Celcom Broadbandpaying for services not rendered

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After subscribing to the Celcom RM129/mth package for broadband access, I am unable to even connect to their network for any service (surfing). I tried connecting at different times of the day but I encountered problems especially from 8pm onwards. After calling their hotline, they told me that they are upgrading their 3G network from that time till 30th June which means I am unable to connect everyday till 30th June from 8pm - 2am (which incidentally is the time which I need to use broadband).

This is absolutely outrageous because I am paying RM129/mth for services NOT rendered and they are not even going to rebate me 1 month's subscription (assuming that the problem will last until 30th June) let alone cancel the contract. They will not allow me to cancel the contract and if I do, I will have to pay a fine... for something which I did not use and services not rendered.

Customer service personnel that I spoke to is Christina and Mohd Shahrul (manager).


  • Mo
    mohammad Oct 11, 2008

    I am very very disappointed with Celcom - they are just a bunch of people working like government department - very slow and dragging their feet and unable to resolve complaints.

    I subscrible to their celcom broadband RM68 per month package (got to purchase own usb modem which is expensive)...with should work at best at 384kbps. What I got was around 290kbps which I think if want to just surf for news it is fairly okay lah.. But I still not satisfied so I got it upgraded to RM98 per month package hoping that I can get at least a decent download speed. I expect to get at least more than 512kbps or above (they claim that it is 3.6Mbps - highspeed broadband). What I acually got was worse than before, at times I got the speed of 122kbps...damn got cheated by celcom!! Really like to ### them up. I made several complaints to 1111 customer service - what I got was incompetent personnel hired to to the job i.e., just a lip service.

    I just want to get the service that I paid for, Celcom broadband is a real ### up service.

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  • Un
    ungka Nov 04, 2008

    This is the same explanation given to me when i complained about the poor broadband connection.

    Firstly, if we don't pay, line is disconnection. No mercy given to the consumer and you are blacklisted. But when their service is bad, we have to bare with them and still pay them.

    I'm very disappointed with authority that failed to protect consumer like us. I have logged a complaint to MCMC but yet receive any response from them.

    I think this is the way going to be if we are not united. I don't believe nothing will happened if we have 500-1000 customer walk in to Celcom and demand our rights.. The things we never thought of doing before..!


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  • Da
    Dave Nov 12, 2008


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  • Vi
    vivitoh Feb 13, 2009

    i also facing the same problem with you all... i am using the RM98 package but it's speed same like RM68 package... "i am paying for nothing" ... is very bad service !! hope the celcom staff will take action for this matter or losing the customer only ...

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  • La
    lawrelai Feb 16, 2009

    I have the same problem in fact i told them my requirements. As represented by their half past six reps they have assured me that my requirements will be met. Since then I have the problems as stated above upgrade problems, high traffic, we have not reach that location yet etc etc. Lodge my complaints apparently same old answers ask for waiver of fees not possible, ask for refund not possible i have signed the contract etc. The fact is i was misled into signing up then was provided with sub standard services wat high speed probabbly they are comparing to dial up. Eventually i ended up with the stupid wireless modem which i have paid for RM499 and charges. Eventually i'm so pissed which i wrote to their CEO and that took them months to reply. My feelings bavk then and now on celcom is exactly like David... @@###. They don bother whether they lose their customers or not will seek the assistance from the authorities to seek for a refund and the comments above may well assist me in doin so.


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  • Ap
    April Feb 25, 2009

    I have been using all Celcom for the past 6 month and truth be told, I am glad that I subscribed to this service as I am mostly on the road as my job requires me to travel extensively all over Malaysia. As I am mostly online on average of 9 hours daily and with need to use VPN 5 hours out of 4 whenever I travel.

    Previously I was using DiGi as well as Maxis and find that the stability of connectivity is worst as compared to Celcom. I have had THE worst time when I was using Maxis as I was throttled whenever my usage hit between 2GB – 3GB. Do not get me wrong, I am not one of those hoggers which takes up all the bandwidth downloading movies, scream bloody murder whenever I am throttled. But I can easily use up 1GB weekly (which is not much) just on emailing with big attachments, facebooking, blogging and list goes on.

    After all my bad experience with other telcos, I did some research before I subscribed to Celcom. Like going to their website (http://www.celcom.com.my/broadband) to check whether my residence and the places in which I usually go to is covered with GPRS, 3G or HSDPA. Check on other blog sites to see whether Celcom impose FUP in which they do, cap at 5GB and if you hit that, one can only be un-throttled at the next billing cycle. They have 7 days money back guarantee policy in which allow the users to return back the modem and terminate the service with no penalty by walking into whichever outlet you subscribed the service from in the event that the service does not meet your expectation.

    Every time before I travel, I will just do a routine check on locations which I am going so that I would know what to expect. Till now, I have yet had the need to call their call centre up to enquire for information since everything in which I need to know can be obtained online via their website or from numerous forums.

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  • Le
    lekehman Mar 03, 2009

    When I first complain about Celcom 3G which is too ###ing slow,
    the staff ask me to upgrade to RM 98 package.

    Actually its doesnt make any better.

    It is not my modem problem because I only manage to surf between 2.00am to 6.00am

    Day time, almost impossible

    This blood sucking Celcom

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  • Si
    sitti zainab taruna Mar 26, 2009

    i just buy the hua wei broadband on 13th mac 2009, im so disapppointed...with CELCOM...

    After i subscribing the Celcom RM68 permonth broandband huw wei ...i an unable to even connect to any of service network (surfing). i tried connecting everyday, everhours, at different time ...i still cant connect any network di my computer with huawei...

    This is absolutely outrageous because im paing RM68/ permonth for services NOT rendered, for somthing which i did not use and services not rendered.

    I hope the celcom staff will take action for this matter or losing the customer only . I just want to get the service that I paid for, Celcom broadband is a real not good in service.

    so please take a action or retrun back my money ...coz i just buy this month and i never have a change to surfing it...


    please call me 012-840444 (sitti zainab)

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  • Wh
    Who Not Satisfied Apr 04, 2009

    Do you know that Celcom already change the setting of their broadband that only work for Celcom 3G sim card only?

    Thats mean (if you not satisfied) u cant use Digi or Maxis sim card with Celcom broadband after you left the Celcom 3G IF ONLY you used it till the contract end or you broadband will TAKE BACK by Celcom as fine even the broadband you already BOUGHT from Celcom.

    Im Digi broadband user, I knew it after my friend tried my Digi sim card with his Celcom broadband and cant work so next day we went to ask Celcom staff and she told us the truth...

    We have right to our own property...We already bought the broadband but we cant use it as we want...

    What use of Consumer Protection Act if this still can happen???

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  • Ae
    Aegis of Malaysia Jun 04, 2009

    I just subscribe to d98 2 days ago and the speed at night time was excellent, and I get he max speed of 3.6 mbps. Unfortunately all of that ends when day breaks, speed still 3.6mbps but the bandwith was horrible. It was like I am still on dial up modem 56kbs. I have a mind to report this matter to Suruhanjaya Komunikasi and Multimedia. Their speed and bandwith is not consistence. The consumer should get what they have paid for and not and not this crap!!

    I suggest we all make a complaint to SKMM to resolve this problem. Power in numbers!!!

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  • Ae
    Aegis of Malaysia Jun 04, 2009

    everyone complain here :-

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  • Na
    NAZRIZA Jul 19, 2009

    Actually i'm a new user. I bought weekly celcom broadband prepaid worth rm25 2, 3 days ago. I tried to connect internet thru my hp but it cant. So i called celcom careline to ask 'bout the services but unluckily, i had a very bad experience. They pass me to 4 person but none of them solve my problem. Worst services, so different when i called maxis (i'm a maxis user). They treat me very special and they solved my problem in a less than 10 minutes.
    The next day i went to celcom at giant plentong centre, i ask the salesman there and as same as 'sengal' answer i got. Do they know their scope of work? Very poor services. Very leceh deal with celcom people... Please sent them to brainwash course or communication course... please... or just ask them to call maxis hotline. They will suprise with the services... Macam Langit dengan Bumi.
    Triple H

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  • Ce
    celcomxx Jul 25, 2009

    I am user of celcom broadband (advance package) in the UTM skudai campus area. the access speed are very bad especially on the peak hour & early night..hopefully celcom improve their service..

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  • Ji
    jimmychan Aug 14, 2009

    Dear celcom,
    I'm new user. I bought celcom broadband on end of july' 2009. i can get the connection for the first 2 days only, afther that totally cann't get connection at all. I make a phone call to celcom careline few time, they push me here and there, the end still not solve my problem.A week afther
    I have no alternative to take leave and go to visit celcom centre at Kempas, they asked me put down the modem they will repair it, but take 1 or 2 days time.the same day evening, they call me go to collect the modem, they mentioned they replace the new modem for me. When i get the new modem, i asked them to try do the connection, but failure, they change another new modem, finally can make a connection. But this time still the same, i only can makoe connection for 2 days only, the same problem occur again, i call up to the celcom person who give their phone no. I mentioned to him the same problem occur, he told me they out of stoct right now, they will contact me once they have stock.From i bought over the celcom modem until today already more then 2 weeks, i only can used for 4 days only.This is very bad products and service, Pls improve in future.

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  • Dd
    ddos411 Aug 17, 2009

    been using celcom broadband +-1year. I only reached "satisfied" level for 1month within 1 yr of subscription. the rest (11 months) crap. Package 68/month. if youre about to baca online suratkhabar then its fine. For downloders/youtubers/online games pls stay away from this scary service.
    One more thing that make me feel bad is the connection.. i have to reconnect almost every 5-10mins.. now i can
    build a muscle around my fingers for FOC, thx celcom broadband no need celebrity fitness. im about to move to streamyx. they way better that celcom b/band i'd rather topup extra rm20 (68+20=88) for streamyx.

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  • Wi
    Wilfr Sep 13, 2009

    CELCOM 3G blocking of certain local website especially with (.edu.my) and yet they still promoting to university student.
    CELCOM should do monitoring on area too, DO CELCOM HAS ANY STAFF GRADUATE IN OPERATION RESEARCH??? CELCOM should do research on how much market share they going to gain and how much bandwidth should be increase over time. They won't change the old fashion way of business (Get more customer first then only upgrade facility when got complain), they know Malaysian won't complain much as Malaysia Consumer Association do not have any authority to file a case on them. Dear Consumer of Malaysia, it is time to wake up, if such service is so bad, unite together and stop using them, if they gain 30% of market share in 1 year, let them loss it in one day. Posting negative comment in forum seem won't get their attention.

    MALAYSIA Service Sector should look into "Quality and Reliability". If your current worker can't do Operation research properly, its time to hire new fresh graduate. those old and outdated is time to improve skill and knowledge.

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  • Ce
    CELCOMSUCKS Sep 25, 2009


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  • Wy
    wyzo Oct 11, 2009

    celcom & maxis suck ...as well as all ISP in Malaysia they are full of ### @##$%%^^&&**

    the good things to do is to hack them up **** the ###ing server ( ### them up and down ) and put them out of business for good

    so they learnt who owns the territory

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  • Bo
    boynasir Oct 18, 2009

    Do u guys think that Celcom people care with our complaint? I dont think they do care..

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  • Cy
    Cyrus_X Oct 20, 2009

    If you are not happy with your provider, email SKMM and follow the format.

    1) Make sure you have your complain reference number which you lodged to the provider.
    2) Give them at least a fair amount of time to respond to you. (I leave this to your discretion)
    3) Failing that, lodge a report at the SKMM website, make sure you list the problems clearly and chronologically.
    Oct 3 10:15 am - Lodge report to XXXX provider, for service failure (refer to billing id, complain reference number)
    Oct 4 11:00 am - Call to follow up on report with Provider, Customer service(provide name if available) was rude (time logged), and request to escalate to manager was refused. Phone call terminated
    Oct 4 12:00 am - Call again to customer service(provide name), was pass around to 2 different personnel, no resolution.
    Oct 4 1:30 pm - Lodge report to SKMM.

    This way SKMM, has a clear audit trail to who, what or when. I had experience lodging a complain to SKMM and Maxis.
    It was handled very well by both SKMM and Maxis (although it would have been nice they did it right the first time).


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  • Sm
    smallqueen Nov 01, 2009


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  • Me
    meiliang Dec 16, 2009

    we are really not satisfied with CELCOM customer service because the information given is NOT STANDARD. Every person give the difference answer ?

    When we want to terminate our phone no. we did called up (10 Aug) to ask the procedures and the refund of our overdue payment. First time the customer service staff told us it will take 7-14 days to process. After 2 weeks time (7 Sep) we called again another staff told us it will process after 4 months. On 28 Sep we called again the staff told us only 4 months then Celcom will process the refund. After 4 months already (14 Dec) I called up again the customer service told me the refund will take from4 - 6 months to process. I really not happy with this answer, since we already wait for 4 months time (quite a long period), now inform me have to wait until 6 months. After that the staff ask me to go to Celcom office and get them to issue you the refund cheque. I ask the staff it is possible to get the cheque if I go there since you said it will take 4-6 months to process, don't SIMPLY give an instruction and make people like stupid only go here and there and also wasted people time. Maybe can't give me good answer/reason the customer service just put down the phone. Even I send in the few email to complaint and wish to get a proper way to claim my refund until todate no action/reply at all. What happen to the customer careline service ?

    Pelase also train those customer service staff with good knowledge and information in order not wasted customer time to call Celcom so many time.

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  • Wo
    WOoooHahahaha Sep 24, 2013

    Celcom is bad service

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  • Cc
    Ccna Jun 08, 2014

    What function for rm2 advance credit?? Doesn't when really needed and its happen every time.. I don't get the advance to make the emergency call.. This company is ### and I won't use their service any more!!

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  • Yl
    Yleng Jul 11, 2014

    i cannot access my internet almost one month after I top up and i go to kiosk say no problem with my line but no 3G signal in my phone

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  • Yl
    Yleng Jul 11, 2014

    Very Poor celcom broadband after I top up 68 no 3G signal but it show active in my status n celcom kiosk not serve me at all

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  • Ku
    Kuc Aug 15, 2018

    Stop the auto renewal iflix. Its charges rm3. I want to stop it

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  • Su
    Sue Lin Aug 20, 2018

    I want to report a fraud using celcom brand.but i have to call celcom and charging me for every minute of my call to report this fraud. So this is the msg that i got.do something.

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  • He
    hellomate Aug 20, 2018

    approximately 8 am, i suddently cannot make ANY call, sms, internet at all . Even the line show it has FULL line. Please fix this. I dont have any debt in bills and i pay every month. Why ?

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  • Na
    Nasnas Sep 05, 2018

    Please check on Kg Labi Mukim Tualak 06300 Kuala Nerang kedah. The coverage is very bad and always NO SERVICE. So annoying

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  • Kz
    Kz Lee Sep 09, 2018

    I would like to make a complaint on the harsh attitude from an agent in celcom blue cube, aeon Bandaraya Melaka. She was replying on my enquiry with a frustrated attitude! She is treating every customers with different way! Maybe she is racist?!

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  • Na
    [email protected] Sep 10, 2018

    Hello Sir,
    I am a student at UniKL MICET at Melaka. I am now having trouble regarding the coverage of Celcom and my data always at 'E' which gave me a lot of difficulties in trying to surf the internet for study matters. Please, I hope you could fix this problem as soon as possible.

    Thank You.

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  • Aw
    AwangJebat Sep 10, 2018

    Sometimes I feel like celcom is stealing from me, didn't celcom ever respect or atleast hear their customers problem, worst internet speed even in big town . worst customer service and the operator always told me to hold up for a seconds well you know what it actually cost money to talk to celcom operator . bad bad celcom.

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  • Et
    Ethan Chan Sep 18, 2018

    Cannot play video and load picture

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  • Wa
    Wa1996 Sep 19, 2018

    Saya dah tunggu 3 jam tapi nombor saya still no network, takde line. Saya renew nombor lama 0148023086. Mahu pendaftaran segera. Mohon kerjasama

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  • Rh
    rheather Oct 15, 2018

    sya nak cancel iflix subscription sya, tapi tak dpt.. kenapa pula tak dpt?? dah tu nak bill sya melambung bnyk2... berapa kali cuba tapi asyik bagi mesej" not avail", penat nak layan

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  • Fa
    farah_insyirah Oct 16, 2018

    I tried to cancel the iflix adds on but cannot.
    It kept auto renewal. It even renewed twices so im being charged twice a week... It is very inconvenient.. Theres no button to cancel...when I pressed the link to cancel it.. I hope this issue can be resolves.

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  • Mu
    Muhammad Fitri Mohd Arif Oct 21, 2018

    as the above subject my internet coverage slow for celcom eventhough line show 4g. sometimes the connection was unstable. i live in kawasan alor gajah melaka at taman pengkalan indah. please help improve the coverage for stable n strong connection. hope my comment was review and was considered. tq

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  • Hu
    huu lee Oct 22, 2018

    It's really terrible. I have to do my important tasks but this slow af connection help me nothing. I can't do my work fast. I

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  • Mo
    Mohd taufek Oct 22, 2018

    Saya ada buat reload dekat maybank2u..untuk membeli topup rm50..maybank sudah tolak credit dlm acc saya..semua penyataan sudah dibuat..Tetapi pihak celcom tidak memasuk kan amount yang saya reload sebentar tadi..

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