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I made complains every month for 4 months over their online payment service portal that I could not pay by my credit card since 4 months ago, message shown that it was not a valid bank card issuer. It was ok before this.

What furious me is, the customer service staff don't seem to be able to answer my query and no feedback from them after and no resolution to the portal. In their complain site it shows that my complain is 'resolved'.

I called the same careline again and demand to speak to the manager/superior but the staff keep me on hold for more than 10 min.

Is there a complaint department at celcom at all? This is a crap company.


  • Al
    alww Sep 29, 2018

    Hi.. I hv been with celcom more than 20 yaer and now I hv a stupid problem frm celcom seberang jaya thr a chinesse manager come to me is thr anything I can help than I show her whats the problem and she ask me to change the sim card or use another phone to check, hello I am ur customer come here got problem call me go back take another phone and check can't she help me to check and I told her I am not free and I need my phone to work propely and she reply she also not free.. hey in the first place if u not free don't ask me can I help u, if u not free dont help me, this is a stupid manager that celcom have a stupid manager. after that she say change sim card so I agree her to change sim card and she say 15 minits the card ok can be use so I out of celcom 11.45am, until I went to penang and wanted to make cakk still no active is already 2.15 pm so I rush back to see other staff she told me not actived yet I say how come take so long she told me is not complete fill in waaa000000 I really get angry with this [censored]ing stupid manager wasting my time and money [censored]ing [censored] and I told the staff what is the problem with my old sim card she ask me whats the problem I tol her everything and she say do you still hv ur old sim I say yes so she take and check and told me is a small problem just paid the small amount than I can use so I pay and now I am still using the old sim card and just want everyone to know this celcom getting down grad and employ stupid manager to handle and ez work also cannot only staff counter better than her,

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  • Sk
    SK Yong Sep 03, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Celcom online down for almost a week. Billing statement incorrect and there appeared duplicate charges for data plan. Celcom keep sending annoying SMS to my mobile phone asking for payment. When making complaint to CSR, nothing much they can do as they also can't view the billing statement due to entire system not working. When went to Celcom Cube, they asked the customer to wait. Worst thing is they requested customer pay for the over charges billing first and bar the line for making call and usage of data plan. Ethically this is not right because Celcom force customer to make the payment without proving the charges is valid. Shame on Celcom.

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  • Po
    pohpohpoh Jun 04, 2018

    May check which Malaysia government department I can write in to complaint about the subscribe game hero auto charge if don't send STOP.

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  • Sh
    Shir10 Nov 11, 2017

    While I am writing complain about the video walla data, I received a sms message from 39254 and below the message:
    “rm0 tq 4 subscribing game hero frm techninier. purchase via ur celcom mobile acc @ rm3.00/1 week. next renewal is on 19/11/17. njoy it now! info 03-[protected].”

    Immediately I called celcom customer service centre to report on that I have never subscribe to any game hero and the subscription message just send to me out of sudden. I requested to stop the subscription and for the refund which I believe will be billed into my celcom bill statement.

    However, this time I were told by the girl that she can unsubscribe for me but couldn’t request for refund. she explained that the game hero is from a 3rd party company and that she couldn’t request for the refund and ask me to call to [protected] myself to report and request for refund.
    Again, trying to rationalise with her that since the subscription fee will be billed into the celcom bill statement, I think its celcom responsible for the refund. I even asked how the 3rd party company obtain my phone number and automatically did the subscription.

    Her explanation that I might have given my contact number while subscribing to other newsletter online. after the earlier experience with their customer service, I found it useless to continue rationalise the issue and wasting my time. I decided to call the contact number she given to me but the call unanswered.
    Feeling dissatisfied, I search on the web for game hero for more details on the company but to my surprise, the game hero is launced by celcom!!

    Again, the celcom customer service is totally suck!!!


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  • Ca
    cayang Mar 03, 2018

    @Shir10 I also got the same message from the same number just now. I checked my credit balance, it was deducted RM3. I did not subscribe anything. Celcom sucks!! Maybe it's time for me to port to other telco!!

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  • Ni
    Nik Rikita May 12, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Shir10 I am having the same problem. celcom sucks! I did not subscribe to game hero by techninier at all. how in the world they automatically sign me up without my permission. shady unauthorized dealing by celcom.

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  • Sh
    Shir10 Nov 11, 2017

    On 25 september 2017, due to my data quota finished and I subscribed to video walla weekly stream 10gb meantime also subscribed to add on 2gb data. my subscription to video wall is purely for my youtube viewing. however after 5 days, my 2gb data were fully utilized although I limit my browsing.

    I called celcom service centre to check on the data and was informed that the my video walla weekly stream 10gb is not utilized at all which mean while I was watching youtube, it use up my data instead of video walla data. I asked for refund and were told that this case will be submitted for further investigation and I have to wait for their call. after few weeks and didn't hear anything from the customer service team, I called again but were told no record found and I have to explained the whole issue again and again I was told to wait for them to call after investigation. and after 2 weeks, I heard nothing still and decided to call again and same story, there’s not record found on my complaint in their system. again, I need to explain the whole issue again!

    This time I received called from this guy from celcom. he told me my youtube streaming utilized my data because I used urls. I explained to him I didn't use urls and I used my youtube app I had installed in my phone for streaming. then he told me that I can't use youtube app too and must download video walla app into my phone in order to utilize the video walla data.

    Then, I asked him why my recent youtube viewing from youtube app had no problem deducting from my 100gb free video walla data meanwhile I have to download video walla app for the video walla weekly stream 10gb data. his explanation that both are different. I asked him again what is the different between this two as both is called video walla but he keep saying both is different and that it has to do with the type of phone and the operating system of the phone. I couldn’t agreed to this explaination! and I when I trying to explain my disagreement on his statement, he become rude and also laughing at me as if I am stupid and he keep saying I don’t understand what he saying. feeling irritated of his behaviour and wasting my time to try rationalise with him, I ended the call.

    After ended the call, I open my phone’s play store and look for video walla app and there is no video walla app found in play store!! theirs is netflix, iflix, youtube app but no video walla that this guy keep mentioning.

    I have to say celcom customer service is suck. they twisted their word and just simply give explaination that is not valid or existed!!


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  • No
    Noraidah Mahat Aug 27, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    on 24th august, i topup my celcom number for RM30. and unfortunately today there are a message sent by celcom told that my account balanced was less than RM3. For your information, i was using wifi all the time (at work places and also my home) and i don't use any single data from my mobile phone. Can you please take an proper action by checking back my account since I don't satisfied with this celcom service. How can celcom took away my credit balance since I don't even used the data as mention by the celcom service.


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  • Li
    Lim Li Shen May 10, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    IC being used by your dealer to apply postpaid line
    Hi Sir/Madam,

    I wish to raise a complaint towards Celcom by easily letting other people to use my IC to apply postpaid line & has caused me to be blacklisted by all service provider.

    Below is the information:

    Name: LIM LI SHEN
    IC: [protected]
    ACC no: [protected]
    TEL NO: [protected]
    Outstanding: RM332.75

    I wish to apply postpaid line but i had been told that i had owed celcom the outstanding balance & been blacklisted. I have lodged a police report on this recently and reported to Celcom @ Menara Atlan on 30/4/2016. There is no feedback until today. I hope you guys can expedite on this and remove my name from the blacklist.

    Thank you.

    My email address: [email protected]

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  • Re
    Reviewer82016 Jan 04, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    bermula 1 januari 2016 rangkian celcom di kawasan saya tidak ada langsung... kawasan : kampung betanak daro sarawak

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  • Re
    Reviewer15315 Nov 29, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Celcom charged me 10RM/day for data plan I didn't registered. after my weekly data plan didn't continue than celcom will automatically charge me 10rm/day. what a wasted of money.

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  • Jo
    JohnyAng Jul 06, 2015

    I just switch to celcom for second day. And this morning, start from 9am, I received more than 20 same promo sms spam in every 5 mins!!! And I am not able to block the celcom sms since it is not a valid number, the only thing I can do is just to send my compaint to their support, I am not sure will this be working. Anyone of you have any ideas to block celcom from sending spam sms???

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  • Te
    Teh Lian Teng Jun 29, 2015

    My Celcom bill was overcharged for 4 months from December 2014 to March 2015. Have been complaining since February 2015 via Celcom OCS and Live Chats. Each time Live Chat customer service personnel gives the standard answer " ... the matter has been passed to the relevant Department to handle" once in a while someone will make a personal call to say the same thing. But handle they did not. There is no resolution to date.

    Meantime all my online complaint has been classified as cancelled or resolved! But resolved it is not. No refund no feedback wheter I am right or wrong. In other words no real response.

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  • Ma
    Marcus loi87 May 11, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    To Whom It May Concern,

    Pertaining to the reference no. 1-[protected] have yet to receive your reply.

    I am very unhappy as my line has been barred for more than 2 weeks. Have already called your customer service, wrote a complain (complain reference no. 1-[protected]), also spoken to your customer representative - Vinithia Staff ID NO. 1041 on my concern. and yet there is no news whatsoever from your side.

    My concern is very simple, I will not pay the amount RM7808.21 of which are the 5 internet transaction stated in the bill as JAPAN-NTTD DOCOMO. When I requested the internet connection during my stay in Japan, I was told via sms to connect to Japan-Softbank and so I did just that manually on my hand-phone. I was not told at all, if in the event that if I reached any place in Japan that does not allowed Japan-Softbank service provider, it will automatically change to another internet service provider. I was very upset, why wasn't I preempt when there is change of service provider?

    I was very careful that I may connect to the wrong service provider, so therefore I was checking my connection every hourly so that I do not face this problem when I return to Malaysia. Unfortunately, I still face this problem and worst still, I am now without any phone or internet connection.

    This will be my last time telling you guys the incidents, I am really very, very and repeat again very tired repeating the same thing over and over again. Now I am going the say it one last time. I AM NOT GOING TO PAY THAT AMOUNT RM7808.21.

    I am a true usage of Celcom. Through out my usage of Celcom service, I do not have any problem and I was very happy with the service until this unfortunate incident.

    Would really appreciate that you will look into this matter urgently and would like to receive your good news ASAP!!! and it cause me a lot of trouble.

    Thank you.


    Marcus Loi

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  • El
    Elin Tan Oct 20, 2014

    This morning I called up to 6 times to Celcom only my call can reached to respective person. The respective person who served me is a malay girl. My call time is 2014-10-21, 11:08am. I asked her why should I call up to 6 times only got someone served me and her answer is sorry and we are busy. But the computer called didn’t ask me to hold on or do any further action, the call come to a mute voice. I wonder how can such a big company Celcom can serve their customer like this? Ok, we continue our conversation after the verification of identity. I asked the girl to hold the call when I was trying to login to my online account. She hold the call for few seconds, if not mistake is about 30 seconds, she ended my call without notify me. She didn’t call me back also. Again, as a big company like Celcom, I’m so curious how this issue can happen in the service department. I’m really so disappointed on Celcom service.

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  • Mi
    miumiuhatecelcom Oct 08, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I can't do more than agree!!! Celcom did unreasonable international data roaming charge for RM14++ in fact i've subscribe to plan with M! which is RM38/day. I've been caling to Careline and proceed to branch more than 30 times, they drag this case for 3 months saying system error need to get superior approval for the waiver but end up tell me the charge is valid i've to pay in order to get my line unbarred.

    I suffer with line unbarred, but still i need to pay monthly charge and this is the unfair response from them! The careline was so irresponsible for what they told customer and wrote another fake story in the report! End up, none of the superior can handle this case and i still everyday waste my time on calling careline and the call transfers!!!

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  • Me
    Mejar Dr Ravee Jul 18, 2014

    At last i found a mail from celcom. Thank You for this.

    Anyway, on 12th july 2014 I received a call from the staff in ampang branch who has been handle me in earlier. But even in that time also she asks me about the line. I mention to her that the line is still in offline. Again she promises to me that it will be updated within 24 hours. However, my line is still in offline.

    In your mail, you ask me about the representative name & more details about the incident and all that. I have never been given any forms during that vary date. For your information I am never expect this situation will take place in welknown telecommunication centre to be aware of taking all this details.

    They said to migrate the line, need to be waited 24 hours. That’s it. I have been to that office roughly on 02 July 2014. From 06th July until now I continually sending mails but still there is no any representative is available in celcom to solve this problem.

    I as a customer have paid the payment to use the service but, Is this are the way of celcom to handle the customers? If my complaint never been answered by this week than I will take a severe action towards customer service of celcom.

    Kindly provide me the representative / customer service manager email or contact no so that I can consult with them before taking any actions. Because I found too difficult to deal with customer service celcom. Because they simply push the blame on other parties but never taking any responsibilities to solve a customer complaint.

    Hope I will get a prompt and clear reply from you as a responsible party in celcom.

    Thank You.

    Mejar (K) Dr. Ravee

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  • Po
    pohpohpoh Jun 04, 2018

    @Mejar Dr Ravee Hihi May check any government department I can complain about auto subscribe game hero and charge rm3 weekly from celcom?
    Appreciate for reply.

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  • Ch
    chenta Jul 11, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    rasa sgt kecewa dengan service celcom..dh beberapa hari col celcom untuk penambahan kuata broadband sbb broadband dh lebih limit, tp still pending..dh la urgent nk wt asigment..bila col customer service selalu ckp in, xd progresion pon..latest, mereka suruh tngu 3 hri bekerja..apakah??selama nie, sgt suka dengan, sy rsa sy xnk guna celcom lg, sbb dh jd cmni.

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  • Ab
    abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxy z May 30, 2014

    f..k celcom steals everyone's money. A stupid company, cheating people everyday .i 'm very disappointed and regret to use Celcom . Lame services, slowest internet on earth, perfect at giving excuses . Celcom are like doing nothing everyday and we still keep on paying stupid bills that we didn't cause. It is the most brainless, cheating, worst company in the world. Complaints are no use at all. Just switch our line to other company together .

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  • Te
    Tengku Abd Rahim Tuan Daud Apr 08, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Pada 1. 03. 2014 saya menerima bil bulanan untuk telefon bimbit [protected] sebanyak RM289.08 sedangkan penggunaan bulanan adalah sebanyak RM 50.00. Setelah dirujuk kepada pegawai celcom di blue cube kota bharu, ianya adalah disebabkan muat turun data internet menerusi telefon pintar. Saya membuat penyiasatan mungkin ianya berpunca kekeliruan anak kecil yang memuat turun games kerana menyangka ianya dari sumber internet (syarikat lain) yang turut dilanggani. Pada masa yang sama saya baru memiliki telefon pintar dan masih belum biasa dengan program yang terdapat didalamya. Sehubungan itu, saya mohon agar dikecualikan atau dikurangkan bayaran atas kecuaian yang tidak disengajakan. Sekian, terima kasih.

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  • Sh
    Sherrr Mar 23, 2014

    I got so frustrated with this celcom service.. U know, everyday I received 2-3mms from CELCOM MMS for this around two months.. For sure, I'm not subcribed this mms.. Then I checked my credit balane I got shocked, they took rm1 of my credit everytime I received their mms.. How come they threat their regular customer like this.. I've been using this celcom service for almost 6years.. I'm so frustrated.. Is this how you run your business?? By cheating your customer?? You got rm2 pe day from me.. For a month you just got rm60..per about if you have 10000customer?? RM 600000 !!! Oh goddd!! You're such an unethical business service!

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  • Cl
    clarence y Nov 08, 2013

    Hey, dude i personally advise ur guys to post on the FB celcom customer service rather than here if u really want the message being accepted. Its not efficient at all. We want the celcom side and more people to know the problem not among the us only...

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  • Ku
    KucIng Comel Jul 27, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Stop the Fake Videos Massage . cause it take my top-up much

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  • Ja
    Jacquline Oct 10, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This celcom got no Find Finder is worst company.

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  • Go
    go2hellcelcom Oct 08, 2012

    yeah!celcom is suck.

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  • Al
    alveygwee Aug 01, 2012

    can we use debit card to pay celcomphone auto billing...????
    I have received a sms from celcom offer tat we can use maybank debit card to pay th bills in return of 5% rebate and RM50 cash coucher( terms apply)...but when i drive to celcom centre the staff told me tat debit card cant use for auto billing, only credit card is available...LOL...wat happen?? is the sms type wrg or the staff is not well train?? i feel li wasted my petrol n time...
    can any1 tell me??

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  • Al
    alveygwee Aug 01, 2012

    Can we use visa debit card to pay Celcom phone bill - Auto Billing...??
    I have received the celcome offer tat it say can use Maybank ebit card to pay the bills...but when i went for the celcom centre, the celcom tell me debit card is not confusing...

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  • careline_CELCOM Mar 11, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Lots of people saying that they already used MAXIS for a very long time but they don't know that their being "fool" by MAXIS...why...maybe you will say why I am saying like that...correct ??? so I will explain and reveal all
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    e.g : if your bill 50 RM a month you only pay 40 coz you get 10 Rm rebate.
    if 150 RM [protected]% = 95 RM)

    actually there are 3 stages of discount
    10 % = 60 RM - 79 RM
    20 % = 80 RM - 149 RM
    30 % = 150 and above it

    10% Automatic Discount
    - Total monthly usage: RM60 - RM79.99
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    30% Automatic Discount
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    And all of discounts we also add 10 RM cashback a whole one year.
    and about the discount as long as you use celcom.
    so if you count you can save more, have a wider coverage and network.
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    CELCOM with MAXIS number:Voice Call : CELCOM-CELCOM = 0 (Other Provider 10, 5 Cents FLAT RATE, NATION WIDE after 30 % Disc).
    SMS : CELCOM-CELCOM = 0 (Other Provider 8, 4 Cents after 30 %)
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    Other usage (Internet, MMS, IDD, roaming & others) RM20
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    Note : If you go to Celcom by your self you only can get to convert but you will not get the rebate and discount like I mentioned to you, also you have to pay register fee 20 RM and the SIM CARD will be charge to you.
    If you have set your mind please give me your reply A.S.A.P
    And if you still have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me. thanx

    Here some tips for you for you get more about it

    Best Regards,

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  • Ja
    jantan Mar 04, 2012

    korang punya servis macam puki mak,

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  • Ce
    Celcom Hater Jan 08, 2012

    I hate Celcom now!!!

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  • Ce
    Celcom Hater Jan 08, 2012

    Your Connection is too slow !!! Like a snail !!! ehh ?? Not snail !! But slow than snail !!! I hate celcom now !!! Now I know why people use digi or another type of broadband !!!

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  • Pe
    pembenci celcom Oct 21, 2011

    WHAT ARE THE HELL CELC0M ###KKK...I have just paid the bill on October 5, 2011 ..but suddenly THE CELCOM ###KKKK send a message like this..Dear customer, you have exceeded the 4GB/mth usage (Celcom FUP). Pls purchase additional volume or we reserve the right to control yr broadband speeds. TQ dammnnnnnnn y0u ###kkk..I paid RM192 .. want people to pay more .. go to hell CELCOM!!!angryyyyyyyyyyyyyy...

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  • Oc
    Ochon Aug 16, 2011

    Same here, yesterday i reload rm10, the next morning when i want to make call, i rcve msg from celcom that i dont have enough credit! what i remember, i do only sent few msgs to my Friends! and not even 15 msgs. Then i hv to buy another rm10 credit top up!.. send 2 msg for the time being! and guess what! my credit left another RM8.32.. and funny things is, i only sent those msg within this area, local i mean. It's not like i snd those msgs to other country! I got shocked because each msgs cost me rm1++! Even if i send those msgs to different provider why it cost that much! Celcom! u guys really making money in this RAMADHAN time!

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  • Di
    DINESH VERMA Jun 08, 2011

    i have received one formal offer letter from celcom but nobody confirm so far whether the letter is basically from celcom or someone give me fake formal offer letter. Please note if the celcom department see this metter immediately i will always appreciated them. The letter as OFFER OF EMPLOYMENT, CELCOM AXIATA BEHRAD MALAYSIA, Menara Celcom, 82, Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz 50300 Kualam Lumpur Malaysia, JOB REF : CELCOM/CALNG/PR011

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  • Ta
    Tan Min Yee May 27, 2011

    Hi Celcom: I never use mobile internet or wap browsing through my h/phone yet i were charged last couples of months. I don't know why this happening of late like Maxis do.
    It's disappointing and i'm beginning to loose faith with your company.
    I've been your loyal subscriber for more than a decades. Please
    look into my problem and waived all the above mentioned charges which are unfounded. Tq.
    My H/phone No: [protected]
    A/C No : [protected]
    Sim Card No :[protected]

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  • Ru
    rumpelstilskine May 26, 2011

    I have been using Maxis since I started working and two years after that, my work brings me to Syria (this is back in 2003). I decided to change to Celcom out of curiosity and went to register in their headquarters. Of course, the customer service officer confirmed that they have an International Roaming in Syria before I agreed to sign up for their line.
    When I arrived in Syria, all hell break loose and my company representative wasn't there to greet me. Luckily I got Celcom. I switched on my phone and waited, and waited, and hmm.. no line. So Celcom DID NOT have a roaming agreement in Syria after all!
    To cut the story short, during my day off I went back to KL to ask about my roaming. They still insist (like the idiot that they are) that they have roaming services in Syria. After some time arguing, he called someone and said, yes, we don't have international roaming in Syria. There you go ladies and gentlemen, severe inconveniences of the innocent people by the idiots of Celcom. I did the wise thing and terminate my line immediately. He was not apologetic at all (after all, it wasn't his fault..right?) but instead he ended our conversation with: "Ada apa-apa lagi yang boleh saya bantu?". I wanted to say "Yes, go f*** yourself", but instead I just say no and went back to Maxis.

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  • Mj
    m.j.m Apr 30, 2011

    Celcom sucks. My account has been temporary terminated due to inactive for more than 50 days and asking me to visit their service centre if I want to reactivate it. Thinking that I have RM50 in my account and I am abide with teh old contract (2001) said that they will only burn balance credits if my account is PERMANENTLY TERMINATED. I had top up my account for RM100 due to their new ###ing regulations (they tends to changing their terms and regulations in a short period), assuming that I am still able to use my RM50 and guess what they said that they already burn my credit a month ago. ###ing cheaters onboard in celcom company I won't let my burned money to be 'halal'. Go feed your family with dirty monies and don't complaint when you raised children with bad attitude. 3 times back you will get, cheaters!

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  • Ll
    lling Apr 28, 2011

    I use for celcom broadband with plan 384kb/s, the speed is very very slow, more worse like turtle. I very not happy with their service. 1 video with 7 minutes use 1 hrs oso cannot finish to see. If I continous use will make me crazy.who want to buy celcom please re-consider their support. I oso will cut the line ASAP.

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  • Na
    nabilla Apr 20, 2011

    i want to complaint about broadband its soo ###ing slow..why do broadband if there has sometime no coverage at all and always disconnected.. i'm as a customer have to pay full cover charge per month and did't not enjoy full of my payment..celcom malaysia is so ###ing ###..

    my sincere;

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  • Do
    dont you lie Mar 26, 2011

    i have 1 small problem, im staying beside klia, the problem is the signal for my broadband always poor and i call the customer service they telling me that 1 of the tranmission in this area have a problem, my quetion is are they any worker in celcom that could and go see what happen to the tranmission?im glade and proud if you can check the duck tranmission is working or not.

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  • Mu
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Ly
    Lyn88 Mar 15, 2011

    hai...saya nak tanya pasal reception celcom...saya tinggal di KTS Village, Jalan Bormill Estate...masalahnya sekarang sejak
    8march2011 line celcom d rumah saya ada masalah sedangkan line full bar...kenapa boleh jadi mcm nie???? saya sangat kecewa dengan celcom...hari tu saya ada menelefon celcom careline tetapi tiada sebarang perubahan terhadap masalah yang saya tengah hadapi sekarang...kawan-kawan serumah saya juga menghadapi masalah yg yg sebenarnya berlaku???????????????????? di harap pihak celcom prihatin terhadap masalah yg d hadapi oleh pelanggan...k tq

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