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CB Vehicle Rental and Leasing CarTrawler deceptive practices: car rental bait and switch scam

CarTrawler review: deceptive practices: car rental bait and switch scam

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I recently had a deeply concerning experience with a car rental company operating at Miami Airport, and I feel compelled to share my cautionary tale to prevent others from falling victim to a blatant scam. My family's trip took an unfortunate turn due to what can only be described as a classic bait-and-switch maneuver.

I had meticulously booked and paid for a car rental, complete with the necessary insurance coverage, to ensure a smooth arrival for my wife and children at Miami Airport. However, upon their arrival at the rental office, chaos ensued. It was midnight, and the last thing anyone expected was to be hit with distressing news: the reserved car was suddenly unavailable.

What unfolded next was a shockingly audacious scheme. My family was told that the very same car I had booked was indeed available, but here's the catch: it would require an additional payment of $340. As if that weren't enough, the situation escalated further as they were coerced into purchasing insurance at a staggering cost of $45 per day.

This deceitful tactic, known as the "bait and switch," is a manipulative ploy that leaves customers feeling trapped and exploited. By advertising one price and then revealing hidden costs upon arrival, these rental companies capitalize on travellers' vulnerability and fatigue after a long journey. It's not just a matter of financial strain; it's a violation of trust and tarnishing of what should be a smooth travel experience.

Before this experience, I had heard warnings about such scams, but I never anticipated falling prey to one myself. It's evident that this car rental company's priorities lie in maximizing its profits, even if it means sacrificing customer satisfaction and ethical business practices.

I implore anyone considering renting a car at Miami Airport, or anywhere else for that matter, to exercise extreme caution. Research the company thoroughly, read reviews, and if possible, opt for reputable rental agencies with transparent pricing policies. Document every step of the booking process, keep all correspondence and ensure you fully understand the terms and conditions, including potential hidden fees.

Let my family's unfortunate encounter serve as a stark reminder to remain vigilant against these dishonest practices. We deserve better than to be taken advantage of during what should be a joyful and memorable journey. Stand united against such scams, and together, we can make informed choices that safeguard our travel experiences.

Desired outcome: They are not able to continue scamming pepole

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