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A Sep 28, 2019

I booked flights for my family and me from Johannesburg to Windhoek and back from Walvis Bay to Johannesburg.

I then proceeded to a vehicle via CarTrawler (Ref NA543234830) for pickup at Windhoek and drop-off at Walvis Bay. As I just had my debit card with me at time of booking, I proceeded to pay and was debitted immediately for the full amount of R6365 on 22 March 2019.

All was fine until we landed in Windhoek and Budget Rent a Car wanted to add additional insurance and a R2500 fee because the car is not returned to Windhoek.

I objected vehemently and cancelled the order. The manager at Budget Rent a Car cancelled the order and said I should get my full refund within two working days.

With great personal inconvenience and at additional cost we had to shuttle to the hotel and arrange other transport for the trip the following day. This whilst we were looking forward to a relaxing holiday!

Back in Gauteng I noticed that no refund was passed and raised a query on CarTrawler's website (case number [protected]) - but to no avail. I waited more than 20 working days (as per the chat bot's instruction) and then followed up - but still no interaction or reply from them.

I tried calling the South African office - but no one answers - or the phone is disconnected.

It is incredible that CarTrawler does not display email contact details on their website. I had to phone internationally to Ireland to get an email address where I could send a customer query to. Incidentally, the phone line was so bad that we could not clearly hear each other. After numerous emails, the agents just keep replying they are looking into the matter and will respond in due course. Or that it will take 20 days..

This should be a straight forward refund - the money has been paid, no service has been rendered, you need to pay the customer back!

I am extremely displeased by the runaround CarTrawler is giving me with this and will definitely advise everyone NOT to book with this company under any condition.

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