Carrefourbakery section

Today Sunday 29 of September 2019..I was buying a product from bakery section from Carrefour Ajman City Centre, first of all there was no one in the section for 5 mins and then a lady came to me asking what do I want and I chose a product but when she gave it to me the price was different than the price that they are hanging and when I told her this is not the price written up here on the sign she told me this is the price in a bad attitude then I asked her where is the supervisor of the section she told that there is no one here, so I went to make a complain in the customer service kiosk the lady over there announced in the microphone that she need a supervisor from bakery section but no one came for 15 mins and that was after I asked a customer service supervisor and she ignored me asking what's the problem that time I answered it's the bakery was really bad customer service


Sep 29, 2019

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