CarTrawlerrental car - the worst


I had the worst customer service experience ever from this company. I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone.
I attempted to rent a car through this company. Only to realize that the price that was advertised would not be the final price. Upon check out I realized that there would be an additional payment due upon pick up of our rental car. The final price would end up being much more expensive than going through another rental company. I immediately tried to cancel the reservation online, however I due to my computer settings I was unable to cancel the reservation online. To find Cartrawler's contact phone number on the their website is almost impossible. I finally became so frustrated that I could not cancel the reservation, I contacted Dollar Rental company, the car rental company that was renting me the car, to cancel the reservation. I was told by the first two operators that I had to cancel the reservation online, which I explained to them I was trying to do, unsuccessfully. They put me on hold and I was hung up on. I called them back a third time, explained the problem and was told that they would cancel the reservation on my behalf. Well, that didn't happen, upon return from our vacation I was slapped with $149US charge on my credit card, for a rental I never picked up.
I immediately contacted Dollar Rental Car, they directed me to Cartrawler, then the month long emails back and forth began. From the time I first contacted Cartrawler I was given the runaround. I emailed them everything they required, only to hear back in the end that they would only partially refund me my money. $65US to be exact, which is almost $100 Canadian. They had in fact received the cancellation message from Dollar Rental Car that same day I had made the reservation, however they sent me the small print in their email stating I was required to cancel my reservation online with their company directly. I would have if my computer would have allowed me to. It would have been helpful if Dollar Rental car company had provided me with Cartrawler's phone number so I could have contacted them directly.
In my attempts to get a refund, I had to contact Cartrawler numerous times by phone (once I finally found their phone number) and each time I spoke to someone new, they told me that the previous person I spoke to had not entered the information I had provided the last time.
I cannot stress this enough. Do NOT use this company. It's not worth the hassle and headache, even if you think you're saving a few bucks!

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