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I was charged $380.00 AU on the internet when I booked a rental car through thrifty. When i picked up the car I had to pay the full fee and thrifty informed me they do not charge any fees over the internet, nothing should have been charged to me credit card. So I then had to pay out the full fee -$730.00 AU. Where is my $380.00.

  • Updated by CarTrawler Support · Jul 30, 2010

    Dear Sian,

    My Name is Paul McGovern and I am the Head of Customer Service at CarTrawler. I have read your posting and I am sorry to hear you had this experience while booking a car with Thrifty through the CarTrawler booking engine. I really welcome the feed back and I would be most happy to personally investigate your case. If you could send your booking reference number to me though [email protected] marking it for my attention.

    Kindest regards and hope to hear from you soon

    Paul McGovern

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    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.


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    margaret collins Jun 17, 2011

    Car trawler is the only car rental company I have used that charges a fee for cancellation even if it is way ahead of pick up date. The literature is extremely misleading. They say there is no charge for cancellation 7 days from reservation date BUT they mean 7 days from booking. APPALLING misinformation. I will never use them the fine print and ask questions or you will be scammed!!!

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  • Iv
    Ivor grant Dec 05, 2017

    Dear Mr McGovern, we have sent one complaint already to you ref Indigo Car Hire and our overcharge by Europcar but omitted my Email

    Ref PT 832084120 19/11/17 to 26/11/17 where charges of 92 Euro and 194 Euros were taken in addition to the payments made in uk ..
    your help in this matter would be appreciated prior to going to the media .

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  • Ta
    Tale Hellevik Aug 08, 2018

    We rented a car on Sardinia this summer (July 2018), via Maggiore. The terms of agreement were settled upon and paid for before we left for our vacation (including full insurance). After we came back, Maggiore suddenly withdrew an extra amount, and after checking further, it turned out to be specified as an “additional driver”. We did not ask for this, and we were not aware of the extra charge (and of course only had one driver the entire vacation). I filed a complaint with CarTrawler, and after 20 working days received their verdict: according to them, we had paid for extra insurance. Again, we never asked for this, and we were already fully covered. Customer service also wrote that since there was no account of verbal discussions that occur on the day of pick up they rely on signed documentation only. This is appalling customer treatment as it is quite clear that this extra charge is unnecessary for us and that it had been withdrawn without our consent (and why would the demand for documentation work in favor of the huge company and not the lonely customer). In conclusion, I will never use CarTrawler again since they clearly do not help their customers when they are illegitimately charged by one of their underlying companies.

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