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We had got behind on our car payment and chase contacted us and they cut a deal w us and said our car could be ours. all we had to pay was 4800.00 to them and then they would send us the title. We told them that when our income tax check came in before March 1st we would send them the 4800.00 and we could keep the car until then. A couple of weeks later they came and repoed it and sent me a letter saying that if we dont have our money by the 15th which is 3 days away that they r selling it in Texas. Not only that but they upped the price of the car now. How screwed up is that. What r we supposed to do now without a car and 3 kids?


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    still no car Sep 25, 2009

    we just had our car repod by Chase. even though they received last months payment the day before the repo. this month was not even due yet and they still came and took our car. never even send us a notice or called us. then took 2 days to finally return our call. we did not even know where the car was and the amount they wanted. then they had teh nerve to say we should have called to give them a receipt number for the money. it was teh weekend they were not even opened and we didnt know we were about to get repod.

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    TakenOver Mar 22, 2010
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    I want to joi a class action against Chase Auto! A year ago they repoed our SUV. To date the SUV is still in our name and the TAG is missing! Chase claims the SUV was damaged and had hi miles our records show that it was taken 2 months prior to Chase documentation. They also sold it for less then a grand, yet the loan is for over 7 grand. No way is this SUV worth only a grand! We were told to wait for the hardship program and we were not offered this program, Chase just took the Auto! They need to be sued that will but a end to their Fraud and illegal business practices! Also Chase never sent us a notice to pay balance on we couldnt even save it..and Chase would not let us sell it!

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    Rodata Mar 30, 2012

    Wow reading these complaints make me never want to do business with Chase as a auto finanical institution. How can chase allow them to ruin their name that way. I am just in disbelief. But I am sure with this many complaints it is true. Going to do business with credit union.. THANKS

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