Changi Airport Groupcertis cisco officers working frontline at the terminal 1 pass changing office

Some of the staff are very rude. One( Indian lady) even scolded me saying my ic is stained so cannot be used. However, the other staff did not mention anything previously. I had no problem when i brought my ic to ICA and police station too.
Another incident happening on 1oct around 845am, a Chinese lady staff scolded me. I was standing at the return side to return my pass. I was using my earphone as I was checking on my child at home who was sick., so when i did not respond she scolded me and her colleague a short malay lady shot me a disgusted look. I told them i stood at the right lane the return pass.
I m truly dissatisfied with the service provided by frontline officers from Certis Cisco at terminal 1 pass office. As Changi has a reputable image, why is still staff who r rude and prefer to humiliate me in front of others still exist? I really hope sth ir advice could be given to these staff.. thanks

Sep 30, 2019

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