Chase Home Finance, LLCmortgage fraud/scam


I have spoken with a lawyer friend and done some preliminary research on the internet regarding my situation with Chase Home Finance, LLC and I believe I am victim to Fraud. After reading all of these complaints, I can see I am not the only one. I am going to contact class action lawyers until I find one who will take this case and take them to court.

My situation is as follows:

Our mortgage was sold to Chase Home Finance LLC approximately 3 years ago. Recently we received statements where our payments had been increased without warning or any sort of written explanation. After spending about 5-6 hours total on the phone with them it turns out they have been draining our Escrow for some flood insurance they claim FEMA told them we need. I spoke with FEMA and that's not true. Then, when they'd drained the escrow, they increase our payments to make up for it. We tried to get explanations from them to no avail and didn't pay the extra money. Now they're demanding their money and threatening to Foreclose if we don't pay. They have also put past due marks on our credit report. We are not wealthy, but we have some money to hold them off. This, as I'm learning is a common scam. We will go through all the appropriate legal steps to attempt to communicate our position with them but in the mean time we are going to take legal action. We are also going to refinance as soon as possible.

Be advised this is a scam. Get legal assistance and do not let them take your home! Refinance if you can as soon as possible before they ruin your credit.


  • Ch
    CHASE BEWARE OF CHASE Sep 18, 2009

    I am also experiencing a similar situation with Chase in regards to Flood Insurance. THEY Back dated a flood insurance policy after I received a letter stating that I was not in a Flood zone on July 25, 2008. After receiving that letter, I cancelled my FEMA Flood Insurance policy offered by State Farm. On 3/9/09 I received a letter stating that it showed that I did not have coverage on 8/05/08. They back dated the policy and purchased a policy based upon their Flood Insurance rate policy which was $1759.00 which is not following FEMA's national rate guidelines. HOW AWFUL!

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  • Ti
    TIRED IN HAVASU Dec 05, 2009

    I have bought a home from a friend and it is financed through chase home finance llc. and i have made each payment at our local chase bank, have the checks and paper work for 3 years i have done this and now the last year they keep making me prove that i made them, infact today i recieved a letter from chase home finance that i will be in forclosure within 32 days if i cant prove i make the last two payments on my house, of corse i can do this but i should not have to do this every three months . what is happening at that bank /

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  • Ba
    BANKSTERS BEWARE Dec 18, 2009

    This is what is happening to millions of people. It is not just Chase, the insurance scam and the didn't get your payment scan are just one of many ways the banks are using to foreclose on our homes. You might be suprised to know a few things. First CHASE HOME FINANCE is the Servicing branch of JPMORGAN CHASE N.A. Neither Chase or any other bank or servicing company, ever loaned you any money. The money came from investors. It sounds crazy but all the banks except maybe some small local banks or Credit Unions are doing it.

    Here are some web sites that can really help you and everyone. We all have a lot to learn. They also have a e-book buy it. They also have books.
    First watch the interview of proffessor William Black he was the regulator who exposed the "Savings and Loan" scandal. or look him up on utube, I think its there also. Tell everyone. "STOP THE BANKSTERS"

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  • Do
    DonMac Jan 15, 2010

    I am exepriencing a similar situation. Three times since August 2009 I have been asked to provide proof of flood insurance. The first time I did so and recevied a confirmation that Chase Home Finance LLC Insurance Center was in receipt of my information and it was adequate. In December 2009 I received an identical letter and I wrote a compaint to the Chase Home Finance LLC Insurance Center. A letter dated January 7, 2010 assured me they had the information, my file had been updated, it was good through July 2010, and they apoligized. Today I received a letter dated January 9, 2010 requesting proof of flood insurance.

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  • Lp
    Lpumaren68 Feb 26, 2010

    I have also received a letter to notify us that our optional product monthly fee are changing. What optional product? We only have a few years for our mortgage and now they decide to increase without warning? Can they do this if we have a signed contract/agreement?

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  • Je
    JennB Feb 27, 2010

    I finally provided Chase with proof that we are not in a flood zone and so their actions were basically illegal. My Class Action Lawyer friend provided me with the contact information for their General Counsels office in Manhattan. I cc'd them on all of our correspondence. I think this might have helped b/c they refunded my money and took the policy off my account. Now, however, they're trying to tell me I'm a month behind in my payments which is not true. I believe I've rectified this situation as well. My plan is to, as soon as I have proof this is rectified and they've amended my credit, to refinance with a different company, but I believe, and my lawyer agrees with me, that there definitely is a class action lawsuit here and I would definitely participate. I would have started one but since they refunded my money I don't have a strong case...

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  • Hd
    hdbkrst69 Mar 03, 2010

    I am not having a issue with flood insurance, but am with the modification of my home equity loan. I applied for a modification in Dec of 2008, was accepted in May 2009 with my new modified amount starting Jun 2009. Was told by a Chase employee to make Jun payment and send a "good faith" payment of mod amount so I did. Over $700.00. Then was informed that I overpaid and would not have a payment due till Jan 2010 of new mod amount. Statements read ZERO DUE from Jun-Dec 2009 so assumed Chase Employee gave me the right info. Jan 2010 statement reads over $1300.00 due for month of Jan. Since Dec I have been transferred all over the US by Chase Employees, each one telling me that they cannot help me but give me a number of one that can just to find out that they cant help me either. Over 15 numbers and hours of time on the phone lines. Finally, get a hold of a Chase Supervisor in Florida from the Home Lending Dept who is looking into this issue but still have no resolve and now not only is Jan balance showing default but now the Feb payment went towards the balance of Jan that I DO NOT OWE, and Feb is now in default. Its a complete nightmare. My home is on the line and my credit reputation has taken a sheet all because someone put my modification into the system wrong last yr and no one can figure out how to rectify it. I put my trust into Chase and my Home on the line to get help with unforeseen financial hardship that befell upon me, and I get 3 months worth of run around, no resolve and no answers. Just collections calling me everyday telling me my loan payments are in default and wanting me to send more money. It is all uncalled for.. I was told by this supervisor that I am to keep making my monthly payments until this gets resolved and will make things right with the credit bureau plus take care of the late fees and interest for the months I paid that went towards the balance of the mistake they made in the first place that will show as default also... That will probably take another 3 months + to resolve.. I put my trust into Chase and I can only pray this issue gets resolved before it goes on much longer...

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  • El
    ellwyn Apr 30, 2010

    I have a different problem. I am a real estate agent. I sold a home on a short sale, the offer was countered. That buyer backed out I found a new buyer at their counter price.
    I sent the new offer in and nothing has happened. They claim the file was closed. I was referred to a different co and was told it was charged off. I have a cash buyer for this home.

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  • Sprockets May 19, 2010

    The problem we are having is that JP Morgan Chase has apparently given a group of people the right to call themselves "Chase Home Finance LLC" and those people are sending us form letters telling us they think we don't have adequate insurance (but no proof of this or why they think so) and demanding that we send them all of our insurance documents. The number on the letter they send us is not worth calling, because the people on the other end (boiler room?) have no idea what it's about. Our personal banker was unable last year to find the person whose name appeared at the bottom of the letter on Chase's employee list. We jumped through hoops for weeks with these people last year at this time to get this idiocy sorted out, including writing to the CEO of Chase. When we produced our (always adequate) insurance documents we were assured in writing that this was all they needed. Then two days later we got another letter saying we didn't have enough insurance. We finally did get it straightened out - we thought but then a couple of weeks ago we got the same damned form letter.

    This time I did more research about this Home Finance LLC operation and found out that they SELL INSURANCE. The one person we were able to talk to at Chase said that we had "better send all the documents immediately" because apparently these people are LICENSED TO BUY INSURANCE ON OUR BEHALF AND CHARGE US FOR IT if they even think we aren't insured. Who gave them that right? I sure didn't. I'm not in the habit of sending personal information to complete strangers, and I don't want to do it at all, but the woman at the other end of the phone said if we don't send all the documents immediately we will not only pay for this supplemental insurance which we don't need, but we'll be "subject to fines and penalties."

    WHY have Chase sold our information to some fly-by-night company, along with the right to call themselves "Chase" when they are not? Our credit score is over 750, we have never been late on a payment, and just a couple of weeks ago Chase mortgage people called us out of the blue to offer us a mortgage REDUCTION. If this is how Chase treats good customers, then surely they can't be in business for long.

    This is just plain wrong and I don't want to give in. I suspect if we send them the documents they will then find something else that's "wrong" with our morgtgage. Who had the bright idea to give people who SELL INSURANCE the right to determine if our insurance is adequate? And the fishy thing is they won't accept a simple letter from our insurance agent, oh no. They "need to see the entire policy." I so want to tell them to take a long walk off a short pier, but what are my options here?

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  • Yo
    Youguys complaintoo much Jun 04, 2010

    @ Sprockets:
    I'm a Chase customer as well, and I never have issues because I understand this: the company that Chase contracts with is there to monitor your insurance, and you are REQUIRED to provide proof of your insurance annually. If you do not, Chase, like every other mortgage company, will purchase a policy to protect their interest. I never send my entire policy, only the declarations page, and, as a backup, I have my agent, WHO RECEIVES PAY TO SERVICE MY POLICY, call them to provide it verbally or confirm that they've received it. I make sure they get the info every year before my policy expires, and I NEVER receive letters asking for it.

    I don't think it's fishy that they won't accept a letter from your insurance agent...would that be okay with you to only receive a letter of your coverage annually, or do you want to know what's covered, and for how much? Your agent should know better. Until your loan is paid in full, its not just yours, it is Chase's as well.

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  • Sprockets Jun 04, 2010

    Youguys compllaintoo much, your name may tell me why you're here, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. I do understand how my mortgage works, but there is no reason at all for Chase or any other lending institution to treat its customers with disrespect and confusing policies. In trying to resolve this matter over the phone we've been told many conflicting things, and we've been threatened with penalties if we don't shut up and comply. That is not okay in any world that makes sense.

    We have finally sent our paperwork in to them, despite being told by one of their agents that a 'verbal notice of coverage is fine.' (We later could not find that agent when we were requesting written confirmation of her statement.) When we called to make sure they had received our paperwork, we were told we'd hear within three working days, which is "company policy." Then after five working days we called again, spoke to the same person, and were told she'd never heard of such a policy. Now we're told we have to wait 21 working days to even find out if they are still considering penalties against us or if we've satisfied their requirements.

    This is no way to treat customers, and I resent your implications that I don't understand the system. I've been around for many decades and I've been paying attention the entire time. I understand the system and I also understand when I'm dealing with sleazebags.

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  • Pe
    peter richards Jun 04, 2010

    They have done the same to me. over a period of 5 months keep loosing my insurance, then placing me in default/ foreclosure etc, even though i have not missed one payment.

    this is too coincidental. there is clearly a conspiracy at play here- ie- to have as many people on their books appear to be in foreclosure/ late as possible, possibly to get more/ ongoing government (taxpayer) assistance (and fees)..

    i am sick to my stomach about this- hours on the phone, bla bla..., now as soon as i key in my account number they just disconnect me.. i cannot even get anyone on the phone to put me on hold for hours!!

    really- feel like i have been stripped and robbed (or worse) in a dark alley.

    our justice department really needs to do something about this- please!?

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  • Ta
    Target Of Chase Scams Jun 11, 2010

    Chase Home Finance will do anything but lower interest rates. After being a customer for 20 years I wanted to lower my rates. Never been late, excellent credit, until chase got into it. Chase changed a number of information in my credit, using a Kroll credit report. Than froze my credit so I could not access what they did. I was told I ws deneied 2 months after I was approved. They said they used an outside credit scource Kroll Credit Network, 15 Howard Street, Framingham Ma 01702
    and a phone # 1-800-877-5266. I tried to call the # has been shut down, The Co has been shut down for over 5 years.
    When i contacted the bank to tell them this they told me they don't use Kroll. I contacted Headquarters in NY they sent me a letter telling me the report has my social security #. The Kroll report I did locate with the help of the State. Had 5 addresses I have lived in my home 32 years. They froze my credit, It took me 1 1/2 years to fix. They don't want to lower my rates but make sure you can't go to another bank, until you fix your credit. Kroll said Jan 30 Chase used their database, I did not apply for a loan Until Feb. What did they do, see who has good credit and might want to lower their rates or maybe they have ESP.

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  • Sprockets Jun 11, 2010

    That is horrible, Target. From my research it looks like Chase is outsourcing a lot of its functions. Chase Home Finance LLC is apparently a boiler room operation somewhere which also sells insurance. Chase have hired them (and allowed them to use the Chase name) to ostensibly check to make sure existing customers have adequate insurance, but that's like letting the fox guard the hen house. This company has no interest in finding that customers have adequate insurance, and there are some nightmare stories online for anyone who cares to look for them. At one point we were told our "verbal indication of adequate insurance was fine, " but then when we suspected that statement and wanted to get it in writing it turned out that suddenly no one by the name the person had given us worked there. That is nothing but a sleazy operation, and Chase proper does not care. They simply do not care at all. We've written to many people at the legitimate, actual Chase bank but it all gets forwarded to Chase customer service, who don't give a rat's behind.

    I suspect the same kind of thing is happening in your case. It sure sounds like another example of Chase outsourcing credit checks and then not caring enough to stand by their statements. I'm appalled that a huge institution like Chase does not care about its customers to this degree, and also that they do not seem to realize what this is doing to their reputation, which - like that of all banks today - was already circling the drain. You'd think banks would be trying harder, not slacking off.

    We are actually very good customers, and not two weeks before our own nightmare started with Chase Home Finance another branch of Chase called us asking if we'd like to refinance and lower our rates. It turned out to be a decent deal but not really worth the trouble, and the guys could not answer some simple questions we had, so we didn't do it. But here we are, such good customers that they are actually offering us lower rates out of the blue, and yet they also treat us like illegal aliens at the same time.

    We finally got a letter stating that our insurance was adequate, but the letter also asked us to send them a copy of our insurance policy every year. I don't know who these people really are, and I don't send personal information to strangers. I've also read that they can use the information they find on the insurance cover sheet for more scams, and there are many claims that they've done this in the past. So I guess we'll go through this same idiocy next year, and the year after. What fun it is to be a responsible adult.

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  • Ha
    Have to work @ 72 Jun 11, 2010

    My loan was sold to chase by Citibank, January 2009. I am 72 yrs old. Was contacted by Brian & then Jamie of Chase mortgage to refinance my mortgage in April. Did all the necessary paper work. Was told in the middle of May that the underwriters had declined my refinance. Stating that FHA would not back my loan, because I was 2 days out of the montyh with the March payment. I am still working and pay my $1993.70 payment, my taxes and homeowners insurance, and late payment is included in that amount. It takes one paycheck and a portion 1/4th of my S.S. check to pay this amount. I have other household bills like everyone else. Called to talk to represenitive in the home modification program and was told that I don't qualify.
    I have no savings. Thank you President Obama for using our money to bail out the banks and for screwing the homeowners in this country. Nancy

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  • Sprockets Jun 11, 2010

    If you're saying you were late with a payment (and this seems to be what you're saying) then you would of course not qualify for the very best loan package. I think these subsidiaries of Chase cruise around asking people if they'd like to refinance, but then it's often a case of "oh no, you don't qualify, " and then they move on. I'm shocked that they would offer to refinance a loan for a 72-year-old. That doesn't make sense from a statistical point of view. But I don't see any fraud here, or anything that indicates you were "screwed" in any way. You simply did not qualify.

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  • Ve
    Verob Jun 13, 2010

    I have been dealing with this same BS inadequate proof of homeowner insurance with both Chase and Bank of America. Now that I have sold one of the two homes I owned, I am only dealing with Chase. I have owned this home that Chase owns the Mortgage on for over 7 years. I have been insured with the same agent since the beginning. About 4 years ago, I they changed my policy to reflect the fact that the home was no longer owner occupied. Chase has been collecting escrow money for 7 years and had to pay the same insurance policy for 4 years. Every year the policy bill has been $1, 200. This year, the bill was due on May 22 as indicated on my Chase escrow statement. Chase, who has changed its insurance department name, chose to WAIT for a bill from the insurance company which they have had on file for 4 years. When the bill did not reach them because (insert one the following reasons here: the bill was never sent to them by the existing homeowner insurance company - least likely scenario-, the bill did not reach them as a result of their name change, they received the bill but chose to set it aside because they are scammers who make money off of selling overpriced insurance policies to homeowners who already have a policy that is in good standing until Chase ignores the renewal bills...), they contacted me, not the insurance company, to whine that they did not have proof of insurance... Upon asking them why they could just go ahead and send a $1, 200 payment to the insurance company of record they claimed that they had to know the exact amount they needed to pay and needed the bill. My insurance agent faxed the bill (keep in mind that the bill was already mailed and then it got faxed to them at the number they provided). 6 days later, to make sure this whole thing was taken care of, I called Chase to ask for a proof of payment after seeing no activity on my escrow statement. The Chase employee I talked to claimed that they still had no bill and they still could issue no payment... I was so fed up with their crap that I initiated a three-way conference with my insurance agent and I now see that the payment was FINALLY issued by Chase out of my escrow account... It is amazing how complicated they make a very simple process!!! Fraud it is for sure!

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  • Sprockets Jun 13, 2010

    This is horrible, isn't it?

    ". . .they are scammers who make money off of selling overpriced insurance policies to homeowners who already have a policy that is in good standing. . ." They sure are. And we were told by our actual Chase personal agent that this company is allowed to determine for itself if our insurance is adequate or not, and then (get this) buy insurance *on our behalf* and *charge us for it* and there is nothing we can do about that process.

    I never gave this company permission to do any such thing, of course, but in every document you sign with anyone you give permission somewhere in the fine print for their "agents" to do whatever they want to. That allows Chase, which is a rather reputable company (for a bank, that is) to decide to allow Fly-by-Night Insurance to use their name and extort their customers at will. How can this be okay?

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  • Wa
    wastedtime5 Jun 24, 2010

    We bought our home in 1996 and our mortgage was sold to Chase Mortgage Company. We paid our mortgage with this company for 10 years with no problems. In 2004, both my husband and I lost our jobs - but we were still paying our mortgage. In August of 2005, we received a notice from Chase Home Finance, LLC, stating that we were eligible for re-financing at a lower interest rate. We decided to take this offer as our current payment was going up to $1100 a month and our rate was at 8%. It was the worst decision we have made! From the very beggining, everything the agent told us turned out to be lies. Our interest was lower because he had our loan as a ARM after I told him that we wanted a fixed rate, he "forgot" to include our taxes in our monthly payment, and when I contacted him before the 3 days were up for cancelling, he told me that everything was staightened out and I still have his e-mails. Since the very 1st payment on this loan, we have been fighting a war with Chase. We started falling behind on payments, due to me not being able to find a job and have been hassled constantly. I've written to the higher-ups in the company to complain about this whole loan and the attitude of the customer service department, loss mitigation department and loan modification departments. This has to be the worst run company I have ever had to deal with. Not one department knows what the other is doing. After contacting a Mr. Tom Kelly, our loan was changed to a fixed rate of 5% and we were placed in a modification program. Guess what? After receiving two payments for the modification program, I mailed the final payment and they sent it back, stating they do not accept personal checks for modification loans. Ha - that's funny - because that's exactly what they did with the first two payments. I have been fighting with this company for 5 years and now our house is in foreclosure and up for Sheriff's Sale in August. Exactly five years!!! When I last talked to a person at the company - Sara - who sounded 15 - asked why we have not made a payment in 24 months??? I told her to check her records and maybe she would notice that Chase was no longer accepting our mortgage payments, I have the returned checks for proof - because they now want a full payment of over $32, 000. Our original mortgage was for $145, 000, now it over $163, 000! Our house is worth maybe $125, 000 - on a good day! I have sent documents over and over and over again being told they did not get them, they must have misplaced them and now I am tired of fighting. This company does not follow the modification rules set up by Pres. Obama, they make their own rules! They have many, many complaints against them through the BBB, they have many websites set up by other people that Chase has screwed with and complaints are also being filed through the Department of Justice and HUD. I have sent complaints to all of the aboe and to my local Congressman. And now I am going today to file for bankruptcy! I have had it and Chase does not care! They do not work with you, they will not put what you own onto the back of the loan, they tell you over and over to send the same forms and somoen from the government should be investigating this company! But then again - it seems our Government is only helping big business these days, not the people! And if I ever get the chance to get away from Chase - I will run as fast as I can! If anyone finances through this company, you should do the same!

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  • Sprockets Jun 24, 2010

    Wasted, this is horrible. But I'm confused - did you not have to sign your refinanced loan? I'm nearly certain you would have to, and you should also have a copy of it. The loan papers would have outlined whether it was fixed or an ARM, etc.

    Of course you know this now, but send everything you write to them or their agents with some sort of delivery confirmation. Also, nothing any of them say is worth anything. We found that out when we were told our "verbal authorization" that we had adequate insurance was enough, by one of their people who no one recognized when we called back the next day to request it in writing.

    We got a letter just the other day objecting to our calling the whole thing a "scam." It's true that they are not a scam like the Nigerian racket, but it's a scam nonetheless. Chase have franchised various parts of their mortgage operation and allowed strangers to do things that never should be done. Thus we have a company that sells insurance telling us we need more when we don't. If that isn't a scam, I don't know what is. And the idea of Chase behaving in this way and then getting upset that we called them a "scam" is priceless. It would be funny if it were not so sad.

    Good luck with Chase. And for the record I don't think any of the mortgage brokers are any better than Chase - but Chase is the company we have experience with.

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  • Ve
    Verob Jun 24, 2010

    I found out the following information about the infamous Chase Home Finance LLC.

    The person's name that is used on the letters that are sent out by Chase Home Finance LLC is Gerald Clay. According to my research, it looks lile this person does not work for Chase but for ASSURANT SPECIALTY PROPERTY amongst other companies (talk about multitasking). The guy's profile is available to the public at

    I checked out their website at and more specifically that describes at length what they offer to do for lenders:

    Check it out:

    Lending Solutions

    Assurant Specialty Property is the industry leader in lender-placed homeowners insurance and insurance outsourcing services and a growing presence in collateral protection insurance for automobiles. Our strong position in the marketplace is built on designing the most effective, scalable and client-centered solutions for our partners, utilizing the most advanced technology available today. Our team of lending solutions professionals make the difference in providing value-added service to borrowers and generating income for our financial institution clients.


    Our “single system” approach to tracking mortgage loans greatly simplifies customer service and puts control over the outsourcing process in your hands, where it belongs. Within this industry we also provide specialty insurance, membership and extended service programs that enhance your revenue while providing value to your customers.

    * Insurance Outsourcing — We use leading-edge technology for mortgage and auto servicers to track and monitor loan portfolios to ensure adequate insurance coverage.

    Additional outsourcing services for mortgage servicers include:

    Escrow disbursement
    Loss draft processing
    Insurance customer service
    Tax customer service
    New loan boarding
    REO and pre-foreclosure claims recovery

    Web-based applications:

    * Lender-placed Insurance — As an underwriter with a variety of policies filed and approved in all states where required, we develop programs to manage and limit the risk of uninsured collateral within our partners’ portfolios.

    Program highlights

    Multiple deductible/rate
    A-Rated underwriting companies
    Investor compliance
    Financial stability

    * Voluntary Homeowners Insurance — We offer voluntary homeowners and dwelling products to traditional and nontraditional risk categories. Utilizing flexible underwriting standards, the CHOICE and FirstSelect programs offer coverage in more than 40 states to borrowers who may have had difficulty acquiring or maintaining coverage in the primary market.

    * Optional Insurance Products — Working in conjunction with our partners, we underwrite and market a variety of insurance-based, membership and warranty products. Through our expertise in campaign management, we provide programs that provide value-added service to borrowers and generate income for financial institution partners.

    Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI)

    Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) for automobiles is a growing market in the lending industry. Assurant Specialty Property has been in the collateral protection insurance business for more than 60 years. Our credibility and longevity in the lending industry position us as a natural leader in handling CPI programs. We provide:

    * Reduced losses due to collateral damage and disappearance
    * Industry leading technology and tracking capabilities
    * Coverages for a wide array of collateral types
    * Ease of administration
    * Superior claim processing
    * Risk management services
    * Compliance to applicable regulations and statutes
    * A-rated underwriting companies

    PS: I recently received a new letter from Chase Home Finance LLC. stating that they had canceled the insurance policy they had subscribed on my behalf after they "failed" to issue the annual escrow disbursement that is supposed to pay for the yearly renewal of the home owner's insurance policy I have had for 4 years now. Unbelievable! I am expecting to have to play the same game with them again next year when the policy needs to be renewed!

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  • Sprockets Jun 24, 2010

    Verob, Thanks. Pretty much the same stuff I came up with. "Chase Home Financing" is the name Chase Bank allows these people to use. When I looked up the phone number that was on our initial "you don't have enough insurance" letter, it came up as a scam number. When we first called that number last year, the people on the other end had no idea what the letter was about. And I also tried to track down Gerald Clay, who does not work for Chase, as you found out. Subsequent letters came over other names (never a signature, of course - that would be too professional) and none of them come up as being employees of Chase, if they exist at all. So if this is not a scam, what is?

    I am nearly certain that the people who answer the phone as "Chase Home Financing" answer other phones in the same room as other companies, depending on who their contracts are with. For all we know they could even be prisoners, because prisoners do this kind of phone work.

    The bottom line is that Chase has given our information to a very unprofessional and shady third party and we have no say in any of it.

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