Caribbean Airlineswrong name on ticket


March 21, 2017
I purchased two airline tickets for my parents to return to Jamaica. Unfortunately, when I purchased the ticket instead of my mother's name as one of the ticket holders I mistakenly put my first name only . However, everything was correct accept the first name of my mother. As soon as I realize the mistake I contacted your airline customer service, which was closed. I tried the next day which was Sunday early afternoon and it was closed. Finally, I was able to get in contact with a representative on Monday. Once I spoke to your representative I informed her of the mistake that was made. She then gave me three options on how the problem can be corrected. The option I choose was to send a copy of my and my mother's passport information to the following email [protected], which the representative gave me and told me to send the information for review and that I would have to pay a $5.00 fee. Well, I did send the information and I contacted Caribbean Airline as I was instructed by your representative to do to confirm that your airline received the information I sent and pay the $5.00 fee.
When I called I was given different information as well as I was hung up on several times. This time when I was finally able to speak to a representative they said that I could not get a name change and I will have to purchase another ticket. What!!! The only thing that could be done was to refund the taxes. I am totally dissatisfied the lack of honor and disrespect Caribbean Airline as showed me for something that I thought was a simple mistake. I will try my best to take this as far as I can go until proper solution is done. I advised anyone taking Caribbean Airline don't waste your money and use a more o reputable airline.

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