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Champion Windows Manufacturing & Supply Company Complaints & Reviews

Champion Windows Manufacturing & Supply Company / poor quality of work and really poor customer service!!

May 24, 2019

My Name is Michael Tice and this is my complaint. Clearly after reading many of the other reviews, mine will not be uncommon. I had approximately 10 windows and a sliding glass door replaced in my house. One of the windows was incoorectly installed and caused a severe leak that ultimaley cause...

Champion Windows Manufacturing & Supply Company / I am complaining about an installation of a sunroom on the back of my house.

May 08, 2019

About 3 years ago I contracted with Champion to build a sunroom on the back of my house on an existing patio that was there. My home is a single story ranch type house with 3 bedrooms. They came out and measured everything and they said they could do it on the existing patio. My house ha...

Champion Windows Manufacturing & Supply Company / poor customer service

May 06, 2019

Ok... Salesman came out and spoke with Timothy didn't hear from him again... They had a booth at the Home Show we were going to walk past and they stepped out and approached us Timothy just politely told them they had there chance and blew it... Explained a rep already came out and 3 week...

Champion Windows Manufacturing & Supply Company / champion windows throughout our entire home

Feb 27, 2019

We purchased Champion Windows for our entire house in 2005. We had to have all the original windows replaced due to faulty manufacturer windows. The last of the replacement windows was installed today, 2/27/19. I'm not happy with these replacement windows as the weather stripping i...

Champion Windows / installation/service

Jul 23, 2018

Puchased $25, 000 worth of replacement windows in 2013. Installers did not flash any windows which caused damage to my sheeting. Their "inspector" said it was my fault as we didn't buy siding from them. Now, I have been dealing with getting a window replaced that cracked during below zero...

Champion Windows Manufacturing & Supply Company / sun room

Apr 10, 2018

Very disappointed - big mistake ordering from this company. We purchased our screen porch in late summer of 2017 and promised to have our room installed in December. When negotiating the price, we were given a "discount" to wait until December because they were behind on installation...

Champion Windows of Boise / siding

Jan 08, 2018

Champion Windows of Boise on Franklin Road doesn't know their product line or how to install their product. We waited for MONTHS for them to complete a simple (less than 1, 400 sq. feet) siding job. We told them our windows looked less than professional on several occasions and they have...

Champion Windows / warranty replacement of 2 windows.

Oct 24, 2017

I have 2 replacement windows on order from July 24, 2017 & August 24, 2017. On the July window I was told 4-6 weeks & on the August window 8 weeks, then changed to 12 weeks. This is not an acceptable waiting period for the 2 windows. I have called the Denver location several times for the...

Champion Windows / windows and sliding door

Jun 04, 2017

The house I bought was full of Champion Windows and their siding. I had sliding doors installed and three front windows replaced not completed by the previous owner. I have constant condensation on all of the windows in the house all winter. I now have black mold ONLY around the window...

Champion Windows / vinyl siding

May 26, 2017

This company provides zero customer service. The project started a day late and then there was excuse after excuse why hardly anyone showed up to do the work. A project that should have taken 4-5 days ended up taking 11 days. It was clear that the Champion installers were working at...

Champion Windows / unethical behaviour and product still not completed

Jan 29, 2017

To whom it may concern, Which with Champion Windows, no one there is concerned. So, this is to warn everyone else who might be thinking about using this company. DON’T!!! My wife and I decided to use Champion Windows of Atlanta to get 19 new windows installed in our home. One of the main...

Champion Siding & Windows / patio doors and home improvement

Jan 23, 2017

Just in case you're considering Champion for a new patio door, I'm here to warn you to find another brand of door in the landfill, and have it installed in your home. You will be much better off with the discarded door, instead of paying Champion's exorbitant prices in order to give you a...

Champion Windows / replacement of screen door with extra large dog door in it.

Nov 30, 2016

Screen door stopped rolling properly in May 2016. Called Champion in Tulsa, OK where we bought our windows and doors in 2012. First said shorthanded, so we removed the screen door and took it to them to have them to access the problem. After several weeks called them to find out the...

Champion Windows / windows

Aug 02, 2016

My father is in his late 80s. He replaced all his windows in order to clean them easier and avoid a ladder. The windows keep falling out and now he is climbing a ladder to wash them. We have called mutiple time and have been told he will need to pay $99 dollars for them to even come look...

Champion Windows / replacement sliding glass door

Jul 29, 2016

We had our whole house replaced with Champion Windows, 9 windows and 1 sliding glass door. In 2015 the sliding glass door fogged over and was almost I impossible to open and close. They ordered a replacement door which came in around January 2016. Understandably it couldn't be replaced...

Champion Windows / misleading statements, atrocious customer service, rude

Jun 17, 2016

Ordered two window replacements in late April 2016. Both salesperson and window measurer told me the windows would be ready for installation several weeks earlier than was stated in my contract (6 weeks). After 4 weeks, I called the office to inquire about installation and was told the...

Champion Windows / windows lose their seal

Jan 16, 2016

I do not know the cause, I believe that when the windows lose their seal whatever chemicals they use become visible. Suffice to say, we had 20 windows replaced and over half looks as though someone has smeared crisco all over them. It reduces the appearance and home value. We spent over 10...

Champion Windows / lack of service

Oct 25, 2015

sale rep promise windows to be install 4 to 8 weeks. sale rep called me at end of the 10th week to inform me that champion could not make windows as was stated in contract. it took an additional 4 weeks for champion to return my down payment and that was only after i issued a complain to...

Champion Windows / replacement windows and back door

Oct 20, 2015

This company is horrible with little to no customer service. We purchased their windows and from day one we had air leaks and then water started to come in through the bottom. When we called they took our information and took weeks to come out and when we discovered the sashes leaking they...

Champion Windows / patio room

Oct 02, 2015

We had a patio enclosure that replaced a screened in porch completed by champion. The sliding door screen was spent at installation and the installer said all you have to do is push on it and it'll slide easy and close without scraping. After one year of pushing on this screen door...

Champion Windows / sun room leaks

Sep 21, 2015

We purchased a 12'x30'x6" sun room from Champion in May of 2014. Customer #12144. I do not feel that we were scammed, we were perfectly happy with the salesman. We are ok with the product. Our issue is with the installation and our inability to get resolution. With the first rain we had...

Champion Windows / buy 2 rooms get 1 free scam

Apr 30, 2015

Advertising "Buy windows for 2 rooms, get an additional room of windows free." I had Champion install two 32 x 64 windows in 2011; I paid $650 each, which includes install and sheet metal trim. I figured with this new deal/offer, I could get two rooms with 2 smaller windows each (32 x 55...

Champion Windows / treated terribly won't recommend

Jan 10, 2015

Prior to this event I already called and got quotes from a couple of different window companies in the area. Recently, I called Champion Window Co to get a quote on 6 average size windows for my home. Champion sent out two "project managers" and when I asked them for the estimate, they...

Champion Windows / awful experience, stay away!

Dec 04, 2014

Worst company ever! Absolutely awful experience at every turn!! We asked to be fully indemnified for the large crack put in the driveway by the dumpster. It stretches about 15 feet in total length and is very noticeable on what had been a clean looking driveway. (See attached...

Champion Windows / quality and installation

Sep 25, 2014

First Name: Debra Last Name: Harris Zip: 47712 Phone: 812-470-1369 Email: [email protected] Comment: I will never recommend this company or these windows. The company is so unprofessional, rude arrogant and product comes in damaged. I hired this company to install windows in my home and...

Champion Windows / installation and product

Sep 22, 2014

I will never recommend this company or these windows. The company is so unprofessional, rude arrogant and product comes in damaged. I hired this company to install windows in my home and all of them came in damaged. Installed unleveled. And cut corners to install quickly to get out of...

Champion Windows / seal compromised

May 12, 2014

My home had new windows put in prior to me purchasing the home and the seal is broken on the double pane and they are charging me damn near full price to replace the window. Because I didn't write the check to them for the new windows. Seems like a farce to give lifetime warranty for...

Champion Windows / product quality & installation

Jan 22, 2014

7 windows purchased for $7042.00. Three casement windows installed, three crank handles fall off (we were told to not open and close the windows so much), the Lever Locking Mechanisms in each casement is made of cheap plastic which strips after very limited use. One casement was installed...

Champion Windows / bad quality and installation

Nov 18, 2013

had a river entering our spare bedroom window installed from Champion, had rep come out and he claims it's a faulty frame not improper installation but also have a problem with mildew on caulking on ALL windows installed from Champion...rep says it's my fault for not cleaning...

Champion Windows / extremelhy poor customer service

Sep 09, 2013

I called last Thursday (9/5) to complain about the paint coming off the handle of the patio door. I was told there would be a service person at my home on Monday (9/9) between 9 and 12 to replace the handle. At 11:30 on 9/9, I had not heard from the service person, not a phone call, not...

Champion Windows / lack of response

Feb 01, 2013

After the severe hail storm in March 2011 in Knoxville, TN we had Champion replace the roof on our sunroom as they were the original installers. We paid more than $1, 000 over what other companies estimated the cost to be so that we could have the warranty and the original company'...

Champion Windows / lying on contractual agreement and ordering items

Nov 28, 2012

My mother-in-law died in March of 2012. My wife is the executrix of the estate with her brother and my wife as the heirs of the estate. We began getting things repaired on a large sun room that my parents-in-law built under the estate. Orders for two windows allegedly still covered by the...

Champion Windows / contract scam

Sep 26, 2012

After arriving at a "cash price" and paying what I believed to be about a 33% down payment of that price, the salesperson wrote a higher amount (the negotiated cash price + my down payment) on the contract which stated it was the total sales price. Unfortunately, I caught this too late and...

Champion Windows / liers / sales pitch deception

Jan 29, 2012

Champion sale people are trained to represent themselves as a manufacturer of there siding products and also say they have a exclusive window glass when that is not true at all. There siding they have been installing is a Crane brand if siding and the exclusive comfort 365 glass i...

Champion Windows / stay away

Nov 24, 2011

Six weeks ago, we had a salesman from Champion give us an estimate. We live in an older home and wanted to keep the same look of the windows we currently have. After spending hours making sure the look would stay the same, we received our estimate and decided to continue with the purchase...

Champion Windows / don't do business with them

Nov 12, 2011

I wish the people complaining would include what state or city they are complaining from. To be fair they are not all the same. They should state the place to put the pressure on the specific place of business. I have to say I have dealt w/ Champion for the last 8 yrs. We have replaced all...

Champion Windows / broken glass

Nov 10, 2011

This is not a complaint I just want to know how to replace broken glass I have the tilt in windows thank you

Champion Windows / poor install quality even worse service

Oct 22, 2011

Had windows and siding installed in fall and winter 2008. Routinely late and missed appointments during the month and a half install process. One window was clearly incorrectly measured wrong, but the installation crew filled with foam instead of ordering new one. Several months later...

Champion Windows / unfinished work and misleading sales

Oct 03, 2011

My husband and I contracted with Champion to install a composit deck and to also finish up some soffett work for us. The deck job was nothing short of a nightmare!! We were told that we were getting "commercial grade" decking...Well the guy that was installing it let it slip and told u...

Champion Sunroom / sunroom

Aug 16, 2011

We recently had a Champion all season room built. We were promised the room would be completed in 10-15 business days. Approximately 7 weeks after the project commenced, our room was "completed". We were repeatedly lied to about the slow progress of the room. Upon completion, we had custom...