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J Aug 10, 2018

I am extremely dissatisfied with my experience with your bank during the last week.

I recently moved to San Jose to work for Walmart Labs and was given relocation reimbursement checks, which I cashed through the app.

Without any communication, my account was promptly shut off as the back end team detected fraud of these checks. Never was it considered that this could be an internal issue of yours.

Along the way, I spent 3 hours of my work week trying to patch up YOUR mistakes, to acquire money that is rightfully mine. I was basically accused of committing fraud by the first person I spoke to, who was wildly unhelpful to me even after I explained that this was my only form of payment method and that I needed to use this card.

Moving to a new city, I don't have a lot of friends to borrow money from. I needed to eat lunch, dinner, and take the train. Your representatives didn't care. I am disgusted with the presumption of guilt I faced when dealing with each representative.

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