Caribbean Airlinesseating

A Jan 09, 2020

On December 31st I went to Jfk for flight 521 to Port of Spain on reaching the counter I handed my Passport to attendant asking for a window seat, I was told there's no more window seats I was assigned to 5B

I took my assigned seat and started a conversation with the 2 woman on each side of me I was telling them how much I hate sitting in the middle or end on flights the lady by the window told me her cousin is sitting in Aisle 9 by the window she'll asked him if he wants to change seats with me, of which he obliged

After the flight was boarded, to my surprise all the seats in Aisle 8 was empty on the opposite side Aisle 8 and 7 all seats were also empty. I been traveling With Caribbean Airlines for many many years I have never been treated so badly
Ann Chacon
Brooklyn New York [protected]

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