my job lead to disability. I was ripped from my home and throw in the street. Letters were sent with total fraudulent statements. also I purchased a accidental disability insurance policy too. It was cancelled by Chase with no explanation after the forms were faxed to my Doctor. Then I had a letter from Prudential Insurance stating no lapses in coverage for homeowners insurance. Chase said unacceptable documentation. and threw me out on the street. My Doctor wrote Chase several times on my behalf requesting them to fix their records and it would be a social disaster for me to lose my home. They ignored our plea. Chase Manhattan is the terrorism that threatens Americans...Believe this it is true...

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  • Ho
    hopelesshomeowner May 10, 2011

    Chase mortgage is the biggest bunch of idiots I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. I applied for a loan modification and was approved, but instead of lowering my payment they actually increased it by 200.00 dollars. If i couldn't make the original payment, how do they think I can make the higher one? I wish the government would shut them down!!!

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  • Di
    Disgusted in MD Sep 29, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    These stories are all so familiar. We too were given the same run around with Chase when Chase jumped the gun by the one last day we had to pay our land taxes, and paid the taxes for us. Since my husband and I are self employed and had been struggling for years, we weren't able to make the full payment plus the additional full year's escrol payment. We made three month's payments that were just shy of the new full amount (dumb move) - that they considered to be missed payments. During this time, we kept calling and calling to see about loan modification, or to see if we could put the amount of the escrol on the back side of the loan (we had been in the house for over 11 years by this time and had paid them hundreds of thousands of $ by this time, so we weren't going to walk away...) but we were never able to get an answer. After not making any payment for two months, we were sent foreclosure papers. Talk about fast!
    Finally, after getting so upset, spending hours on the phone and getting three different new monthly payment amounts, (but never any legal signed document to back it up!!!) I called our Congressman and was referred to a housing counselor. The housing counselor who had been in the business for years, called and spoke with some idiot at Chase, only to get a different monthly payment amount. And no guarantee that foreclosure would be stopped. So why would we send them any money ANYWAY?? The housing counselor was stunned and said, "I can't believe this, - but you are getting SCREWED!! He then suggested that we file bankruptcy to stop the foreclosure. The saga continues, but it has left a very bitter taste in my mouth. I've worked so hard, paid my own way, been a productive member of society and this is the help I get? Today in the Washington Post (9.29.10) there's an article on how back handed and screwed up the mortgage lenders are. What's next? A bunch of law suits (legitimate ones, albeit!) that our government (and our tax money) will have to bail out? When are the greedy b*stards at the banks and Wall Steet going to pay?!?!!?

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  • Ar
    armistead Sep 07, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Chase had been a nightmare. My wife was on disability. I lost my job due to a nerve disease, but went to work for myself instead of waiting years for SS. I did OK until the economy went bad. My illness put me basically out of business, lost my license, but I still tried...but enough of that.
    We got 4 months behinds. Chase told us to do a modification. Like most, after hundreds of phone calls, runarounds, we got in the mail that we had been approved and the paperwork was being done and we would later get our payment schedule. We even offered to make some payments why they were doing the workout, but they wouldn't take them or said they couldn't why the modification was in progress. So after a few months we called about when we could start making payments. They said our paperwork was too old and somehow after being approved, we're not approved. Even during the approval process, we had to call non stop to get the paperwork. Twice we were told it was mailed, we never got it. We were waiting on forms. We finally printed the forms off the net ourselves and mailed them. Each month we would send paperwork only to be told later they need more paperwork, but we were relieved when we got the letter we were approved. We asked how could they approve us, give it to us in writing and later just say we're not approved. We asked to redo the paperwork, but now it's too late. They told us we're approved and so we wait, they didn't contact us, anything. When we didn't recieve a payment plan after two months of being approved, we called them, only to be told we're not approved and they had already started foreclosure. You call and no one ever has a clue what has been done. During this whole process, over 12 months we offered over and over to make payments. We could've probably even caught up or now be only a few behind, but they refused to take them. May they rot in hell.

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  • Ch
    ChrystalM Apr 05, 2010

    I completly agree with TC. The exact same things are going on with my mom. Chase will not send her any statements, which she has requested on numerous occasions. A chase employee told her that statements are a courtesy!!! A courtesy???? Really??? They also made modifications to her payments and was told not to send a payment until she received the paperwork.. Guess what, it was never sent. That too must be a courtesy. She can never get ahold of anyone. They purposely leave her on hold for 45 minutes to an hour. And she hoes through this about 5 times a month. Obviously chase thinks people have nothing better to do than sit on the phone for an hour just to get connected with a ###, an ###, someone who gives you the cplete runaround, someone in a different country. I mean you would think with this being such a big company that they could possibly get it together but no. They operate as if all the employs were just thrown into this job and when they don't know what to do or say they just put you on hold. Chase manhattan, Fannie Mae, Freddie mac, bank of America, ect... Are A SCAM. They don't care about the American people. They are just here to make as much money as possible whatever the cost. I wish we could get enough people together to actually do something. We need to take a stand against these companies. I feel like I haven't even scratched the surface about this Horrible company!!! NEVER go through Chase. You WILL regret it!

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  • Tc
    TC Webb Jul 10, 2009

    It would seem with as many people as there are complaining about Chase mortgage SOMEONE would do something about it. I too am losing my home.Through a series of events which affected my finances drastically I got behind in my payments. I sent my paper work in THREE times. Each time it was "lost" and I was passed around from person to person. I called Chase 83 times. (that's just the number since I actually started counting). I was passed around from automated system to automated system. When I did get to talk to someone I either go cut off or they had to transfer me to another person where I was either put on hold from 20 to 45 minutes, THEN cut off or I got a voice mail that was always full and couldn't leave a message. Out of all of these calls I actually got to leave a message two times and NO ONE called me back.

    I got a letter stating that forclosure procedings had been started. I called Chase another 32 times and finally got through to someone else who said my case had been refered to "Fanny Mae". It took another twenty or so calls to get hold of that person. Who said they would be sending me a packet to discuss modification. They sure did and the payment was due in 10 days. It also stated that these payments would go on for three months and at the end of three months if the rest of the payments were not caught up that the foreclosure would continue. Mind you that the last three times I submitted my information I was also told I did not have to make a payment until I received my new contract. That only served to get me more behind.

    Due to cuts at work I could not make these payments. I tried, without success, to call the person who had been assigned to my loan another twenty or so times. My house was now going to be foreclosed on. I sought out the help of an attorney who I thought had my best interest at heart since I was paying him to help me. Yes, I guess I am truly ignorant when it comes to all matters legal. It certainly felt like I was just thrown out to sea with a very small life jacket. In other words I ended up in worse shape than I was to begin with. If that was possible. So much for Chapter 13. Now I'm just completely sunk. Now I can't even talk to anyone for help. No one will listen since I filed Chapter 13. So the thing that was supposed to help me out more or less has become a lead weight around my ankle. The payment I was supposed to make to chapter 13 is more than it started out to be in the first place and I was told that it would increase. What a crock. The payment they had in mind would have left me $250 to $400 every two weeks to pay my bills, my car insurance, gas to work and feed my grandchildren and other micellaneous bills that came along. That was rediculous. So between Chase and my well meaning lawyer who thought he was doing me a favor I'm screwed.

    If I was a deadbeat or drug addict or lazy so and so I would think I deserved this. Just the opposite. I am a hard working person who has always worked hard to improve life for me and my family. I took in my grandchildren when my daughter got hurt a work and couldn't support them, Eventually I took her in too because she lost her job due to her injury (although her employer says differently). She too is a hard working single mom. I'm proud of her for not laying around sucking off the wellfare system. This is the reward we both got. Doesn't seem fair..

    Now once again, at the age of 51 I have to uproot my family. I blame my situation on bad luck but also on Chase mortgage WHO NEEDS TO ANSWER THEIR PHONES. They also need to make their employees accountable when the "lose" someone's paper work. Especially when that paper work contains information that could financially cripple someone if it fell into the wrong hands. I as well as others have trustingly sent our lives in a paper packet to Chase who lost it. Funny, no, not funny, tracic thing is Chase is NOT held accountable for it's screw ups.

    As for out dear president. I wrote to him and he didn't dissapoint me. I didn't think he would care or reply and he didn't. All this BS about help for home owners is just smoke and mirrors. Trying to make it look like they are actually interested in helping. They are not.

    I was told that the lenders don't want our homes. Then what do they want? If they really wanted to help there wouldn't be so many losing their homes.

    As much as it tears my heart out to lose something that I've worked so hard for I guess there comes a time to let it go before it drags me under and destroys me completely.

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  • De
    demonhunter5110 Mar 07, 2009

    chase lied to us as well. they told us we qualified for a hardship loan modification after i injured myself on my job and ran into financial problems due to the injury. long story short we had to file 3 times for this modification because they kept loosing our paper work. after the 3rd time filing they sent a letter stating the only way they could process the loan was by paying 1500$. so from my settlement we paid what they asked and then they claimed they lost our paper work again and was foreclosing on the house. everytime we tried to speak with a supervisor they kept sending us to a new supervisor who had no idea what we were talking about. they lied to us and caused us to file bankruptsy. the company i worked for went out of business and i had to get a job that paid a fraction of what i was making. also chase bank raised our rates to 15% from 7% in a matter of months. the president and these other jerks claim we all over extended ourselves and caused the housing collapse. this is only a very small percentage compared to others like myself who did all we could do. and now we dont qualify for any stimulus help. so we are not leaving our home. they can throw us in jail if they have to, but we are not leaving. im sick of the talk that us home owners caused this. its bull ###! the banks caused this by over extending themselves. plus they dont tell you about the trillions of dollars in derivatives these corporations lost. they are are scam artists and have no interest in helping you. the ceo's walk away with billions and let these companies go under. it makes me sick. wake up people. they are crooks and liars. stop believing all this garbage on cnn. they caused this. now just wait cause obama is moving for a single global bank. now were really screwed

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  • Er
    Eric Mar 12, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I do not want to sound like I am attacking you but I want to make a few points. First, a lender makes no money on foreclosing your home. Many people have the idea that a mortgage company that has a loan outstanding for 100k and forecloses on the home worth 200k, gets to keep the they can only receive the outstanding balance. Attorney fees, etc, are just that... paid to attorneys. Foreclosures are a major problem for lenders and the higher a lenders foreclosure %, the lower its rating is on wall street. Lenders hate foreclosure. So, praying on the innocent...not really.

    Second, if the company has done something wrong, and you are right... a foreclosure must go through a judge and you have every right to show the evidence. In any event, its sad that they did not staple the late fees notices to your front door every month, but in my experience you would have just used the excuse that you use the back door and didn't see them.

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