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Will someone please see my daughter as a person & not just an account holder or number?!!!

Meet victoria, my middle daughter. Hard working full-time college student who also holds down a part-time job. Her day starts at 5am monday thru saturday. She drives from our home in south fort worth to le cordon bleu in north dallas every morning to be at school at 7am. She leaves home at 545am to be on time for her 7am class. Then after class, she goes to work at the cooper center, apx a mile or so from school in n dallas and works until after 10pm. Drives home. Usually home bet 11:30p-12am. Makes sure uniform ready for next day, eat, go to bed & up again at 5am & does it all again. Never complains. Focused on career. Sunday attends church & pays tithes. All the money she has in the world is what she makes at her part-time job, which is direct deposit into her chase checking account, and with this she pays her car payment, have gas money & sometimes entertainment.
Some would say she is shy. She is not. She does not do a lot of idle talk. When she talks, it is of substance. She is focused. She has one of the sweetest personalities anyone could have. Never causes any trouble. She is a christian, loves the lord. And loves and respect others and her family. Very, very close to her sisters nancy and jayme. She does not deserve the treatment she has been getting from chase.
Since victoria lived from check to check, she was looking forward to her income tax refund of $900 dollars. She knew it should hit her checking account around the 17th.
It did and when she called to check her account it stated a balance of $912. Then a couple of days later she called & was told over $600 negative! Imagine her shock!
She called me hysterical. She said when she called the bank, she was told that when a person has more than 1 account, chase has the right to move money from one account to the other. She said hysterically, & ldquo; what are they talking about? I have only 1 account. !’.
And that’s when it hit me. My name, is on victoria’s account and her sister nancy’s account. We did not know their accounts were connected in anyway. They worked completely independent of each other.
You see, nancy & victoria were students at north texas univ. Denton texas. Bank one was the bank on campus. Nancy attended first and we open a account for her & put my name on it. Then when victoria attended, we open an account for her & put my name on it also. This way I could conduct business for them while in fort worth.
When they returned home it never occurred to us that we needed to remove my name from their accounts. And it was convenient when they needed me to run to bank for them.
Now, meet nancy. I won’t go into too many details about nancy because this letter is really for victoria’s concern. But, you have to see how it all connects.

Nancy worked for hampton inn at alliance for over 5 years. She was assistant general manager. To make a long story short, the hotel changed hands. When the new owner took over on january 9th, they brought their own management team in & fired nancy and others. Nancy knew she had one more check coming that would hold her a while. Her check was direct deposit into her chase account also. It appeared on the correct day. However, a few days later, she checked her account and it said over $600 negative. Her previous boss, patrick cascio did not honor his employees last check and closed out his account before they could cash their last checks. Of course nancy was very upset, but she went into a local chase on ramey av in fort worth & set down with a bank rep & explained what had taken place. They noted her records and of course explained that within so many days an account had to be brought back into good standing. She understood.
Then on feb. 17th when victoria’s $900 income tax was deposit, chase stole her money from her account and applied it to nancy’s account which then put victoria’ s account in the negative and nancy’s at apx $47 negative. Both girls were very upset. Nancy was upset for victoria, not herself. Both accounts are now in negative status. This did not benefit chase in anyway. It only caused victoria grief. None of this was her fault. Her money should not have been taken.
I went to the downtown chase and talk with angela turner and she explained the policy to me. I understood what she was saying. However, just because chase have the legal right, does not make it right. Victoria works hard. She does not miss school, she does not miss work or church. She deserves better. This is wrong, this is a travesty! Angela explained that her branch did not have right to handle either account since one was established in denton and one in everman. She referred me to shannon thomas at the everman branch. Again, shannon explained that it was not a bank error. I told her that I never said that the bank make an error. I stated it was wrong for them to do what they did. To just take victoria’s money & apply it to nancy’s account, leaving victoria penniless, was not right.
Why did they wait for the $900 dollars? Why didn’t they do this on one of her direct deposit work checks? Then we would have known to get me off one of the accounts.
Shannon kept telling me that the $900 could not be reversed. But, someone gave the order to take it & someone can give the order to put it back!
There is more. That night another $210 fees would hit victoria’s account that night due to purchases she had made when she thought she had cash. Which now put her at $867 negative!
There is more. Victoria’ payroll check was due to deposit on the 20th of february. We could not stop it. So now, not only does chase get to legally steal her $900 income tax but now they get to steal & take advantage of her direct deposit. So now her account is $443.40 negative. Chase legally stole over $1300 from a hard working, fulltime student.
This is wrong and I am tired of shannon telling me it was legal because my name was on both accounts. Put yourself in victoria place. Or see this happening to one of your children. This should not happen to anybody. Regardless if they feel it is legal.
This is why the banking industry is in the shape it is in now. The banking industry does not see people as people. They see people as numbers and money.
My daughter is a person and should be treated as a person. Is there not one person in chase that have a heart or concern about an innocent person. Victoria had nothing to do with nancy’s boss skipping out on them. Victoria did not even know their accounts were connected in any way. This is not fair. Chase needs to do what is right & put back victoria’s hard earned money. Just because they have the legal right does not mean it should be done exactly like this. Sometime, situations dictate different.
Shannon had to nerve to tell me that nancy needed to pay victoria the money since it went into nancy’s account. This was such a stupid statement it did not deserve a reply. Nancy did not move $900 from her sisters account to her account. Chase did. And nancy would never hurt her sister this way. Her statement let me know what she really thought about us. She said she would look at the accounts and call me.
On the morning of feb 20th shannon called me with what she thought was exciting news. She at refunded some fees to nancy’s account and now her account as $113.10. I informed her this was not my concern. It does not make nancy feel better when her sister is hurting. Shannon continued to inform me that the $900 would not be reversed. She also stated that victoria’s account was not established at her branch and she would find what branch it was established and call me back.
Nancy and I went to everman chase and withdrew $110 from nancy’s account to give to victoria.
Does chase care about college students? Do they care about the people the accounts represent. Sometimes a situation has to be handled different than the norm. This is one of those times. It is not going to break chase to give victoria back her money. But it will restore victoria faith in chase, and in mankind. She is now penniless due to what chase did. So far, no one seems to care. It is all about what they have the legal right to do.
Will someone please see my daughter as a person and not just a number or account holder. Her name is victoria horne, college student, hard worker.


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    atrave01 May 10, 2009

    Contact a lawyer immediately and have them review your daughters contract with Chase bank. Do not waste any more of your time or your daughter's time trying to work this out directly with the bank. Contact a lawyer and have them confirm legally if you are able to reverse what has been done to her accounts and then close down all related accounts with Chase and take your business elsewhere. They are a bank and they do not care about you as a person. That will not change. Find a new bank and review the checking account contract before anyone signs up or agrees. Never become a member of a bank that will move money around in your accounts without first getting written consent from you. That is a sign that the bank is shady. Good luck.

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    1GoodOleGal Jul 23, 2013
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    You know Chase is not the greatest bank in the world about "people". i have banked with them for MANY years. A personal note to explain the situation. I, like many Americans, suffer from Chron's disease and we have to make darn sure we know where every rest room is. So I go to the Chase on 4th and Throckmorton to do some banking business. When i get there, my Crohn's flairs up and I ask where their rest rooms are. I was told "Downstair but you have to have a code so you need to go back out to one of the restaurants." I said "Look I'm here to do banking but I need a rest room now I have Chron's !" Luckily for me, a bike security officer happened to walk into the bank and the bldg receptionist had him escort me to the basement and open the rest room for me. He waited outside until I exited the rest room and escorted me back upstairs. I then conducted my banking business and left.
    See, with Chase people aren't people. They are money to be used to make Chase big profits on Wall Street and Real Estate, etc
    They can't even provide their customers with a rest room !
    So go luck getting them to do right by your daughters' account !

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