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I only can support the warning for CarTrawler. We just made a short break in Dartmoor, UK, with a CT manged car from local rental. We felt sure to be insured because a collision damage waiver was made by CT. Unfortunately we had a minor scratch on a back road, worth ~700 BP (~1000 €) . Claiming the costs we were surprised to find a small article on page 3 of (in 2 points script) that the waiver covers only UK residents. So a thirty pounds were wasted on top of the damage cost. Nice suprise - or jut dirty tricks ?


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    Eastrop May 05, 2011

    I experienced something similar as I took out an insurance waiver for £ 34.00. My front screen got damaged and I had to pay Avis £ 275.00 for it and she enjoyed it. It was extra cash for them. No worries as I though I would use the insurance through a company called mondial that was sold to me. After 6 weeks and 3 letters they made me aware that the insurance was only valid if you had picked up the car at least 150 kms from your home address. I told them I lived in Basingstoke and Cartrawler told me to pick up the car at Avis in Basingstoke. They just missold me this insurance and it is a scam and the e-mail from the insurance company tells you to check if the insurance is suitable to you. Do they expect me to read all the details. I can strongly recommend you to go to your local car hire company where you can look someone in the eye. I now try to get my money back through the small claims court and I will do my utmost to get justice. One advice ' Dont' use CARTRAWLER' as they are rip off merchants.

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    G.A.Janssen Jun 16, 2017

    PT721331480 my name is, George Janssen,
    I have a car rented from 12-06-2017 to 30-6-2017, 131, -- with an extra insurance 52, -- euro AXAHIRCAR.
    When I was in Faro arrived late was my foucers already torn and I had a much more expensive insurance is mandatory, and when I got my vougers back early, he had already torn up and in the trash thrown.
    I had an insurance policy from him which are much more expensive.

    301, -- for Super relax 186, 95 Taxa local 29, - Mega relaxation 29, 27 Tax IVA 56, 40. total so 301, 00 euro.

    Internet already paid 131, 00 insurance additional 52, 00 euro = 301, 00
    min had already paid, 183, 00
    paid too forced, 118, 00 euro

    since I am just a 70 year old AOW'm there is that, for me, a lot of money.

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