Carnival Cruise Linescarnival conquest cruise december 8, 2018

N Dec 19, 2018 Review updated:

Booked cruise (booking number 3hrz11) and was assigned cabin 1384 on the riviera deck. Cruise departed ft lauderdale on 8 december pm. Nothing unusual happened that evening or the next day. However, on 10 december, a very loud rattling noise could be heard coming from the area around the window. It was so loud and so disturbing that we could not sleep. We made a recording of the sound and went to guest services and played it for them. One of the people from the staff came to our cabin and heard it herself. She said she would contact maintenance to see what could be done. Someone from maintenance came by later that evening and also heard the noise and said he would check with the engine room to see if they could find out what the problem was. Needless to say, our sleep was minimal that night (and every night thereafter). On the 11th, we had a shore excursion on curacao that was not very enjoyable due to the lack of sleep and being general overly tired. We returned to the ship later that day to again be confronted with the noise. Again, we had very minimal sleep over this noise. Our next excursion was on aruba and again it was not enjoyable because of the lack of sleep and tiredness. We continually contacted guest services at different times of the day and night but to no avail. Finally, on the night of 15 december, the noise abated. We had not rested or relaxed on this cruise because of the noise that no one could eliminate to provide us with the enjoyment we had paid for. Because this was a vacation from hell, we feel that carnival should at the very least compensate us for a wasted trip. We couldn't take advantage of the guaranteed vacation program because this problem started past the 24 hour window. We've cruised on carnival before had some of the most pleasant memories on other cruises. My wife and her twin sister both celebrated their birthdays on the carnival conquest in 2017 with a little help from ms. Duffy. All our friends who have traveled on carnival before have nothing but good things to say about their cruises. I hate to have to tell them about our cruise because of the lack of response from carnival.

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